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Women Cotton Open Front Cardigan Hooded Sweater Jacket


Are you looking for a both warm and fashionable Cardigan Sweater Jacket? A fashion women sweater dress can show your infinite charm perfectly!This Cardigan Sweater Jacket is very popular in the market because of its fashionable style a...
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  • This Cardigan Sweater Jacket shows your infinite charm perfectly
  • Open front design makes Cardigan Sweater Jacket even more special and fashion  
  • Cardigan Sweater Jacket is made of highly-quality material and can wear for a long time
  • This Hooded Sweater Jacket is very soft to touch and comfortable to wear  
  • Suitable for wearing in autumn and spring
  • This Cardigan Hooded Sweater is a beautiful decoration for you
  • The Hooded Sweater Jacket is also a perfect festival present for your friends
  • Material: Cotton


Women Cotton Open Front Cardigan Hooded Sweater Jacket

  • With Simple design and casual style, this Cardigan Sweater Jacket can cover the defect of your body

Women Cotton Open Front Cardigan Hooded Sweater Jacket

  • You must be the focus in any places with this beautiful Cardigan Sweater Jacket

Women Cotton Open Front Cardigan Hooded Sweater Jacket

  • Cardigan Sweater Jacket is perfect for attracting attention to your colorful personality

Women Cotton Open Front Cardigan Hooded Sweater Jacket

  • Advanced technology and high quality material help prevent pilling and dried before Hooded Sweater Jacket is knit to guarantee better color retention after washing

Women Cotton Open Front Cardigan Hooded Sweater Jacket

  • Wearing this Cardigan Sweater Jacket, your sexy figure, your attractive charm, even your inside temperament will be reflected vividly and incisively

Size in Detail:


Shoulder Width

Sleeve Length

Front Sweater Length

Back Sweater Length












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How to Fold a Cardigan Sweater?

You can fold a cardigan sweater lots of different ways, but to reduce the amount of wrinkles and prevent creases in places where creases should not be, try these tips.

  • Button the neck, middle, and bottom buttons.
  • Grab the sweater by the hem and turn the sweater over, buttons down. Line-up the hem lines, picking the sweater up again and shaking the sweater to help ensure the hem is even. Using your flat palms, slide them over the fabric in opposite directions to smooth out wrinkles.
  • Fold the left and right sides to the center, and use your hands to again smooth out wrinkles.
  • Line the sleeves, parallel to the sides of the sweater, with cuff at (or close to) the hem. Smooth out wrinkles.
  • The sleeves will form a V on the back of the sweater.
  • Last step is to fold the sweater in thirds or half. To fold in thirds, with the sweater still buttons down, grab the hem and sleeve cuffs and fold 1/3 up toward the middle of sweater, then fold again to the neck. To fold in half, grab the hem and sleeve cuffs and fold up toward the neck of the sweater. Smooth out wrinkles with your hands. 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sweater