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Bathair Mini Puppy Dog Shape Soft Cotton Square Towel

Are you looking for a comfortable towel for yourself or your family? If so, the Mini Puppy Dog Shape Soft Cotton Square Towel 2 Pcs must be a great choice for you.This cartoon cotton square towel was made of high quality cotton material tha...
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  • Size: 300 x 300mm / 11.8 x 11.8in
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Made in Asia
  • This puppy style cotton square towel not just fit for use, it also use decoratively
  • Mini dog shape towel is made of cotton material, soft and comfortable for you
  • Puppy shape towel designed a lovable puppy shape, small fine, also can live up your room
  • The dog cotton square towel might be a perfect gift for kids
  • Dog cotton square towel is ideal for hand or face to use as you needed
  • You can use this soft cotton square towel to dry your sweat after having fiercely sports
  • Great for cleaning up accidental spills and messes while tailgating or picnicking or wherever you are
  • This cotton square towel complements any bathroom decor and ultimately pleases the skin
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Bathair Mini Puppy Dog Shape Soft Cotton Square Towel

  • Puppy style towel not just fit for use, the soft cotton square towel also can be used decoratively

Bathair Mini Puppy Dog Shape Soft Cotton Square Towel

  • This dog towel designed a lovable puppy shape, small fine, also can live up your room

Bathair Mini Puppy Dog Shape Soft Cotton Square Towel

  • Mini dog cotton square towel is made of cotton material, soft and comfortable for you


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The Advantages of Using Cotton to Make Towels:

Mankind's use of cotton cloth spans the globe and dates back thousands of years. Cotton required labor-intensive production until machine-spun cotton was introduced during the industrial revolution. The speed of production increased tenfold after Eli Whitney's cotton gin machine became popular. As the cherished commodity became readily available, its reputation as a useful material grew. Some distinct properties of cotton make it an especially good choice for manufacturing towels

  • Absorbency: Due to its ability to absorb and hold liquid, cotton is the fabric of choice for bath towels and towels used for cleaning. Good Housekeeping's Towel Buying Guide advises shoppers to purchase 100 percent cotton towels. A 100 percent cotton towel can hold almost 25 times its weight in liquid, according to Good Housekeeping
  • Durability: Durability is a major reason consumers are attracted to 100 percent cotton towels. According to Project Cotton, a University of Missouri initiative, cotton is the only fiber that becomes stronger when its wet. This is why cotton towels are often used for vigorous cleaning tasks involving scrubbing or mopping. Mop heads are often made from cotton fibers. Pure cotton towels can also withstand higher temperatures than cotton blend towels, or towels made from synthetic materials
  • Hygenic: Since cotton can withstand high temperatures, it can easily be sanitized with boiling water or bleach, with no loss of fabric integrity. This makes cotton towels an attractive choice for use in hospitals or newborn care, where sanitizing is necessary. While cotton towel fibers are strong enough to stand up to bleaching, only white towels should be bleached. Bleach fades colored cotton towels
  • Natural: Cotton towels are natural "green" products, unlike those made from synthetic materials. Cotton plants are a renewable resource. The natural fiber used to make the cloth is biodegradable. The plants do more than provide fiber for cloth. The seeds provide oil used in cooking and in many food items. Cotton meal and cotton hulls are used to feed livestock, poultry and fish. They're also used for fertilizer
  • Hypoallergenic: Professional health websites like Family Doctor advise individuals with eczema or sensitive skin issues to wear cotton clothing. Cotton is a breathable, hypoallergenic material not prone to irritating sensitive skin. This makes cotton an ideal towel material, as most towels come in contact with skin immediately after washing, when the skin's pores are open and most receptive to irritation

How to Wash Cotton Towels:

After your shower is done, there is nothing quite like stepping out and wrapping yourself in a thick, plush cotton towel. Cotton is a soft, absorbent material, perfect for bath towels. If you maintain your towels they will remain as soft and luxurious as when you first bought them. The key is taking the time to wash them properly. Keeping your cotton towels in like-new condition takes hardly any effort at all, and the rewards will speak for themselves every time you step out of the shower

  • Sort towels so that they can be laundered with like colors. This will help to prevent other clothing and towels from leaking colors onto them
  • Place the towels into the washing machine and turn it on to fill it up with water. Be careful not to overfill your washing machine, as this won't allow the towels to get clean
  • Add a scoop of a mild bleach-free detergent to the washing machine after it has filled up with water. Avoid dropping the detergent directly on top of the towels
  • Add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. The mild acidity of the vinegar will help to eliminate any odors or residual residue from the detergent, leaving colors brighter and towels softer
  • Place your towels into the dryer after they are finished in the washing machine with a fabric softener sheet. Turn the machine on
  • Allow the towels to get 95 to 97 percent dry before taking them out. Over-drying them will cause them to feel crisp, but they shouldn't feel damp when you take them out. Check the towels periodically to make sure you pull them out at the right time

How to Remove Rust Stains From Cotton Towels:

Stains happen. They're just a part of life. Some stains, however, are more challenging to remove than others. Rust is one of them. Your everyday stain removal products won't do much, if anything, to a stubborn rust stain. Since rust is an oxidized metal, the only thing that will work to dissolve it is something acidic, such as a lemon. Before you get really mad at whoever took that cotton towel into the garage and returned it with rust stains, learn how to get rid of those ugly, rust spots

  • Place paper towels on a flat surface
  • Place the rust-stained towel on top of the paper towels. The paper towels underneath will absorb the rust stain as it loosens
  • Squeeze lemon juice from a lemon, or pour from the bottle if using bottled lemon juice. Saturate all of the stains well
  • Place the stained towel with paper towels underneath outside in the sun. Let it dry completely
  • Examine the once-stained towel to see if any rust stains remain. If they aren't completely gone, add more lemon juice, and place back in the sun to dry
  • If the stains are gone, wash and dry the towel as usual

Package Included:

  • 1 x Dog Shape Soft Cotton Square Towels