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zebra table runner 66


This Zebra Table Runner creates a sophisticated, but still comfortable, look to your table.Update your kitchen or dinning decor within this attractive chenille table runner. With this warm table runner adds some touch to your tabl...
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  • Draping this captivating and creative zebra table runner covers any table to add instant light to your home
  • Perfectly drape on the board-room table, dining table or counter to add the sense of beauty and luxuriance
  • This zebra table runner is also used to conceal blemishes on dull surfaces, or add a dazzling highlight to your dining room
  • It is made of high quality material, and suitable for many years to use
  • It is easy to clean
  • Enliven your table with the distinctive and excellent table runner
  • The luminous and exotic chenille table runner features tassels at the edge to accentuate the design
  • Material: Chenille


zebra table runner 66

  • This warm table runner creates a sophisticated, but still comfortable, look to your table

zebra table runner 66

  • High quality material of the zebra table runner with antifouling feature ensures easy cleaning and store
  • Hand embroidery blink sequin pattern of this table runner makes it more attractive and beautiful

Size Reference Table: 


Table Runner


180 x 34cm/70.9 x 13.4in(L x W)


210 x 34xm/82.7 x 13.4in(L x W)


250 x 34xm/98.4 x 13.4in(L x W)


  • Please do not soak it for a long time or steep it in hot water when wash it
  • please wash it softly by hands if there are oil stain on it
  • It should be hanging in ventilating place after washing, please avoide exposing it directly under the sunlight

About Table Runners:

Table runners are what the well dressed table is wearing today. Designed to complement the tablecloth, the china and other dining accessories, table runners are often thought of as stylish but unnecessary. Yet, they can serve as place mats, as table dividers, and even as the tablecloth itself. They can be formal or casual, fancy or plain, fun or serious.


  • Watch those spills.The table runner was born in the Middle Ages, presumably because medieval folk were sloppy. The tablecloth itself was considered quite the aristocratic innovation, but it needed protection from revelers. Napkins had been invented, as wiping one's mouth on the tablecloth became passé. But that didn't prevent the King and his court from turning their cups of mead over on the cloth. Hence the table runner, which became a fixture in everyone's trousseau, or collection of linens, by the 15th century. The long, narrow piece of cloth was laid over the real tablecloth, and gathered up at the end of the meal. Voila: a clean tablecloth appeared.


  • Neiman Marcus "Radiance" $154Over the years, as people became more couth, the table runner became more of a decoration than a shield for spills and drools. A table runner draping over the edges of the table began to be associated with a formal look. Tassels from the ends added a note of opulence. As beading, embroidery, fringe, quilting and even fur began to appear, the table runner became an important statement of luxury.


Lit up for the holidays Taylor Gifts $29.98Table runners perform many different tasks in a well decorated home:

  • -Doing the job of a place mat
  • -Serving as backdrop for a sculpture or objet d'art
  • -Becoming a dresser scarf to catch odds and ends
  • -Protecting the furniture
  • -Unifying decorative elements
  • -Adding a festive note for the holidays
  • -Making a statement in the dining room
  • -Serving as centerpiece


Williams Sonoma Cassis Dijon $68There are numerous classes of table runners:

  • -Casual
  • -Formal
  • -Holiday
  • -Shabby chic
  • -Country
  • -Boudoir
  • -Country French
  • -Handmade

zebra table runner 66


  • Picking up the zebra theme, personal collectionThe table runner of today has evolved into a multi-featured, versatile accent for the home. It can feature battery operated lights that will twinkle all through the holidays. It can feature beading or mirrored glass for a dressy and stylish look. You can even feature your own handiwork, creating a crocheted table runner or dresser scarf, or even one with your embroidery, needlepoint or cross stitching. Make your own simple table runner with a length of cloth 12 inches wide, and long enough to drape over the sides of your table, but never lower than the hem of the tablecloth, and then add tassels, fringe, beads or even ornaments as a unique

How to Measure for a Table Runner?

When making a table runner, table dimensions are key for determining the specifications for your pattern. Be sure to use a flexible tape measure and keep a notepad and pencil handy, as taking the right measurements at the project starting point will make for a pleasant crafting experience.

  • Clear the table of all accessories and place the tape measure as flat as possible for accurate table specs.
  • Extend the tape measure from one end of the table to the opposite end. Repeat this process for height and width. When measuring table height, extend the tape measure from the floor up toward the ceiling. You should have three table specs: height, width and length.
  • Determine the runner style to take accurate specs. For example, a kitchen table with spec dimensions of 60 inches length, 37 inches width and 29 inches height that showcases a southern-style kitchen design scheme and high traffic table use will look best with a shorter length runner with dimensions of 40 inches length and 18 inches width. All measurements should have a finished spec and a seam allowance spec.
  • When measuring runner width, keep in mind how much of the table surface you want exposed. The same rule applies for runner length. If the runner overlaps the table edge, allot for extra inches and how much length the runner will overlap. Keep seating in mind. Long runners fall into chairs and will need extra care.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Table Runner