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Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear


Clothes can bring warmth to us. At the same time, we can be better protected with clothes. The coat and trousers are important, the underclothes are crucial for our health. Do you want to show off your sense of style with boxer briefs? We are now tal...
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Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

  • Special design of the mens underwear is man oriented

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

  • You can see the back of the boxer briefs is made in good workmanship

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

  • The two-ply contoured support pouch of the boxer shorts can bring you much convenience

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

  • Made of two kinds of materials, the mens underwear can bring you best performance

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

  • It is very comfortable for you to wear the mens underwear

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

  • You can wear the underwear as pajamas in summer as well
  • Material: 95% Cotton & 5% Lycra

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

















Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

How to Wash:

  • The underwear should be changed, washed immediately in every day
  • Be sure to avoid letting it stay overnight without washing, otherwise, the bacteria increased easily and increases the difficulty of the cleaning
  • The detergent is must the soap water and container is appropriative
  • The underwear in must need washing gently by hands and clean it with clear water
  • Neutral detergent for soaking and do not use washing machine dehydration
  • Underwear washed must avoid direct exposure, keep hat unfolded and be sure to avoid hang dry in shade

How to Clean Cotton Fabric:

I want to do this! What's This? Cotton is a durable, easily dyed vegetable fiber.
fabrics image by bright from Fotolia.comCotton is often a favorite fabric for clothing and other textiles because it's durable and usually easy to clean. Cotton also takes dye well and is available in many colors. That can can lead to color bleeding if improperly washed. Cotton also tends to wrinkle easily, so is often combined with other fibers in clothing to help negate this issue. Always refer to the care tag when possible to verify an item is 100 percent cotton before laundering.

  • Pre-treat any stains on the cotton fabric before washing. Soak dairy, meat or blood stains in cold water, treat tomato and fruit juice stains by working laundry detergent into the stain before washing, and treat grease stains with a laundry pre-treatment stick or detergent
  • Turn cotton clothing that is dyed in dark colors or bright pinks and blues inside out. Turn denim items inside out, particularly dark denims. This helps prevent dye bleeding
  • Wash similar colors together, keeping white fabrics with whites, and dark colors with other dark colors. Separating helps prevent dinginess on light colors from dye bleeding
  • Place the cotton items in the washing machine, taking care not to overload the machine as this inhibits cleaning. Add detergent at the rate recommended on the bottle. Wash in hot water on a normal cycle unless otherwise noted on the fabric's tag
  • Dry the cotton fabric in the dryer unless hang drying is recommended on the label. Remove the items from the dryer as soon as the cycle ends and fold or hang them to prevent wrinkling 

Tips & Warnings:

  • Depending on the weave and quality of the cotton, dry cleaning may be necessary. Always defer to the label instructions when deciding the best method for washing
  • Do not add fabric softener to the wash or dryer cycles. These coat the cotton fibers and cause stiffness

Proper Care and Washing of Nylon Panties:

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

Caring properly for nylon panties ensures they will last a long time and remain comfortable for the wearer. Like many modern fabrics, nylon washes easily in automatic washing machines and can be dried in an automatic dryer. Remove stains promptly from nylon panties and wash carefully to ensure the most wear from your garments.

  • Stain Removal: Garments made from nylon normally wear very well and have plenty of durability, but you'll have to replace them sooner if they become stained. Remove stains from nylon panties as soon as possible after soiling to avoid having the stain set. Dry up any residual liquid or brush off dried solids before washing. Use a pretreatment for removing stains. Do not use a bar of soap, which can set the stain. Since heat sets stains, wash a stained garment in cold water and use cold water if you are soaking or pretreating the stain. Do not use bleach on nylon panties, because it can create holes in the fabric and ruin the color. Use a color-fast laundry pretreatment instead. Avoid rubbing too much, which can weaken and damage the fabric. Do not mix two stain treatments together. Launder the nylon panties after treating the stain
  • Washing: Wash nylon panties in warm water or use cold water to avoid setting stains. Use a laundry detergent suitable for delicate fabrics and do not add bleach to the load. Do not overcrowd the washer and wash nylon underwear with like garments. After washing the nylon panties, inspect the load of laundry to make sure no visible stains remain. If stained garments go through the dryer, the heat from automatic drying could set the stain. If you find stained garments, remove them and try treating and washing again. Dry the clean laundry in the dryer on a low temperature. High heat can melt or shrink nylon panties, changing their look and fit. Do not overcrowd the dryer so that each garment has enough room to tumble in the dryer. If static cling is an issue, use a dryer sheet or add fabric softener in the wash
  • Storage: You do not need to iron nylon undergarments. The heat from the iron can melt nylon. Most wrinkles will fall out of nylon. Store nylon panties in a drawer, with cedar create a fresh scent. Keep the room clean to avoid dust and dust mite infestation. Do not try to fit too many nylon panties in a drawer, which will leave them wrinkled. When the elastic bands start to wear out, replace the garment

Uooiour Men Stretch Support Square Cut Underwear

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