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UNI-T UT301C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun


What you are viewing is a UNI-T UT301C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun, one kind of UNI-T brand new Handheld Infrared Thermometer .This professional tool features a pistol style. This is a great Infrared Radiation Thermometer with good precision and a ...
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Basic Functions


Temperature Range


Display Accuracy

1.8oC or 2%


0.5oC or-0.5%

Display Resolution


Distance to Spot Size

12 : 1

Laser Power

wavelength 630-670 nm

oC / oF Selection


Temperature Data Hold



USB (Auto Double Display Backlight) or 9V Battery (6F22)

Laser Switch




Electricity Cut Off Memory


MAX, MIN temperatures


DIF, AVG temperatures


Double Display Backlight


Sleep Mode


Tripod mount


Low Battery Display


LCD Size

32 x 29 mm/1.3 x 1.1in(L x W)

Product Size

169 x 138 x 53 mm/6.7 x 5.4 x 2.1in(L x W x H)


  • Quick and accurate response 500mS
  • Built in laser beam (670mm) for targeting
  • Laser bean activate selectable
  • Backlight function selectable
  • Temp. unit C/F is switchable
  • Flip compartment, easy to replace battery
  • Product complies with FDA standard class II
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Powered by 9V battery


UNI-T UT301C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

  • Effectively measures, monitors and displays temperature, time. This professional tool features a pistol style

UNI-T UT301C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

  • Data Hold function. This is a great Infrared Radiation Thermometer with good precision and a laser pointer that can be switched off

UNI-T UT301C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

  • Non Contact Infrared Thermometer also has a backlight, which will allow you to read the temperature in the dark

UNI-T UT301C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

  • Compare this reading to a neutral area and you will know what is going on. With good design, this Handheld Infrared Thermometer is comfortable to hold

Size in Detail:

UNI-T UT301C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

How Do Infrared Thermometers Work?

UNI-T UT301C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared Thermometer Basics:

Infrared thermometers measure temperature from a distance. This distance can be many miles or a fraction of an inch. Infrared thermometers are often used in circumstances when other sorts of thermometers are not practical. If an object is very fragile or dangerous to be near, for example, an infrared thermometer is a good way to get a temperature from a safe distance.

What Infrared Thermometers Do:

Infrared thermometers work based on a phenomenon called black body radiation. Anything at a temperature above absolute zero has molecules inside of it moving around. The higher the temperature, the faster the molecules move. As they move, the molecules emit infrared radiation--a type of electromagnetic radiation below the visible spectrum of light. As they get hotter, they emit more infrared, and even start to emit visible light. That is why heated metal can glow red or even white. Infrared thermometers detect and measure this radiation.

How Infrared Thermometers Work:

Infrared light works like visible light--it can be focused, reflected or absorbed. Infrared thermometers usually use a lens to focus infrared light from one object onto a detector called a thermopile. The thermopile absorbs the infrared radiation and turns it into heat. The more infrared energy, the hotter the thermopile gets. This heat is turned into electricity. The electricity is sent to a detector, which uses it to determine the temperature of whatever the thermometer is pointed at. The more electricity, the hotter the object is.

Infrared Thermometer Uses:

Ear thermometers are infrared thermometers. The ear drum has about the same temperature as the inside of the body, but it is very sensitive. Touching the ear drum could damage it, so an infrared thermometer measures its temperature from close by--less than an inch away. Infrared thermometers are also used by fire fighters to detect "hot spots" where the fire is burning fiercely. They are even used in manufacturing. Infrared thermometers can help control the machines that put together delicate, temperature sensitive products like electronics to make sure the components are not accidentally damaged.

Package Included:

  • 1 x UNI-T UT303C Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun