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Katemelon Rose Petals Table Decoration 5 Packs


Are you looking for a beautiful wedding Rose Petals Table Decoration? If you do, you have got the right place! This wedding table decoration will give your guest comfortable feeling.With this wedding table decoration, you could share your romant...
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  • Each pack of the wedding table decoration includes 100 pieces
  • Nothing says love and romance like roses
  • Sprinkle your ceremony with rich colored wedding table decoration
  • Sprinkle them down the isle, on your reception tables, your gift table, or package them as favors
  • Sprinkle them with your favorite perfume or cologne to add a little scent (make sure to test the color before doing this)
  • Each package contains 100 lifelike rose petals (measuring 2.2" in diameter) in your choice of light pink, white, or red
  • Sold in a set of 12 packs, wedding table decoration is enough to decorate two tables into a rose garden
  • A petals decoration of this kind can add enchantment to your wedding
  • This rose table decoration is a must-have for the newly couples
  • The special design is popular and stylish fit for happy and exciting occasions like wedding and so on
  • With this, you could share your romantic wedding with your guests and note the most important moment in your whole life
  • Give your guests sweet feeling with it
  • Diameter: 2.2in


Katemelon Rose Petals Table Decoration 5 Packs

  • The special design is popular and stylish fit for happy and exciting occasions like wedding and so on 

 Katemelon Rose Petals Table Decoration 5 Packs

  • Beautiful rose petal design of the petals decoration. Sprinkle your ceremony with rich colored wedding table decoration

Katemelon Rose Petals Table Decoration 5 Packs

  • The details of this rose petals table decoration. A petals decoration of this kind can add enchantment to your wedding or other romantic time

Katemelon Rose Petals Table Decoration 5 Packs

  • This rose table decoration is a must-have for the newly couples. And the other color details of the rose table decoration

How to Make Wedding Petal Packets:

  • Remove the pages from the book by carefully tearing them from the binding, as close to the edge seem as you can get. If the book is tightly bound, you may need to use a craft knife to prevent any tearing. Use the scissors to cut away any excess glue on the page edges that may remain
  • Form the individual book pages into cone-shaped envelopes by hand rolling them into shape. The natural rectangular shape of a book page will cause an excess corner flap to form at the top of the cone. This will later serve as the closure to the packet
  • Secure the cone by applying the Mod Podge glue to the seam of the cone. To create a more durable cone, you can then coat the entire cone with the decoupage glue. Allow the cone to dry completely
  • At the front of the cone envelope opening, sew a button to the paper carefully with a needle and thread. It is very easy to tear paper, so practice caution and secure the button to the page with the addition of glue if necessary
  • Create a hole in the flap which naturally extends from the top of the cone and feed a piece of colored yarn (cut approximately 4 inches in length) through the hole. The flap can then be folded down to cover the cone opening and the yarn can be wound around the button and tied to secure the closure
  • Fill the cones with artificial rose petals in your wedding colors and secure the envelopes shut as described in step three. Stack the cones gently in a large basket where they will be easy for your guests to reach

How to Make Rose Petal Sachets:

  • Plug in the hot glue gun and allow it to heat up; make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and always use caution when in use
  • Lay the 10-inch tulle circle out on a flat work surface. To avoid getting glue on the surface, it is best to lay a piece of newspaper under the tulle
  • When the glue gun is ready to use, attach about 14 pink rose petals to the outer edge of the tulle circle. It is better to add a drop of the hot glue to the bottom of the flower petals then attaching, rather than placing the glue directly on the tulle
  • Next, add about 1/2 of a cup of the bath salts or fragrance beads to the center of the tulle circle
  • Gather the tulle up to make a small sack and tie a piece of 1.5-inch sheer pink ribbon around the gathered tulle to hold it closed and secure

Decorating Idea for a Wedding Table:

Katemelon Rose Petals Table Decoration 5 Packs

Types of Tables

  • There are many different types of tables at a wedding reception. You'll want to choose a table decorating idea that can be used across the head table, the guest tables and the buffet tables at the very least
  • That doesn't mean that every table has to look exactly the same, though. Instead, choose an element of your wedding decoration idea that will tie the different tables together. The easiest way to make sure that all of your tables coordinate is to use the same color linens

Size of Table

  • Be sure to consider the size of your wedding tables when choosing centerpieces and place settings. Keep the style simple and uncluttered on small tables. On larger tables, you can consider adding more and larger decorations
  • If your reception tables are small and you'd like to add decorations to them, ask your caterer to pare the place settings down to the bare minimum. That will give you more space for adding prettily wrapped wedding favors or place card holders

Wedding Table Centerpieces

  • The centerpieces that you choose for your wedding tables will be the most obvious decoration and should set the style for the rest of the decor. Simple, loose arrangements like a basket of wildflowers create a casual atmosphere. For a more formal wedding, choose floral arrangements with more structure
  • Of course, you may choose not to have a floral centerpiece at all. One very pretty contemporary decorating idea for a wedding table is a grouping of votive candles on a mirror. Wrap each votive with a satin ribbon in the same color as the wedding linens for a very chic and very inexpensive wedding table decoration

The Wedding Head Table

  • The head table at the wedding is a focal point for the entire room. Keep in mind that many of the photos taken during the day will feature the head table and that all eyes will be trained on it. Remember that when your guests look at the head table, they want to see the bride and groom. Keep the floral arrangements for the head table low so that they don't obscure the wedding party
  • In many cases, the best decorating idea for the head table is a simple floral swag along the front edge and the bouquets of the bridal attendants placed on the table before their plates

Decorating Idea for Other Wedding Tables

  • The dining tables aren't the only tables that require decorations at a wedding reception. Other tables that you may have to consider include the cake table, a gift table, the buffet tables and a table for the guest register or place cards. Traditionally, those tables are decorated with floral swags
  • Buffet tables and gift tables may feature a floral arrangement at one or both ends. Those floral arrangements can have more height than the table centerpieces because no one has to see over them

Contemporary Wedding Table Decorating Ideas

  • Traditionally, wedding tables are decorated with tablecloths, napkins and floral centerpieces, but there are a number of contemporary decorating ideas for wedding tables that you can adapt to your wedding
  • Sprinkle glitter or rose petals across the wedding tables before setting them
  • Intertwine miniature lights into garlands or floral swags to decorate the edges of the head table, gift tables or the cake table
  • Use floating candles in bowls of water as a centerpiece
  • Make your napkins part of the table decor by using intricate origami folds

Package Included:

  • 12 x Packs of Rose Petals Table Decoration