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220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager


Tired of back? Why not look at our 220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager?This is a back cushion massager that work wonders on your sore muscles, great for your back, shoulder and neck. Very long fist and thumper can help you to ...
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  • Mode: Beat, thump, petrissage, rolling method & vibration
  • Rated Voltage: AC220V+/-10% convert to DC 12V
  • Rated Power: 10W
  • Rated Current: 350mA
  • Size: 36 x 34 x 11.5cm/14 x 13 x 4.5in(L x W x H)
  • Color: Red


  • Microcomputer control & designed with four high-frequency massage balls
  • Five simulated massage ways, such as beat, thump, petrissage, rolling method & vibration
  • The massage time can be set from 15 minutes or 30 minutes freely
  • Significantly alleviate effect for your pain back
  • Back cushion massager has adjuvant treatment for the chronic lumbar muscle strain
  • Back cushion massager can ease the work in the office for a long time due to back muscle fatigue
  • Electric back massager a great choice for office, family, a variety of places to use
  • With DC 12V car power supply, it's safe and reliable to use


220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager

  • Portable massager can ease the work in the office for a long time due to back muscle fatigue

220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager

220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager

  • Back cushion massager has four high-frequency massage balls, gentle soothes the lower back area

220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager

220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager

  • Work wonders on your sore muscles, great effect for your pain back, shoulder and neck

Size in Detail:

220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager

What are Some Benefits of Massage?

220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager

  • Increased circulation speeds healing of injured tissues, helps flush the lymphatic system, simultaneously relaxes and energizes the body, and releases the body's natural pain killers. The massage strokes and stretches are designed to increase range of motion and ease tightly-contracted muscles and ligaments. Massage is a complement to other pain therapies and not just a pampering session

How to Give a Romantic Massage?

  • Giving your partner a romantic massage is a simple yet effective way to show him how much you care. With a little preparation you can turn your bedroom into a relaxing paradise. A romantic massage will not only soothe tired muscles and refresh weary minds, it will also promote a deep sense of intimacy and unity in your relationship

Electric Massager Components:

Electric massager units are often used by people who want the relaxation of a massage but don't want to pay the high price of going to an actual masseuse. These units are all fairly simple machines, and as such they're made up of a number of simple components

220V Multifunctional Electric Support Cushion Back Massager

  • Motor: One of the base components of any electric massage unit is the motor. Whether it's a vibrating massager or a gripping massage chair, there still needs to be a motor to drive the essential function of the machine. These motors run on electricity; the smaller units can be powered by batteries while larger massage chairs and massage footrests have to be plugged into an outlet for their juice. The power of the motor varies by unit
  • Grip: Some, though not all, electric massagers have a grip component. The grip usually looks and feels like two stubby arms that reach out to cradle a part of the body. These grips are attached to the motor, which is where the gripping ability comes from, and the strength of the grip is based on the power level of the massager. The grips move in a circular pattern, which creates the massaging motion that loosens your muscles and helps relieve stress. Some models have several sets of grips, which can massage various parts of the body all at once
  • Cover: The grips of an electric massager are usually covered by pads and soft material to make them more pleasurable to the touch. A massage chair's cover is actually the whole chair, which surrounds the installed massage unit. Smaller, vibrating massagers may be covered in soft plastic, soft cloth or sometimes both so that there's a barrier between the motor, the massage mechanic and the person's skin

How to Best Use Personal Massagers:

  • Stimulate Circulation. Deep tissue massage can warm up your muscles, increasing blood flow to the massaged area. To do this, you can use a manual, hand-held massager or an electric massager. Use a firm hand to penetrate to deeper muscle fibers, but be careful not to press down so hard that you cause pain
  • Decrease Illness. Using massagers after workouts or when muscles are sore helps to stimulate the immune system. This can help avoid sickness. During the massaging process, blood flows more easily through veins allowing more oxygen and repair cells to reach the muscle.
  • Give Someone Else a Massage: People often have a difficult time reaching every spot on their body that they want to massage. Massaging others with personal massagers can help them get a more thorough massage. This is especially true for pesky spots in the center of the back. You may be able to convince them to reciprocate and give you a massage while you rest.
  • Reduce Your Stress: Personal massagers have been shown to temporarily reduce blood pressure during use. Don't be afraid to add soothing massage oils to your skin, as their fragrance can also relax you further
  • Get a Little Risqué: Placing an electric massager on a low vibrating setting can help to arouse your partner sensually. Enjoying your merchandise by yourself is not off limits, either. You may be too embarrassed to go to adult shops to purchase toys to enhance sexual experience. This provides a covert way to introduce something new to your partner. Ensure that your massager will not snag on any of your body parts as this can cause pain or injury, or ruin the mood

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cushion Back Massager
  • 1 x Power Transformer
  • 1 x Car Cable