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Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys


Do you want to buy a toy for your friend? Here, this kind of Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys will be your first choice. Make a special gift for your lover or kid with this bear stuffed toy. The heart shape makes the bear stuffed toy...
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  • The lovely shape bear stuffed toy will catch the sight of your kid or lover
  • Cute cheap stuffed animals are with lovely lace heart bear shape
  • Bear stuffed toy with soft PP cotton stuffing is touched softly and comfortably
  • Unlike other stuffed toys, this bear stuffed toy is very soft and cuddly
  • The bear stuffed toy is also an ideal gift for birthday, holiday, wedding and so on
  • Bear stuffed toy is a necessity toy for your kid, your kid will like it very much 
  • This kind of bear stuffed animals is a wonderful decoration in your house
  • Color: Beige
  • Coating Material: Lint
  • Stuffing Material: PP Cotton
  • Height: 60.0cm/23.6in


Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

  • These cute cheap stuffed animals come with lace heart bear shape

Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

  • Heart design bear stuffed toy is an excellent room decoration, and it is also an ideal gift  

Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

  • More details of the heart of the super soft bear stuffed toy

Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

  • The bear stuffed toy is with lovely lace design, and it's so beautiful and chic

Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

  • This lovely zipper closure stuffed toy is touched softly and comfortably   

How to Clean Large Stuffed Animals:

Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

Stuffed animals get dirty over time. They get saliva, food, and other materials on them from being handled by children, or they collect dust from sitting unused. Stuffed animals can be cleaned using several methods, but the larger the animal, the more difficult it is to wash. The majority of stuffed animals can be washed in a washing machine, but if your toy is too large or too valuable, you may want to stick with surface cleaning


  • 1.Put the stuffed toy in a large, clean garbage bag
  • 2.Put the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner into the bag, and seal the bag around the nozzle with your hand. The toy should not be up against the nozzle. Turn on the vacuum, and the suction should pull the dust and surface dirt from the toy
  • 3.Fluff the toy with your hands, and spray it with a nontoxic deodorizer to freshen it

Surface Cleaning:

  • 1.Apply an upholstery cleaner to a sponge so it is damp, but not dripping
  • 2. Rub the sponge over the surface of the toy without saturating it
  • 3. Allow the toy to air-dry thoroughly
  • 4. Vacuum the toy with the upholstery head of your vacuum cleaner. This will help fluff the toy and remove some of the cleaner. Be gentle

Washing Machine:

  • 1. Put the toy into an empty pillowcase. If the standard pillowcase is too small, look for a body pillow pillowcase
  • 2. Put the toy in the washing machine, and fill it with cold water
  • 3. Add a mild detergent designed for cold water use. Use the smallest amount of detergent recommended
  • 4. Wash the toy on a gentle cycle
  • 5. Remove the toy, and check for damage. If it is still in good shape, put it in the clothes dryer
  • 6. Dry the toy until it is completely dry. You may need to put it through two cycles. Make sure the toy is completely dry so mildew doesn't grow inside. If you live in a warm climate, you can air-dry it outside
  • 7. Fluff the toy, and reposition the stuffing as needed

How to Wash Stuffed Animals:

Hlcprove Durable Birthday Gift Lint Bear Stuffed Toys

The scene is all too familiar. Your child is sick with a stomach bug and has spent hours snuggling her favorite stuffed animal. Everything's fine until her precious teddy bear ends up in the line of fire and desperately needs a cleaning. Luckily, most stuffed animals can undergo a more thorough cleaning. The trick is to know how to safely wash them

  • Do a bit of damage control. Apply a tiny bit of laundry detergent to a wet scrub brush. Attempt to spot-clean the stuffed animal
  • If the stuffed animal is still dirty, place it in a zippered pillowcase and zip the case closed. There should be plenty of room in the case for the stuffed animal to move around inside the bag. If the toy is too large, you probably won't be able to safely wash it in the washing machine
  • Place the pillowcase with the toy inside into an empty washing machine
  • Add some gentle laundry detergent to the machine and set it for the gentle cycle with a cold water setting
  • When wash cycle is over, take the pillowcase out of the washer place it in the dryer. Set dryer to the lowest temperature setting
  • Unzip the bag once the dryer cycle is complete and check the stuffed animal. If it's still damp, run it through another cycle in the dryer
  • Remove the stuffed animal from the bag and return to your child

Package Included:

  • 1 x Stuffed Toy