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Timliss Cute Balloon Tortoise Doll Stuffed Toy Set 2Pcs


Are you busy searching for a cute and soft Cartoon Stuffed Toy for a long time? You'd better come into our store and choose a Cartoon Stuffed Toy right now. This stuffed toy is designed with high quality workmanship, durable and cute. The Designer St...
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  • This Designer Plush Toy with a charming design will catch the sight of everyone
  • You can put this Cartoon Plush Toy on your bed as an adornment
  • This Cartoon Stuffed Toy is the one of the best gifts to your friends or children on a special day 
  • With high quality workmanship, the Cartoon Stuffed Toy is very durable and cute
  • This lovely Designer Stuffed Toy is the best choice for you
  • This Plush Cute Toy is easy to clean up
  • Animal Plush Toy features a soft cover with a beautiful pattern for modern elegance
  • Coating Material: Lint
  • Lining Material: PP Cotton
  • Color: Green & Beige
  • Size: 25.0 x 19.0cm/9.8 x 7.5in(L x W)


Timliss Cute Balloon Tortoise Doll Stuffed Toy Set 2Pcs

  • Cartoon turtle shape stuffed toy is excellent for decoration, also an ideal gift

Timliss Cute Balloon Tortoise Doll Stuffed Toy Set 2Pcs

  • This Turtle Cartoon Stuffed Toy is very comfortable to touch

Timliss Cute Balloon Tortoise Doll Stuffed Toy Set 2Pcs

  • You and your children will love this lifelike animal shape stuffed toy

Timliss Cute Balloon Tortoise Doll Stuffed Toy Set 2Pcs

  • The facial expression of the toys is very attractive and interesting

Timliss Cute Balloon Tortoise Doll Stuffed Toy Set 2Pcs

  • Being in lively gesture, the toy can offer you the sense of happiness

How to Clean Toys in a Daycare

Timliss Cute Balloon Tortoise Doll Stuffed Toy Set 2Pcs

Children sharing toys is part of the day care experience---we want children to learn how to share. But with all those little hands and mouths touching blocks and toy cars and snuggling up to stuffed animals, it's necessary to ensure that the toys they play with remain clean and safe. With just a little know-how, you can help the children under your care continue to play together while keeping germs to a minimum.


  • Gather all of the plastic toys at the end of the day. You can do this twice a day if the number of children is large or there tends to be a second shift of children during working hours
  • Place the toys in a large tub or sink filled with warm, soapy water. Scrub the toys well, making sure to get in between any crevices where germs can hide. You may want to use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach places
  • Rinse the toys well, making sure to remove all the soap residue
  • Submerge toys in a tub or sink that contains a bleach and water solution. One gallon of water to one teaspoon of bleach is the general rule. Don't use too much bleach, as this can be dangerous. Also, bleach tends to be more effective in warm, rather than hot, water
  • Allow the toys to air-dry after sanitizing them. Drying them with a towel can lead to cross-contamination problems, so it's better to just lay them out on a rack and let them dry on their own
  • Use a dishwasher in place of the above steps if one is available. Modern dishwashers will sanitize effectively
  • Wash and dry stuffed or plush animals in your washing machine and dryer. Make sure you check the toys for any parts, such as plastic eyes, that may have come loose in the washing or drying cycle

How to Disinfect Kid's Toy:

Timliss Cute Balloon Tortoise Doll Stuffed Toy Set 2Pcs

  • Wash hard, plastic toys in mild soap and water with a scrub brush. Rinse well. Then, soak the toys in a mild bleach solution (1 tbsp. bleach to each gallon of water) for 10 to 20 minutes to disinfect them. Rinse well in clean water and allow the toys to dry 
  • Use a dishwasher to disinfect plastic or other dishwasher-safe toys. Because of the high heat in the machine, they do not need a bleach solution 
  • Disinfect stuffed or cloth toys in a regular washer and dryer. Wash them at least once each week with a mild detergent 
  • Clean tables, large toys or play areas with a mild bleach solution and sponge or rag. Mix 1 tbsp. bleach with 1 gallon of water. Wash the surface area taking care to reach the crevices and hidden spots. Rinse with a sponge and clean water and let dry

Package Included:

  • 2 x Stuffed Toys