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Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Do you want to be more stylish? If you do, you have got the right place! Show off your unique style with this hot stylish short sleeve T-shirt. This designer T-shirt makes you keep up with the stream of fashion. This fashion T-shirt with flower ...
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  • This trendy short sleeve T-shirt features flower on the shoulder
  • With simple scoop design, the short sleeve T-shirt will show you best taste
  • Made with high quality polyester and viscose, the designer T-shirt is durable
  • This short sleeve T-shirt is easy to match your other clothing
  • This fashion T-shirt  is a fun and comfortable addition to any wardrobe
  • This women short sleeve T-shirt is attention to detail
  • Material: 62.5% Polyester & 34.4% Viscose & 3.1% Spandex


 Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Back view of the fashion short sleeve T-shirt with bright color looks quite elegant

 Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Stylish women T-shirt with simple scoop design is contracted and fashion

 Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • The flower design on the shoulder is flawless looks attractive and beautiful

 Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

  • Made with high quality polyester and viscose, the designer T-shirt is durable

 Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • This fashion women designer T-shirt makes you more attractive, elegant and helps you show your personality perfectly

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 Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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How to Dress up a Women's Tshirt?

 Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Women's tshirts are a staple in many wardrobes. Tshirts are comfortable and cool in the summer. If you are graduating from college you may only have tshirts in your wardrobe. Tshirts travel well but you may need to transition your look into evening. Dress up women's tshirts to look professional and chic while saving money by reusing what you already have in your closet


  • Keep it simple. Look for a basic women's tshirt. The best tshirts to dress up are a solid color without graphics. Look for a neutral color such as white, black or chocolate brown. Make sure that your tshirt fits you; longer tshirts can even act as a minidress when worn over leggings
  • Layer the women's tshirt. Use the tshirt under a fitted jacket or cropped cardigan. For a funky, elegant look wear a camisole under your tshirt for more color. Vests are coming back into style and can be an easy way to dress up a tshirt. A tshirt under a blazer balances a youthful look with a professional air. You can even wear a tshirt with a skirt if your outfit is accessorized properly.
  • Add accessories. Long necklaces add interest to a tshirt. Gold chains will make your shirt seem elegant. A triple strand turquoise necklace gives a pop of color while using a natural element. Wear oversized chandelier earrings to look chic and modern so your choice of shirt blends into the background. Dress up your tshirt for winter with a scarf. Organza scarves can even be worn in the summer. Carry an oversized bag that will make you look fashion forward even when using wardrobe staples
  • Belt it. Belts give an ordinary tshirt wow factor. Use a slim black belt for a vintage air or a thick leather belt for a rustic outfit. Belt the **** around your waist or at your hipline depending on what you think looks best with your body type
  • Buy a wild pair of shoes. Tshirts and jeans can seem bland and casual. Wear your outfit with high heels. A pointed toe may seem more fashion forward. Add a splash of color to your outfit with a bright yellow or zebra print shoe
  • Focus on hair and makeup. T-shirts don't have to look sloppy. Pull together your entire look with a dramatic eyeshadow or lip color. This makes you seem put together instead of looking like you are going for comfort. Elaborate or well kept hairstyles add an elegant air to the simplest outfit

How to Cut Up T-Shirts?

 Codos Women Flower Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Cut up T-shirts can be trendy and hip, as long as you do it with some finesse in mind. Otherwise you may end up looking like a flashback to that hit 1980s dancing flick or you fell into a paper shredder. You can cut up T-shirts in a stylish and funky way with a few simple steps


  • Start with a T-shirt that's already been washed and dried so it's already done its shrinking
  • Try on the T-shirt to figure out what parts need chopping. For cropping and necklines, it's highly recommended to note the length you want with chalk
  • Take off the T-shirt, grab your scissors and go, following your chalk lines and starting at the neckline
  • Go for the sleeves. Cutting off the sleeves entirely will make a nice muscle man, or woman, effect, while rounding them will give the shirt a cutesy look
  • Finish it off by cropping the bottom and any other areas you wish to chop

Package Included:

  • 1 x T Shirt