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CiYuanSu Chinese Character Pattern Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set

If you are looking for a tea set for home decor or just want to enjoy a leisure life, this Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set is definitely your best choice here. An elegant tradition.Teatime is a grand tradition, and deserves an equally grand tea service -...
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  • The Ceramic Tea Set is included 4 teacups and 1 teapot
  • 5 pieces Home Ceramic Tea Set is made from Jingdezhen--the most famous porcelain making town in China
  • Decorated with Chinese character pattern on red backgrounds
  • The Chinese character on the teapot set body symbols propitious and good luck
  • Perfect for service during a private conversation and beautiful in a glass hutch, this Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set is made for showing off
  • Gracefully curving handles give adequate finger room and a high capacity teapot contains plenty for an intimate gathering
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Teacups Size: 5.5 x 5.5 x 6.5cm/2.2 x 2.2 x 2.6in (L x W x H)
  • Teapot Size: 16 x 9 x 17cm/6.3 x 3.5 x 6.7in (L x W x H)
  • Teacups Capacity: 140ml
  • Teapot Capacity: 650ml


CiYuanSu Chinese Character Pattern Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set

  • One teapot and four teacups are included in this antique Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set
  • This Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set is so pretty you will want to save it for a special occasion

CiYuanSu Chinese Character Pattern Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set

  • The fine details of the teacup
  • Chinese character is a great decor for each of the teapot set

CiYuanSu Chinese Character Pattern Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set

  • Ceramic teapot with flip top lid is removable for cleaning
  • Tea can be brewed quickly and assures it will be served without bitterness

CiYuanSu Chinese Character Pattern Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set

CiYuanSu Chinese Character Pattern Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set 

  • The Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set won't absorb odors or flavors, and it provides superior heat retention

How to Know About Tea Sets

Intertwined with the history of tea, the tea set has a rather ubiquitous existence. Found in almost every culture in some form or another, the tea set is often seen gracing a table top, a sideboard or a kitchen counter. As commonplace as it is, there is much about the tea set worth exploring. From ceremonial uses to a wide variety of styles and materials, the tea set has many angles to inspire the collector or the local tea maven

  • Defining the Tea Set
  • A western definition of a tea set not only includes the tea pot and cups, but is generally inclusive of the creamer and sugar bowl and often the tray upon which they are stored and carried. Often the centerpiece of the afternoon tea party, the tea set is also used in a very utilitarian manner for guests, family gatherings or a personal tea break
  • Brief History of Tea Sets
  • Original tea sets were not sets at all. The origin of tea is historically connected with China. During the Han Dynasty, 206 to 220 B.C., tea was a combination of tea leaves formed into cakes. The cakes were crushed together in a bowl with spices and flower petals. The flavors and power of the tea was released by the addition of hot water. The mixture was served in a bowl for sipping, usually for medicinal purposes. These bowls were created in porcelain and were either colored white, indicating they were made in the north of China, or blue, indicative of the southern area of China
  • What Type of Tea Sets Are Collectible
  • Today, the collecting of tea sets includes many styles, historical eras, countries and artisans. Of course the older and more precious the tea ware, the more prized the item for a collector. From toy tea sets dating to the 1680s, to miniature tea sets, to the very first full-service tea sets of Queen Victoria's era, collectors can direct their focus across an inspired variety of descriptive points. Often serious collectors look for a particular artisan's work
  • Are Tea Sets Only Made of Porcelain
  • Originally made of porcelain, teaware and tea sets have been made from a broad list of materials. Silver is a well known material that marks the wealth of the owner. Iron was a very popular material in Japan. Bamboo tea sets are also found along with mixed sets using metal and wood combinations. Porcelain and ceramic tea sets probably outnumber all other materials used. A recent material, in the last century, is plastic. There are also companies producing "green" tea sets made of recycled materials
  • What to Look for When Collecting Tea Sets
  • Before beginning to collect tea sets, research the topic. Research will tell you which materials take the greatest amount of skill to work with, who the favored artisans were, and why a particular style holds sway over the others. Find your point of entry into the history of tea and tea ware by finding your passion within the subject

How to Make Tea:

CiYuanSu Chinese Character Pattern Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set

A Japanese proverb says: If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. Tea has been a part of our lives for more than 5000 years and in some cultures, to make tea is an art form. By the cup or by the pot, you can make tea perfectly by following these steps.


CiYuanSu Chinese Character Pattern Kung Fu Tea Ceramic Tea Set

  • Start with fresh, cold water. Good tea begins with good water.
  • Heat the water. For herb and black teas, boil the water. For green teas, heat the water just to the boiling point
  • Pour the water over loose tea in a teapot. Use one spoonful of loose tea per cup (about 6 oz.) and add a spoonful "for the pot." Put the lid on the teapot
  • Brew or steep the tea. Brew green or black tea three to five minutes, herbal teas four to 6 minutes and wellness teas (chamomile, ginko or mint) for about 6 minutes
  • Pour the tea into cups or mugs. The loose tea will settle in the bottom of the teapot

Package Included:

  • 1 x Teapot
  • 4 x Teacups