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Convenient Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


What you are viewing is a Creative D200 Bluetooth wireless speakers, which is designed for you comfortable household environment.The portable Bluetooth speaker is wireless connection your Bluetooth audio devices, such as mobile phone, computer ideal ...
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  • Share your wonderful wireless music
  • Easily connect all kinds of bluetooth devices
  • Hi-fi timbre
  • Convenient button control
  • Space is limited but bass is abundant
  • Multiple connection mode
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • High quality wireless audio apt - X
  • USB bluetooth transmitters, easy computer wireless
  • IPhone/iPod/iPad bluetooth wireless transmitters
  • Stereo bluetooth or A2DP configuration function, can enable wireless music with complete data transmission will stereo bluetooth devices to other
  • Wireless control only compatible AVRCP configuration with the equipment
  • Equipped with bluetooth wireless stereo PC (Windows XP/Vista / 7), Apple Macintosh compatible
  • Unlike most well-known brands and enable A2DP bluetooth Mobile phone (support the A2DP/AVRCP
  • onfiguration files, Windows Mobile) compatible


 Convenient Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Share your wonderful wireless music by this wireless Bluetooth speaker

 Convenient Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Easily connect all kinds of bluetooth devices, the portable Bluetooth speaker supports iPod

 Convenient Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Convenient button control, easy and convenient to use the wireless Bluetooth speaker

 Convenient Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • The wireless Bluetooth speaker can be equipped with bluetooth wireless stereo PC

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers:

When connecting Bluetooth speakers to a communication device it is important to note whether this device has Bluetooth capabilities. Today, built-in wireless Bluetooth is the standard on all modern cell phones and laptop computers. However, most desktop computers do not have built-in Bluetooth. to remedy this problem purchase a Bluetooth USB Adapter (prices range from $10 to $30). Pairing must be performed when installing Bluetooth connections for the first time or if the pairing data has been deleted. Pairing refers to the operation of syncing cell phones, computers, and other electronics for Bluetooth communications (hereafter this will be referred as the "connecting device"). Use this procedure to pair Bluetooth speakers to the connecting device.

  • Instructions
  • Turn on the power of the connecting device (computer/cell phone) you want to pair the speaker with.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on the connecting device. For a Bluetooth USB adapter, plug in the adapter to the USB input and wait till the computer recognizes the adapter. Once the computer recognizes the adapter, Bluetooth communication will be automatically turned on.
  • Turn the speaker on.
  • On the speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth button for more than 4 seconds. The Bluetooth status indicator will start flashing in blue.
  • Once the speakers and the device are paired the connecting device will show a prompt you to select the paired component. Select the speaker--usually the speaker will show up on the prompt as the model number (for example "Sony SRS-BT100").
  • If asked for an input passkey, input the number "0000" or "1234." (This is the default passkey for the majority of Bluetooth devices. If this does not work consult the user manual or visit the manufacturer's website.)
  • Once pairing is complete the Bluetooth status indicator on the speaker will quickly flash.

How to Add Bluetooth Conference to Your Phone:

If your mobile phone has a Bluetooth adapter installed, you can hold conference calls with a Bluetooth conference speaker. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables voice communication between devices. Once both devices are connected, you can initiate conference calls from your cell phone, which can be heard on the conference speaker by everyone in the room. To enable Bluetooth conferencing, your cell phone must have a conferencing feature, and both devices must be Bluetooth-enabled.

  • Instructions
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Many cell phones have the same process to enable Bluetooth communications. Typically, you would select "Menu" and "Settings," then select "Bluetooth" and "Enable." Select "Make device discoverable" and "Apply" or "Save."
  • Enable Bluetooth on the conference speaker. Press the Bluetooth button until the blue light turns on. Once Bluetooth is enabled on the cell phone, the Bluetooth speaker will pick up the phone.
  • Connect the phone and Bluetooth speaker. If applicable, the speaker will display the phone as a possible Bluetooth connection. Select the phone, then enter the PIN number on the conference speaker display into the PIN field in the cell phone. If a PIN is not displayed, refer to the conference speaker's manual for the exact PIN number to enter into the phone.
  • Click "Connect" on the phone to establish a Bluetooth connection between the speaker and the phone.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Speaker
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Manual