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DeLi Lilong A3007 Multifunction Wooden Storage Holder


Could you put up with the magazines scattered all over the place? This elegant magazine storage holder can solve your problem. Keep your reading materials organized with this magazine wooden storage box. This classic and stylish magazine st...
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  • The heart style pattern on the rack accents the style
  • This magazine storage holder is spacious enough to fit magazines, books and more
  • Stash the newspaper, magazines and catalogs
  • It is made of high quality material, sturdy to hold the magazines
  • The creative wooden storage box is also a perfect decoration in your living room
  • The magazine office storage box is for sorting documents, papers and mail, plus a drawer for additional office supply storage
  • Organize your magazines with this durable classic magazine storage holder
  • Size: 17 x 13 x 12cm/6.69 x 5.11 x 4.72in(L x T x H)
  • Material: Medium Density Fiber- board(Artificial Wood) 


DeLi Lilong A3007 Multifunction  Wooden Storage Holder

  • This multifunction creative wooden magazine storage holder have enough space to fit magazines, books and more 

DeLi Lilong A3007 Multifunction  Wooden Storage Holder 

  • This classic style of magazine wooden storage box also can be used as a decoration

 DeLi Lilong A3007 Multifunction  Wooden Storage Holder

  • This office storage box is made of high quality material and fine workmanship can be used for a long time

DeLi Lilong A3007 Multifunction  Wooden Storage Holder

  • This elaborately designed and fashionable storage holder will make your office more elegant

DeLi Lilong A3007 Multifunction  Wooden Storage Holder

  • With this perfect storage holder for stash the newspaper and magazines, your office will be tidy

How to Build a Wooden Storage Box?

DeLi Lilong A3007 Multifunction  Wooden Storage Holder

Storage boxes are handy for storing out of season items such as sweaters, blankets, holiday decorations, garden equipment, and tools. They provide a place for children's toys, sports equipment and craft materials. Well-made storage boxes can be carved, stained, stenciled, decoupaged or tiled to make a piece that delights the eye

In the past, wooden storage boxes were most likely to be a cedar hope chest. These contained everything a newlywed couple would need to start their own home. Today, young men and young women alike would benefit from a variation on the hope chest concept. As they head off to college or move into their own apartments to enter the workforce, a storage chest filled with kitchenware, small appliances, bed linens, draperies and cushions would ease the transition from high school student living at home to independent adult


  • Place the front and back cedar boards between the side boards. Mark screw positions one inch from the top and one inch from the bottom, so that the screw holes will be centered in the 1/2" thickness of the front and back boards. Make pilot holes using a 1/8" drill bit and power drill
  • Sand the four cedar chunks until they are smooth, rounding the edges. Position one of them in the four corners of the bottom cedar board. Apply carpenter's glue to each foot and press it into place. Clamp feet until glue dries overnight
  • Drill pilot holes into each foot for two wood screws, one in the outer corner, and one on the diagonal from the first. Countersink all holes. Use a belt sander to sand away any burrs on any of the cedar boards of the box or the feet. Screw the feet into place using 1" brass wood screws
  • Screw the sides to the front and back of the storage box. Set the bottom on the resulting cedar box. Drill and countersink pilot holes. Attach the bottom to the cedar box. Turn the box upright so that it is standing on its feet
  • Position the piano hinge flush with the back edge of the top piece for the cedar box, so that there are six inches at each end that will not be hinged. Use brass wood screws to secure the hinge to the top of the chest. Have someone else hold the top in place while you position it on the top edge of the cedar storage chest. Use brass wood screws to finish securing the top to the rest of the box

How to Clean & Restore an Old Rustic Wooden Box?

DeLi Lilong A3007 Multifunction  Wooden Storage Holder

Rustic wood furniture is rough in appearance, still possessing that natural unprocessed look. This type of furniture is popular with homeowners who enjoy a traditional home design such as the incorporation of log cabin style furniture. Typically, rustic wood furniture isn't treated with preserving chemicals, which makes the maintenance and care of this furniture critical for it to last. A few rules of thumb should be followed when cleaning and restoring rustic wood pieces


  • Dry the box immediately to avoid any water damage. Gently blot up the water with an absorbent towel, then place the box in a warm, dry area with adequate air circulation until any water spots are no longer visible. A good air temperature for the area is about 75 degrees
  • Remove any white spots that may have developed from excessive heat. Mix equal amounts of toothpaste and baking soda together and place a teaspoon of the solution onto a damp buffing cloth, then rub it on the affected area thoroughly. Use another damp cloth to buff the area until the solution residue is no longer visible
  • Apply a wood refinisher to any burnt or scorched areas to repair them. Scrape the burnt wood off with a small razor blade or a slim utility knife, then apply a clear finish to the wood until the affected area matches the rest of the box
  • Spray furniture polish onto a rag, then wipe the entire wooden surface of the box down gently. Ensure that all dust is removed. Repeat this process weekly, covering every square inch of the box for the best results

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wooden Storage Holder