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Professional 8inch Super Subwoofer Speaker MO-8064


What you are viewing is a Professional 8inch Super Subwoofer Speaker, to better enjoy movies and music, this super subwoofer speaker is a great choice for you!Conveniently connect the super subwoofer speaker to your notebook, PC, or MP3 player, and e...
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  • Resonance Frequency: 37Hz
  • Frequency Response Deviation: 91db
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Power: 180W
  • Total Value: 0.41Qts
  • Frequency Response: F0-4800Hz
  • Equivalent Volume: Vas
  • Vibration quality: Mms
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 35mm/1.38in
  • Magnets Diameter: 140mm/5.51in


  • Live your games with the speaker system
  • Lose yourself in titanic bass and astonishingly accurate, full-spectrum sound from precision-matched speaker drivers
  • You are a movie fan searching for a full featured surround sound speaker system, or maybe you're a gamer and would like to enhance your virtual experience with explosive sound
  • Perhaps you would just like to improve your home entertainment system, or the sound quality of your speakers
  • Conveniently connect these sleek speakers to your PC, notebook or MP3 player, and experience great audio immediately


Professional 8inch Super Subwoofer Speaker MO-8064

Professional 8inch Super Subwoofer Speaker MO-8064

  • The 8inch subwoofer speaker kicks back with your music

Professional 8inch Super Subwoofer Speaker MO-8064

  • Live your games, enjoy movies and music with the super subwoofer speaker

Professional 8inch Super Subwoofer Speaker MO-8064

  • For everyday music listening at an amazing value with the 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker

Size in Detail:

Professional 8inch Super Subwoofer Speaker MO-8064

How to Install a PC Subwoofer:

Boost your low end by adding a subwoofer to your PC speaker configuration. Most new speaker sets in the mid-priced range already come with a subwoofer. Installing the subwoofer is part of the process of installing the speakers

Things You'll Need:

  • Computer
  • Speaker set with subwoofer


  • Unpack your speakers and subwoofer
  • Position the speakers as close to ear level as possible and the subwoofer on or near the floor. Make sure you identify the left and right speakers
  • Shut down your computer
  • Use the supplied cables to connect your speakers and subwoofer to each other. The configuration of your cables will be different depending on the set you bought-some speakers are hardwired to each other, some aren't
  • Connect your speaker unit to the sound card on your computer. Usually all you need to do is match up the color of the jack on the speaker cable to the color of the input on the sound card
  • Start your computer
  • Plug your speakers into a power source then turn the speakers on. Test the speakers

Tips & Warnings

Professional 8inch Super Subwoofer Speaker MO-8064

  • If the subwoofer has the speaker controls on the front make sure to place this somewhere within easy reach
  • It's usually easiest to position the speakers and subwoofer first, and then drop the cables down the back of the desk or whatever they are sitting on. Depending on what type of computer desk you have and how long the speaker cables are, you may find it easier to connect them up first then position them afterwards

Package Included:

  • 1 x Subwoofer Speaker