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Skeleton Rose Pattern Temporary Tattoos 5 Pcs


Do you want to add layer to your body? Here, we are excited to recommend this Skeleton Rose Pattern Temporary Tattoos 5 Pcs to you!This temporary tattoo is a personalized product. They are popular because they are clean and safe and -- best...
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  • Skeleton and blue rose pattern makes you look fashion
  • Bird, snake and dragon designs make the temporary tattoos more cool
  • Safe and non-toxic to body and anywhere temporary stickers
  • You can use this beautiful temporary tattoos stickers to cover the scar on your body
  • Wipe gently with moisturizer until the pattern disappears completely
  • You can remove the temporary tattoos in ten minute by few alcohol or BB Cream
  • It is a personalized skeleton rose pattern tattoos, DIY makes you unique
  • Wear this rose skeleton temporary tattoos, you look very attractive
  • Size: 17.8 x 10cm/7 x 3.9in(L x W)


Skeleton Rose Pattern Temporary Tattoos 5 Pcs

  • The cool temporary tattoos come with skeleton, rose, bird, snake and dragon pattern design

Skeleton Rose Pattern Temporary Tattoos 5 Pcs

Skeleton Rose Pattern Temporary Tattoos 5 Pcs

  • Beautiful blue rose and bird temporary tattoos are easy to stick on the part of your body

Skeleton Rose Pattern Temporary Tattoos 5 Pcs

Skeleton Rose Pattern Temporary Tattoos 5 Pcs

Skeleton Rose Pattern Temporary Tattoos 5 Pcs

  • Skeleton, snake and dragon designs make the temporary tattoos more cool and fashion

How to Use Temporary Tatoos:

Temporary tattoos are a fun, quick, and painless way to have fun with body art without making the commitment of a permanent tattoo. There are many different kinds of temporary tattoos, from small and large sizes to color or black and white. No matter which kind of temporary tattoo you choose, the most popular method is the "stick on" tattoos, which can be applied easily and last just as long as stenciled temporary tattoos.

  • Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and clean the area on the skin that is to be "tattooed." Make sure all the excess dirt and grime are stripped from the skin so that the tattoo will stick properly
  • Soak a paper towel in water and gently ring it out, making sure it's wet but not completely sopping. Remove the clear film from the temporary tattoo and press it, face down, against the clean skin. Place the wet paper towel over the entire tattoo and press down so that the water can absorb through the back of the tattoo paper. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds
  • Remove the wet paper towel and set it aside. Carefully begin to peel the temporary tattoo paper backing away, making sure that the tattoo itself is staying on your skin. If the tattoo doesn't leave the paper, replace the wet paper towel until the tattoo comes loose. Finish peeling the paper away until you have removed it completely and the temporary tattoo is bound to your skin. Gently pat it with your fingertips to further set it, and let it dry for 1 minute
  • Care for your temporary tattoo by applying a light layer of lotion over it every other day or so. You can shower and swim with your temporary tattoo without washing it off. Avoid pulling the skin tight so that the tattoo doesn't crack or tear


  • Clean and dry the position you want to stick on
  • Cut out the selected pattern and rip out the gummed paper
  • Put the selected pattern on the skin rightly
  • Wipe it gently with a damp washcloth or sponge until wet completely
  • Check out the pattern if or not printed fully on the skin, if not, please do 3, 4 again
  • The pattern can stay several days

How to Choose Tattoo Placement:

Once you have a tattoo design chosen and you are happy with the decision, you need to choose a place where you want your tattoo. Tattoo placement is vital--many people after they get their tattoo realize they would have been happier with it on a different part of their body. You can become comfortable with your tattoo placement decision with a skilled, professional tattoo artist. A good tattoo artist can help you choose a good tattoo placement, but you should consider these simple steps

  • Consider your lifestyle. Most people would like a tattoo, but do not want everyone to see it all the time. This requires placement that will be at least semi-discreet. Although you may not have a job now that requires tattoos to be covered, you might want one in the future. Keep this in mind when choosing your tattoo placement
  • Understand the consequences. Having a tattoo etched onto your neck may seem like a good idea at the time, but you might regret it at a later time in your life. If you are going to get a tattoo placed somewhere where people can see it all the time are you sure you really want it there? A tattoo is permanent and many people regret their tattoo placement decisions because it was not given enough serious thought before the tattoo was applied
  • Get a taste with an airbrushed tattoo. Make an appointment with your tattoo artist for a temporary tattoo. Choose a body location (after thinking about it thoroughly) and have your tattoo artist create a temporary tattoo for you. Most tattoo artist call these airbrushed tattoos. They will last a few days to a few weeks. If you suddenly change your mind you can remove it with some baby oil and scrubbing. You can have it removed and placed on a different part of your body as many times as you need to before you decide on a permanent tattoo placement
  • Get tour permanent tattoo. Once you have chosen the best tattoo placement for you, make an appointment with your tattoo artist to get it done permanently. The placement is important, but the decision process is even more important

How to Remove Temporary Tattoos:

Temporary tattoos are a fun way to express yourself whether you are an adult or a child. You can use them to celebrate a holiday like the Fourth of July or Christmas, or a child's birthday. These tattoos can be purchased cheaply from a number of different sources, so they are easy to come by. Temporary tattoos are safe, and can be removed whenever you wish to

  • Wet a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Gently squeeze it so that it does not drip, but leave enough alcohol in the cotton ball to remove the tattoo
  • Gently rub the cotton ball on the temporary tattoo. It should begin to rub off relatively quickly
  • Continue to rub the tattoo until no trace of it remains
  • Wet a washcloth with water. Ring it out so that it is moist
  • Rub the place on your skin where the tattoo was located. This will remove the alcohol from your skin and prevent it from drying out

Package Included:

  • 5 x Temporary Tattoos