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Wireless Shock Game Controller for SONY PS3


Do you like playing game? Do you want to have a wonderful game controller? If so, come and look at the wireless controller. The wireless controller is perfect for you to play games, which is very exciting. Adopting excellent technology, the game cont...
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  • The game controller adopting 2.4 GHz wireless data communication supports DVD wireless remote control function
  • Reacting for six axis and shock function, the game controller meets the shock function desire of PS3 players
  • The game controller can last 30 hours working time while the handle using battery with wireless function
  • The wireless controller is provide with excellent performance with all kinds of different buttons
  • With the shock controller, you can experience the fast speed with the functional handle
  • With the latest high-precision, high-speed induction of 6-axis sensing system, do not need to handle any external equipment, do not need any special settings on the television apparatus
  • Maintaining the skills of 6-axis sensor network from the case near the PS3 directly to verify the external host
  • Use the handle built-in battery operated, you can also access a dedicated USB cable to use, plug in USB cable to handle the same time can also be charged
  • This is a NON-OEM product


 Wireless Shock Game Controller for SONY PS3

  • The controller is provided with a USB and cable  and  they can connect with PC

 Wireless Shock Game Controller for SONY PS3

  • The controller has good performance in playing games with multifunctional buttons

 Wireless Shock Game Controller for SONY PS3

  • The cable of controller is durable and long enough to connect your controller with your PC

 Wireless Shock Game Controller for SONY PS3

  • With excellent workmanship, the USB is very convenient and simple for you to use and you just plug it into your PC

 Wireless Shock Game Controller for SONY PS3

  • You will experience the quite different feeling with the excellent controller

How to Connect a PS3 Controller to a PC?

  • PC gaming is alive and well, and many who play computer games today go out of their way to buy a quality controller for their computer. This allows the player to have much more comfort in playing the game, as there's no need to figure out which of the 100+ buttons on the keyboard have any effect in the game. However, while a good number of people go out and buy one specifically for their PC, some have discovered that they have the perfect controller right in front of them.


  • Plug the mini-USB port end of the USB cable into the controller while connecting the standard USB port end of the cable to your PC.
  • Wait for Windows to report that it has "Detected New Hardware" and let Windows go through its full scan. When Windows says that it could not recognize the hardware, the scan is complete.
  • Download the appropriate drivers for your controller, either SIXAXIS or DUALSHOCK 3 (it is written on the top of the controller). These drivers can be found on several websites by doing a Google search for "PS3 Controller PC Drivers."
  • Unzip the driver files from the zipped folder to someplace easily accessible on the hard drive (such as your desktop).
  • Double-click the Setup icon and follow the directions given on-screen to install the SIXAXIS drivers.
  • Unhook the controller and reset your computer to complete the installation process.
  • Configuring PS3 Controller on PC
  • Power on your PC and allow it to boot to the desktop.
  • Connect your controller to the PC using the controller's USB cord.
  • Allow Windows to run its full scan once it detects the controller connection to the PC.
  • Click "Start" and then "Control Panel" to bring up your computer's control panel.
  • Press the button on the center of the controller.
  • Click "Game Controllers" to bring up the "Game Controllers" window and select "Controller" from the options.
  • Go through each stage of the configuration setup, setting the options for your controller the way you like.
  • Exit out of the "Game Controllers" window, and your controller is now game ready. 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Controller