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TECSUN Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio


Your morning routine just got a little more entertaining. Get your hands on this easy-grip Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio with FM, MW, SW bands weather band digital shower radio and enjoy your favorite stations while you wash. There...
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  • FM: 87.0-108.0 MHz
  • MW: 525-1610 kHz
  • SW: 3.90-21.85 MHz
  • Max Output Power: 250mW
  • 1st IF: 10.7MHz
  • 2nd IF: 455 kHz
  • Single Signal Selection: >40dB
  • Inner Speaker: 16 Ω/250mw
  • FM Noise Limit Sensitivity: >10uv
  • MW Noise Limit Sensitivity: >1mv/m
  • SW Noise Limit Sensitivity: >30uv
  • Earphone Interface: 3.5mm Stereo
  • Tuner: Pointer
  • Power: 6 V/4 x AA Batteries
  • Size: 181 x 116 x 31mm/7.1 x 4.6 x 1.2in(H x W x T)
  • Wave Band: Full Wave Band
  • Track: Stereo


  • With dual conversion, this stereo radio is very convenient and useful
  • This Portable Radios are of full wave band design, so it can save much trouble in daily use
  • High power sound output, it is a good company for elder person
  • This speaker reproduces a wide range of sound from high to low frequencies
  • Tone control switch, allows you to adjust high/low balance for most pleasing sound
  • This an excellent portable radio can be for all-around use, at home and away
  • Made of high quality material, durable and it can last for a long time
  • Coverage includes long wave, continuous coverage of the shortwave bands


TECSUN Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio

  • This stereo radio is of beautiful appearance.There are station presets for easy tuning and the splash-resistant surface of the radio and supplied hanging strap make this shower radio perfect for staying up to date on the latest news and weather as you prepare for your day

TECSUN Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio

  • Multi functions bring much convenience in daily use for elder people.A high-quality speaker produces robust sound that you can easily hear over the sound of running water.Today's savvy traveler doesn't go anywhere without the link of a world band radio receiver

TECSUN Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio

  • The full vision of the stereo radio from behind. Portable Radios pack virtually unlimited information and entertainment in the space of a single paperback book

TECSUN Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio

TECSUN Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio

  • Perfect for the garage, porch, or anywhere around the house, this small portable radio delivers crisp sound and simplified controls. The built-in carrying handle makes it convenient to carry and the illuminated LED tuner makes finding the right station fast and easy - even in low light. This portable radios is the best portable radio for you to choose

Size in Detail:

TECSUN Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio

How Does FM Radio Work?

TECSUN Tecsun R9700DX Dual Conversion Stereo Radio

Sound Waves and Frequency:

  • All sound energy is in the form of a wave. The frequency of a wave is the measurement of the number of cycles that it undergoes in a given time frame. Hertz is a measurement of frequency that depicts the number of wave cycles per second. FM signals are measured in megahertz so an FM signal of 97.5 relates to 97,500,000 waves/second

Frequency Modulation:

  • FM actually stands for Frequency Modulation. FM signals use various frequency levels that reproduce the sound of the originating source (i.e. music). You've probably noticed that FM contains all your music channels while AM radio is limited to news and talk programming. This is because frequency modulation allows for the transmission of the greater range of frequencies (high and low sounds) contained within music.


  • FM radio originates at the broadcast source (radio stations). These stations use large antennas to send out their broadcast signal. Electrical charges are pushed up and down the broadcast antenna at a rate that relates to the carrier frequency. The movement of electrical charges creates an electromagnetic field which sends out
  • electromagnetic waves. The waves are sent in all directions. Carrier waves are sent out at a frequency that can be detected by your antenna (the radio station number). They carry sound information that includes the different frequencies of the original broadcast


  • The electromagnetic carrier wave travels through the atmosphere until it is picked up by a receiver antenna (i.e. your car radio antenna). At this time the wave causes electrical charges to be pushed up and down your antenna and on into your receiver. The receiver decodes the modulated frequency information and then passes it to the speakers

Processing and Hearing:

  • The speaker vibrates according to the processed frequencies and pushes air molecules that recreate the original sound waves and pass them to your ears. You hear the music or talk that was sent in the original broadcast. Since electricity works at the speed of light, this process, from broadcast to listener, is instantaneous

Loss of Signal:

  • You've probably noticed, particularly if you listen to FM radio in the car, that eventually you will lose your signal. The simple reason for this is that the short wavelength of FM radio waves cause them to travel in straight lines. The earth, however, is curved. Therefore, as the earth curves, FM waves continue in a straight line into the atmosphere and are no longer receptible. The short waves are also affected by obstacles like mountains

How to Build an FM Radio?

  • A radio provides signal transmission via the use of electromagnetic waves. The frequencies a radio uses are lower than those of visible light. A German scientist by the name of Heinrich Hertz was the first to detect and product radio frequencies, in 1888. Radios are still in wide use, even in this internet age.Building a simple FM radio only requires a small amount of time and materials. Although this radio is fully functioning, it isn't very pretty


  • Solder the ferrite loop to the variable capacitor. Only solder the ferrite wire that is painted black. Make sure you are soldering the ferrite loop to the center lead of the variable capacitor
  • Solder the unpainted wire of the ferrite loop to the variable capacitor's right lead
  • Solder the germanium diode to the same right lead of the variable capacitor as the unpainted wire of the ferrite loop. Only connect one end of the germanium diode
  • Solder one end of the piezoelectric wire to the other (free) end of the germanium diode
  • Solder the other end of the piezoelectric wire to the variable capacitor's center lead
  • Take note of the red-painted wire of the ferrite coil. Use an alligator clip to attach it to the antenna wire
  • Use the remaining alligator clip lead to attach the green-painted wire of the ferrite coil to a good ground. You can use a cold water pipe for the ground

How To Troubleshoot Portable Satellite Radio:

  • Ensure that the radio is connected to a power source or running on full batteries. Before anything else, you need to guarantee that the power cord is properly connected to an electrical socket. If you are using batteries instead of direct electricity from a socket, then this time, you need to ensure the batteries are fully charged. One way of checking if the batteries have enough charge on them is to try the battery in another electrical device
  • Turn on the portable satellite radio by pressing on the power button. Once you have double checked that yes, the power cord is connected to an electrical socket or yes, it is running on fully charged batteries, you need to ensure that you also press on the power button to turn the appliance on. The power button would usually be lit up to signify that the device is properly turned on
  • Reattach the antenna the antenna if your radio is not able to scan for signals. There are times when you just cannot get a signal no matter how hard you try to adjust the antenna. When this happens, it is always a good choice to completely detach the antenna from the satellite radio and then reattach it back. The reason why you cannot get a signal might also be because you are in a very inaccessible location. If this is the case, simply take the radio to an open area, like the veranda or outside of your garage, and then test if the radio is able to scan for a signal. The case is usually yes, the radio is able to pick up a signal when you take the radio out
  • Try not to place the radio near other electrical appliance like computers or televisions. It is also possible that other devices are interfering with the reception of signal. Since you know that this could be a possible reason why your radio is not working, all you need to do is to relocate the radio in another location where the other devices would not impede the reception of the signals

Package Included:

  • 1 x Stereo Radio
  • 1 x External Power Appliance
  • 1 x Protective Casing
  • 1 x Stereo Headphone
  • 1 x AN-03 SW Antenna
  • 1 x Manual