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Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap


The cold winter is coming, maybe you have already thought of buying warm and comfortable baby hat for your kids. Here we will introduce you this cute baby hat for you to dress up your kids. With this cute baby hat, your kids will ...
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  • This baby hat offers great shade and protection for your baby head, neck and nose
  • This cute baby hat is structured low profile hat with visor  
  • This plaid hat is made of high quality material, quite comfortable for wearing
  • Perfect for everyday wear, easy to match with your kid's any attire
  • This baby hat with high quality material ensures the excellent ventilation and heat retention
  • This baby hat is sure to become a staple for all outdoor activities
  • This toddler hat is a perfect gift for your baby to show off their loveliness
  • One size fits all most
  • Material: Cotton
  • Suit for: 9 month - 4 year


Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap

  • With plaid design, this cute baby hat can add loveliness to your kids

Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap

  • This hat is customed for your kids and they will be stand out in crowd

Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap

  • Back adjustable band design can make a fitting size for your kids

Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap

  • The vison offers a great shade and protection for your baby head, neck and nose

Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap

Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap

  • This hat can let your kids strut their own style and lead the fashion parade

Types of Hats for Kids:

Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap 

Hats for both adults and children can be made from a wide range of materials, depending on the hat's intended use. Hats are not just worn for protection from the elements. Children now wear them for a variety of reasons, including protection, fashion or some combination of the two

Protective Hats:

  • Many hats are used to protect children from the weather. In winter, a child would wear a hat to cover her head and ears. These hats are usually made of fleece or other heavy material. When outside in winter, a child loses a great deal of heat through his head. That is why it is especially important for children to wear a warm hat in cold weather
  • A rain hat protects children from wet weather, keeping the cold rain off of a child's head and face
  • A sun hat has a large brim and protects the child's head, neck and face from getting sunburned
  • A helmet is another form of protective hat. Helmets are very important for children riding a bike or skating

Fashion Hats:

  • Some children wear hats simply as accessories to an outfit. These hats can have many different looks depending on the outfit. They also can be made using a variety of materials. Feathers, ribbons and bows are among the things you might see on a fashion hat. For boys, think fedoras or newsboy-style caps for decorative hats--though girls could certainly rock a newsboy hat and not be out of style

Other Hats:

  • Cowboy hats are extremely popular in some parts of the United States. They can be both decorative and provide shade from the sun. Cowboy hats are usually made from felt or straw
  • A baseball-style cap is also a popular hat for young boys (or girls). Baseball hats provide a bit of shade to the forehead, keep the head from getting sunburned and allow kids to show their allegiance to sports teams
  • Skullcaps are a hit especially among young teens. They fit tightly and can be both decorative and warm

Kids Crazy Hat Activities:

Plaid Pattern Toddler Infant Baby Hat Cap

Hat activities give kids the opportunity to be playful and to encourage their creativity and sense of adventure. There are dozens of ways to make hats and games you can play with them. Whether you need activities for a slumber party or a neighborhood block party, crazy hat games are amusing entertainment for kids of all ages

Chef's Hats:

  • Children can make chef hats, then help parents or teachers do some baking or cupcake decorating. Before you get together with children, cut wide sections of construction paper to use as the base of the hats. After children decorate the wide strip of paper with crayons, staple the two ends together creating a circle that will fit around their heads. Take a large piece of tissue paper and glue it all around inside the circle, making a puffy top. Let the glue dry well before having kids place the hats on their heads. Alternatively, you might staple in the tissue paper for impatient children. Ask the children to wear the hats while they decorate the cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles, or make healthy snacks like celery sticks, peanut butter, and raisins

Hat Fashion Shows:

  • Give everyone in your group a plastic container like a strawberry container or egg carton. Take an egg carton and cut it in half. Bend both sides at a right angle and staple the two together so you have a square. Punch holes in opposite sides of the carton, then push ribbon through the holes to use as a chin strap. Children should glue yarn, faux jewels, and various craft items to decorate the hats. When the hat decorations are complete and the glue has dried, play some music and let the children parade their hats around the room. For extra fun, give children an opportunity to describe their hats and tell the group how they made it. As an added bonus, this recycling project allows you to show kids how to think "green."

Cat in the Hat:

  • The Dr. Seuss' story, "The Cat in the Hat" is inspiration for this story. Provide a hat that looks like the one worn by the cat in the story. While wearing the hat, the person selected as the "cat" should hide. Whoever finds the "cat" should join him. This hide and seek continues until all the children are in the hiding place together. After all the children have finished hiding, you should wear the hat while reading the story to the children

Package Included:

  • 1 x Baby Hat