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Funny Cute 30cm Sound Pets Crazy Turkey Talking Toy


Turkey Talking Toy is for small, medium and large breed dogs. Turkey toy is the ultimate interactive toy that make interesting sound when touched. A perfect companion for pets with traveling parents.
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  • Turkey Talking Toy is for small, medium and large breed dogs
  • Turkey toy is the ultimate interactive toy that make interesting sound when touched
  • A perfect companion for pets with traveling parents
  • The Crazy Turkey Talking Toy is made of non-toxic rubber
  • It's a best choice for you to your lovely pets
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: Approx.30cm / 11.8in(H)


Funny Cute 30cm Sound Pets Crazy Turkey Talking Toy

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  • Safety first. Always consider the size, age, and chewing/playing style of your puppy or dog, in comparison to the sturdiness, flexibility, and size of the toy. Don't follow stereotypes or what's typical because there are some small dogs who tear up almost every toy in under 60 seconds, and there are some big dogs who simply love to carry a smallish or delicate toy around and "love" it. Think of your dog's play style when you are making your selections
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Package Included:

  • 1 x Sound Pets Crazy Turkey Talking Toy