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Hoomool Multifunctional Crimping Cable Stripper Cutter Plier


Do you want a useful and practical stripper cutter plier? Here the Multifunctional Crimping Cable Stripper Cutter Plier can satisfy your needs.The serrated nose, stripping slots quickly remove outer jacket, non-metallic-sheathed cable. Stripper ...
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  • The serrated nose, stripping slots quickly remove outer jacket, non-metallic-sheathed cable
  • Stripping holes of stripper cutter plier easily remove insulation on wire
  • Stripper cutter plier is constructed of high quality materials to provide exceptional durability
  • Curved handles of stripper cutter plier help reach into confined areas
  • Strong-gripping serrated nose, for easy bending, shaping and pulling of wire
  • Cable plier has wire looping and bending holes
  • Coil spring provides fast self-opening action
  • Multifunctional plier has the functions of cutting cable, crimping cable, stripper cable
  • Stripping Range: 0.2-6mm²
  • Size: 210mm/8.3in (L)


Hoomool Multifunctional Crimping Cable Stripper Cutter Plier

  • Strong-gripping serrated nose, the useful cable plier is for easy bending, shaping and pulling of wire

Hoomool Multifunctional Crimping Cable Stripper Cutter Plier

  • Lightweight and useful cable plier is constructed of high quality materials to provide exceptional durability

Hoomool Multifunctional Crimping Cable Stripper Cutter Plier

  • Curved handles of stripper cutter plier help reach into confined areas. Cable plier has wire looping and bending holes

Hoomool Multifunctional Crimping Cable Stripper Cutter Plier

  • The comfortable handle detail is very convenient for use. Coil spring provides fast self-opening action

Hoomool Multifunctional Crimping Cable Stripper Cutter Plier

  • The portable multifunctional plier is made of exquisite workmanship. Take the cable plier home immediately

Different Types of Pliers & Wire Cutters:

Linemen's Pliers:

  • Also called "combination pliers," the lineman's pliers are made with both a gripping surface and a cutting edge. This type of pliers has a universal use of gripping small objects and is used by most electricians because of their insulated handles that reduce the risk of moderate shock. The pliers' metal components are usually made from high grade steel, but the rubberized grips are usually worn out quickly under daily use

Long-nose Pliers:

  • Long-nose pliers have jaws that are thin, pointy and elongated, which makes them ideal for grasping small objects such as nails and tacks. You can also use these pliers to reach into small and deep holes with ease. Since they are primarily used for clutching miniscule objects, they can also be used for bending wires, which is why many long nose pliers are fitted with wire cutters

Needle-Nose Pliers:

  • The needle-nose pliers are made with tapering slender jaws and are used most commonly by electricians for both gripping and cutting. The long, slim nose offers good control and reach for work in small and crowding electrical enclosures. Like the lineman's pliers, these are also commonly made with rubberized insulated handle grips

Diagonal-Cutting Pliers:

  • The diagonal-cutting pliers, despite the name, are actually used primarily for wire cutting by electricians and other tradesman. Like other pliers used by electricians, these are also commonly insulated with a rubberized handle. Many of those in the electrician industry might refer to these pliers by a different name; "dikes" or "diags" are both common

Locking Pliers:

  • Also called vise or mole grips, these pliers have the ability to be locked into a position using what is called an overcenter action. A small knob at the end of one of the grips is turned to tighten or loosen the locking point, and a lever that lies between the grips is used to release the lock. Locking pliers are usually available in a style similar to the lineman's pliers, but a needle-nose style can also be found

Round-Nose Pliers:

  • The round-nose pliers are built with conical jaws that gently taper to the tips. These pliers are used for bending curves in wires and thin metal, and are commonly used to make and alter jewelry and fishing equipment. Some manufacturers of these pliers also make them with an attached wire cutter

Pump Pliers:

  • Pump pliers are specifically equipped with short and slightly curved jaws. You can also regulate the span of the jaws in accordance with your specifications by changing the position of the rivet. Thus, these adjustable pliers are perfect for loosening intensely tight bolts, nuts and pipefittings

How to Use Pliers:

  • Choose the right tool for the job. Using your pliers as a hammer may not only damage the tool but could cause you injury
  • Use good quality tools and inspect them for defects before using them. Replace worn or defective tools
  • Maintain your tools. Oil your pliers and wire cutters with a drop of oil on the hinge. Be sure that the jaws are clean and the teeth are sharp. Worn or greasy jaws are more likely to slip
  • Never stick your fingers between the grips and always keep your wrist straight when using pliers
  • Protect your tools from extreme heat, which can expand the metal and cause dangerous structural problems

How to Choose the Right Pliers:

  • Use adjustable pliers to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, pinch snap-rings, and other jobs that require a good grip. The slip-joint style adjusts to two positions for large or small objects. Groove-joint pliers are sometimes called tongue-and-groove or Channellocks. They adjust to many possible sizes. The jaw is at an almost-90-degree angle and the handles are long to allow better leverage
  • Bend and twist wires, grip small objects, and work in confined spaces with gripping pliers. Some come with a wire cutter near the pivot point. Lineman's pliers are great for pulling and twisting wires; long-nose and their smaller cousin needle-nose pliers are ideal for working in confined spaces, jewelry making, and electrical work
  • Cut and strip wire with diagonal cutters or wire stripper/cutting pliers
  • Chip, trim and shape tile with tile nippers
  • Cut out sheet metal with tin snips
  • Choose locking-type pliers, sometimes called Vise-Grips, for pipe work. There is a long-nose version that is useful for those hard-to-reach places. This type of pliers provides excellent holding power with adjustable degrees of tension

Plier Safety Rules:

Use The Right Pliers:

  • Pliers today are made for gripping, cutting, crimping, electrical work or other specific purposes. Use pliers designed for the work you are doing. For example, do not try to grip materials with cutting pliers

Not a Hammer:

  • Do not use pliers as a blunt force object to hit nails, wood or any other materials. This may damage the tool and make it unsafe for use

Not A Wrench:

  • Do not use pliers to fasten or unfasten nuts, bolts or screws. This will damage the tool, and a wrench will minimize stripping


  • Maintain the hinge of your pliers with oil to extend the life of your tool, and ensure proper and safe functioning

Eye Protection:

  • Wear safety glasses or goggles especially when cutting wire, metals or other potentially dangerous materials

Package Included:

  •  1 x Multifunctional Crimping Cable Stripper Cutter Plier