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Durable 5inch Midbass Speaker DL-511


You can't hear your favorite songs live in concert everyday, but Bass Speaker can recreate the concert feel as they bring out your music's natural vibrance and detail.Made of high quality, it can not only be used for a long time, but also has the gre...
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  • Resonant Frequency: 45Hz
  • Frequency: F0-6000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90db
  • Impedance:
  • Power: 130W
  • Total Q Data: 0.34Qts
  • Voice Ring Diameter: Φ35mm
  • Magnetic Ring Diameter: Φ11mm
  • Equivalent Volume: Vas
  • Vibration Quality: Mmas 
  • Size: 114.5mm/4.50in(speaker inner bore); 146mm/5.74in(external circular sink hole)


  • The perfect sound solution upgrade with this midbass speaker
  • Give you low distortion and powerful bass at high sound press levels
  • Made of high quality, it can not only be used for a long time, but also has the great sound which will cheer you up definitely
  • It is the best choice for you who enjoy rocking music or singing alone or with your friends
  • It will absorb you in the sound world with fine quality sound
  • High quality speaker with the most accurate and precise in-vehicle speaker performance
  • Designed to provide high quality sound season after season


  Durable 5inch Midbass Speaker DL-511

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Durable 5inch Midbass Speaker DL-511

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Durable 5inch Midbass Speaker DL-511

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Durable 5inch Midbass Speaker DL-511

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Size in Detail:

Durable 5inch Midbass Speaker DL-511

How to Install Subwoofers? 

Most automobile manufacturers do not consider subwoofers standard car stereo equipment. So if you want to beef up your bass, you will need to mount them yourself. Installing subwoofers is a tricky proposition but these steps can help you do the job yourself


  • Study the directions for installing the subwoofer and make sure you have the tools and mechanical expertise to undertake the project
  • Gather and assemble everything you will need to install your subwoofers, then detach your car's negative battery terminal
  • Fasten a ring terminal to the end of the power cable and attach it to the battery's positive terminal. Locate a spot nearby for the fuse holder and join it to the battery wire. Attach the end of the remaining wire to the other side of the fuse holder. The fuse should not be in the holder
  • Locate a spot where the wire can be brought through the firewall and inside the car. Ideally, the opening should go to one of the foot wells
  • Push and pull the wire through the opening and below the flooring until it reaches the subwoofer on the door frame or under the carpet. Extend it to the amplifier and verify the distance. Play it safe by tacking on several more feet. Cut the wire and hook up the amplifier
  • Find some bare metal or a sturdy bolt that runs inside the car several feet from the amplifier. When connecting to bare metal crease a ring terminal to the ground cable and attach it to the body with a thread cutting screw. If making an existing bolt connection, place a ring terminal on the body bolt. Now you are ready to join the ground to the amplifier
  • Follow the manual instructions on running remote and signal wires. Attach them to the amplifier and verify all your links
  • Test your amplifier and subwoofers and select your settings. Hook the negative battery terminal back up. With the fuse holder empty, activate your car's accessory power ignition to verify that everything works and none of the fuses are bad
  • Turn off the ignition to accessory power and place the fuse into the holder, connecting the amplifier. Verify the settings on your subwoofer. Activate the accessory power and switch on the radio. The sound of a bass line indicates a successful subwoofer installation

Tips & Warnings:

Durable 5inch Midbass Speaker DL-511

  • Mount your amplifier in a level, open area that is conducive to cooling
  • Do not affix the amp directly to your car's chassis.Rusty metal can be cleaned by sanding and then rubbing clean
  • Installing the fuse should be the final step.Ready-made amplifier kits come with everything you need to install your subwoofers

Package Included:

  • 1 x Midbass Speaker