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Hlcprove Fashionable Car Decor Lesser Panda Stuffed Toys


What kind of stuffed toy do you need? Do you want to buy something good with a little money? Are you looking for cute toy with multifunctional design? You have got the right place. You can have one excellent durable panda cartoon stuffed to...
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  • With high quality workmanship, the panda shaped cartoon cute toy is very durable and cute
  • You can put this cartoon cute toy on your bed as an adornment
  • This collectible cartoon house decoration is the one of the best gifts to your friends or children on a special day 
  • This designer stuffed cute toy with a charming design will catch the sight of everyone
  • Exquisite work lint cheap toy is durable for long time using
  • Color: White & Black
  • Coating Material: Lint
  • Stuffing Material: PP Cotton
  • Height: 20.0cm/7.9in  


Hlcprove Fashionable Car Decor Lesser Panda Stuffed Toys

  • Cartoon shape stuffed key chain is excellent for decoration, also an ideal gift

Hlcprove Fashionable Car Decor Lesser Panda Stuffed Toys

  • This collectible lint stuffed key chain is very comfortable to touch

Hlcprove Fashionable Car Decor Lesser Panda Stuffed Toys

  • You will love this lifelike animal shape stuffed key chain

Hlcprove Fashionable Car Decor Lesser Panda Stuffed Toys

  • This collectible stuffed cell phone strap is very comfortable to touch

Hlcprove Fashionable Car Decor Lesser Panda Stuffed Toys

  • With the special coating processing, the color of the candy strap looks bright all the time


  • Style is random in delivery

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Hlcprove Fashionable Car Decor Lesser Panda Stuffed Toys

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Hlcprove Fashionable Car Decor Lesser Panda Stuffed Toys

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Package Included:

  • 1 x Stuffed Toy