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Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt


A woman's shirt is a basic part of her wardrobe. Shirts are also extremely versatile. They can dress up you and be used as part of a professional suit. Looking for a fashion women T shirt? This is the right place for you! You will love this...
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  • Colorful prints on the womens T shirt is cool
  • Short sleeve design is perfect for you in summer
  • Show your leisure style with the womens T shirt
  • Designed with excellent breathability and sweat absorption
  • This womens T shirt helps you show your personality
  • It is easy to match with this short sleeve T shirt
  • Material: 34.4% Viscose & 62.5% Nylon & 3.1% Spandex


Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt

  • Featured with the colorful design, this women T-shirt makes you outstanding

Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt

  • Made of high quality material, the womens T shirt is durable and comfortable

Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt

  • With special design, this colorful prints T shirt can show your slim figure

Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt

  • Short sleeve of the womens T shirt is perfect for your summer wearing

Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt

  • Offered for several colors for option, this kind of short sleeve T shirt is easy to match

How to Measure:

Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt 

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How To Wash T-Shirts So They Won't Shrink:

Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt

Repeated trips through the washer and dryer can be bad news for your clothing. T-shirts, especially those made from 100 percent cotton or a cotton blend, are susceptible to shrinkage. Some clothing manufacturers take steps to prevent clothing from shrinking, but even these clothes are no match for the high heat of your dryer. When you wash your T-shirts, keep one simple rule in mind---never put them in the dryer

  • Treat any stains on your T-shirts with a stain stick or stain remover, if they are particularly soiled. Separate your shirts into light and dark piles and wash each pile separately
  • Place your T-shirts into the washing machine and set your machine to use cold water and the delicate cycle. Hot water and rough washing cycles designed for bulky items will encourage your shirts to shrink
  • Put the appropriate amount of detergent into the washing machine. Use a detergent specifically formulated for cold water to get your shirts as clean as possible without using warm or hot water
  • Remove the T-shirts when the washing cycle is finished
  • Hang your damp shirts on plastic hangers and let them air-dry. Heat is what causes your T-shirts to shrink, so avoid using the dryer as much as possible. While you may be tempted to put your T-shirts in the sun to dry faster, the heat from the sun may shrink your T-shirts. Instead, place them out of the sun in a room with good air flow
  • Let your T-shirts hang until they are completely dry. It will likely take at least a day
  • Plug in an iron and set it on its lowest setting. Air-drying will not remove wrinkles the way a clothes dryer will, so your shirts will probably be quite wrinkled once they are dry. This step is optional, and you can skip it if you are not concerned with a few wrinkles. Quickly move the iron over the T-shirt to remove some of the larger wrinkles, but avoid using the high heat settings
  • Look for preshrunk T-shirts when you buy shirts in the future. Preshrunk shirts may shrink slightly, but not as much as other cotton T-shirts. You should still avoid using the dryer, even if your shirt was designed to resist shrinkage

How to Dress up a Women's T-shirt:

Moonbasa Elegant Women Short Sleeve Prints T Shirt

Women's T-shirts are a staple in many wardrobes. Tshirts are comfortable and cool in the summer. If you are graduating from college you may only have tshirts in your wardrobe. Tshirts travel well but you may need to transition your look into evening. Dress up women's tshirts to look professional and chic while saving money by reusing what you already have in your closet

  • Keep it simple. Look for a basic women's tshirt. The best tshirts to dress up are a solid color without graphics. Look for a neutral color such as white, black or chocolate brown. Make sure that your tshirt fits you; longer tshirts can even act as a minidress when worn over leggings
  • Layer the women's tshirt. Use the tshirt under a fitted jacket or cropped cardigan. For a funky, elegant look wear a camisole under your tshirt for more color. Vests are coming back into style and can be an easy way to dress up a tshirt. A tshirt under a blazer balances a youthful look with a professional air. You can even wear a tshirt with a skirt if your outfit is accessorized properly
  • Add accessories. Long necklaces add interest to a tshirt. Gold chains will make your shirt seem elegant. A triple strand turquoise necklace gives a pop of color while using a natural element. Wear oversized chandelier earrings to look chic and modern so your choice of shirt blends into the background. Dress up your tshirt for winter with a scarf. Organza scarves can even be worn in the summer. Carry an oversized bag that will make you look fashion forward even when using wardrobe staples
  • Belt it. Belts give an ordinary tshirt wow factor. Use a slim black belt for a vintage air or a thick leather belt for a rustic outfit. Belt the ribbon around your waist or at your hipline depending on what you think looks best with your body type
  • Buy a wild pair of shoes. Tshirts and jeans can seem bland and casual. Wear your outfit with high heels. A pointed toe may seem more fashion forward. Add a splash of color to your outfit with a bright yellow or zebra print shoe
  • Focus on hair and makeup. T-shirts don't have to look sloppy. Pull together your entire look with a dramatic eyeshadow or lip color. This makes you seem put together instead of looking like you are going for comfort. Elaborate or well kept hairstyles add an elegant air to the simplest outfit

Package Included:

  • 1 x T Shirt