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OSJIE Vintage Cotton Print Fringe Table Runners


Are you looking for something to protect your table cloth? Do you go for beautiful table runners to decorate your table? These table runners are your best choice. Tableware print pattern makes the print table runner more stylish and cool. Update your...
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  • Tableware print pattern makes the print table runner more stylish and cool
  • Good assistant to help you to keep the dining-table clean and tidy
  • The color of the print table runner can stimulate your appetite
  • Favorable in sunlight resistance and alkali resistance,  washable and quite easy to clean
  • They resist stains and high temperature  
  • Adorn your table with naturally beautiful material
  • Your cutlery and plates will look fantastic on the natural material print table runner
  • Print table runner can make every meal prettier, as well as worry-free
  • In high quality material and fine workmanship
  • Size: 33 x 180cm/13.0 x 70.9in(W x L)
  • Material: Cotton


OSJIE Vintage Cotton Print Fringe Table Runners

OSJIE Vintage Cotton Print Fringe Table Runners

  • Bring nature to any table setting with the tableware pattern cotton table runner

OSJIE Vintage Cotton Print Fringe Table Runners

OSJIE Vintage Cotton Print Fringe Table Runners

  • Celebrate your holiday season with this print table runner and enjoy the dinning time

OSJIE Vintage Cotton Print Fringe Table Runners

OSJIE Vintage Cotton Print Fringe Table Runners

  • The careful tableware pattern arrange and the delicate technique. You will love the cheap table runner

How to Make a Table Runner:

  • Choose a cotton or cotton-polyester blend fabric in the color or print of your choice. For one 70-inch by 28-inch table runner, you will need 2¼ yards of 45-inch wide fabric. Choose the same amount of fabric in a lighter weight for the backing of your table runner
  • Prewash fabric and press with an iron
  • Use a fabric-cutting board, yardstick, and fabric-marking pen to measure out a length of fabric that is 71 inches by 29 inches. Before marking, fold the fabric in half so that the short ends meet; this will make it easier to measure and mark it
  • Repeat Step 3 for the backing fabric
  • Make a mark at the center of each short edge of fabric with a fabric-marking pen. Measure 5 inches down from the top of each short end along both edges, and mark these points. Use a yardstick to draw lines that connect the center points to each edge and cut along these lines
  • Repeat Step 5 for the backing fabric. You will now have two pieces of fabric that are pointed at the ends
  • Press each raw fabric edge under ½ inch toward wrong side of fabric. Use the steam setting on your iron to make sharp fabric edges and to help ensure that pressed edges stay in place
  • Pin table runner front to backing piece, wrong sides together. Make sure that pressed edges match up evenly and that fabric pieces are securely pinned together along the edges and center. Pins should be at right angles to fabric edges at 1½-inch intervals
  • Use a sewing machine to stitch ½ inch from the edges of the table runner. Stitch on all four sides. When you reach a corner or point, lift presser foot of sewing machine and swivel fabric so that your stitching line remains straight. Keep needle inserted in fabric as you reposition
  • Stitch around fabric edges once again, this time only 1/8 inch from fabric edge
  • Sew one small button onto each end of your table runner. Buttons should be placed about 1½ inches from the points on the table runner back. Use these buttons to hang tassels. Remove tassels when runner is laundered

How to Measure for a Table Runner:

  • Clear the table of all accessories and place the tape measure as flat as possible for accurate table specs
  • Extend the tape measure from one end of the table to the opposite end. Repeat this process for height and width. When measuring table height, extend the tape measure from the floor up toward the ceiling. You should have three table specs: height, width and length
  • Determine the runner style to take accurate specs. For example, a kitchen table with spec dimensions of 60 inches length, 37 inches width and 29 inches height that showcases a southern-style kitchen design scheme and high traffic table use will look best with a shorter length runner with dimensions of 40 inches length and 18 inches width. All measurements should have a finished spec and a seam allowance spec
  • When measuring runner width, keep in mind how much of the table surface you want exposed. The same rule applies for runner length. If the runner overlaps the table edge, allot for extra inches and how much length the runner will overlap. Keep seating in mind. Long runners fall into chairs and will need extra care

How to Use Table Runners:

  • Pick a theme and color scheme. Table runners come in every color and theme, from funky to country, from formal and elegant to fun and festive. Table runners may even come with matching placemats, napkins and a tablecloth.
  • Choose colors and fabrics to convey the feeling you want to express: silk or lace for a formal or special celebration; linen or cotton for a light beachy feel; gingham, whimsical-print or quilted cotton for a relaxed or vintage-theme gathering
  • Lay the foundation with a tablecloth for a more formal or layered look. If you are entertaining for an anniversary, wedding or special holiday, lay down a traditional tablecloth first. It can be white cream or color, but keep it solid in order to make your runner and centerpiece pop
  • Center your table runner either horizontally or the length of your table. Runners can be used down the length of the table or horizontally across the width of the table. For a modern look, place several runners lengthwise, one next to another
  • Add placemats or matching napkins. Most online suppliers of table runners also provide matching napkins or placemats. Mix and match if you want to; keep it in the same color family if using prints
  • Put a centerpice or candles along the runner. Use the length of the table or cluster them in the center for a more traditional look. Use flowers, seasonal vegetables or found objects. Fill a beautiful bowl with anything to reflect your theme--decorated eggs, Christmas ornamants, baby pumpkins and gourds, or seashells. Use your imagination. Glitter, water and foil stars for an Oscar party? Starfruit and pineapples for a luau, lemons and limes or colorful hot peppers for a Mexican feast

Package Included:

  • 1 x Table Runner