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Dusjar Wedding Bridal Rhinestone Hair Comb Crown Tiara


Celebrate your special day feeling like a queen.The rich design and bright color of this wedding bride jewelry accessory tiara makes it a real classic and it will look good in any setting. The bridal crown tiara style will attract many people's ...
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  • Bridal crown tiara designs give you ability to shape head wear just the way you would like it to be 
  • Luxurious bridal crown tiara with rhinestone beaded shows your charming
  • Show your charming with the lovely bridal crown tiara, you and your lover will have a romantic wedding
  • Celebrate your special day feeling like a queen with the accessory wedding bride crown tiara
  • On those other days when you wish without this lovely adornment, simply remove it
  • This romantic rhinestone tiara will look beautiful with any hair style
  • The wedding tiara is suitable for wedding, party and other special occasions
  • The comb tiara can match with your dress 
  • This fancy colorful rhinestone wedding tiara would be great as a bridesmaid or mother of the bride vintage wedding accessory
  • Material: Rhinestone & Import Alloy 
  • Crown Size: 17 x 5cm/6.7 x 2.0in(L x W)
  • Color: Silver


Dusjar Wedding Bridal Rhinestone Hair Comb Crown Tiara

  • Luxurious bridal wedding bride tiara with rhinestone beaded shows your charming and elegance

Dusjar Wedding Bridal Rhinestone Hair Comb Crown Tiara

  • Show your charming with the lovely wedding tiara, you and your lover will have a romantic wedding

Dusjar Wedding Bridal Rhinestone Hair Comb Crown Tiara

  • On those other days when you wish without this lovely adornment, you can just simply remove it

Dusjar Wedding Bridal Rhinestone Hair Comb Crown Tiara

  • The rhinestone details of the bridal crown tiara. The wedding tiara is suitable for wedding, party and other special occasions

How to Wear a Tiara:

Tiara Basics

  • Choose a tiara that suits your face and the outfit you will be wearing with it
  • Tiaras should draw attention to your face by framing it
  • Wear your hair down and place the veil right behind the tiara
  • Attach the veil with a comb if you are wearing a veil
  • Style hair into a bun on top of your head
  • Put the tiara on the front of the bun with the veil in the back

Wearing a Tiara to Frame Your Face Properly

  • Choose a tiara with some height or one that has a peak if you have a round face. Your face will appear thinner if you choose a tiara with a V at the top
  • Pick a tiara with little or no height for a longer face. It should extend from one side to the other at an even distance
  • Avoid a tiara with a peak if you have an oval face
  • Try wearing a headband or back piece to make your face rounder

How to Make a Rhinestone Tiara:

  • Cut out five equal lengths of craft wire. The wires in question can be any color you choose. A tiara will look best in simple metallic colors such as gold, silver or bronze
  • Wrap the wires tightly around a comb, headband or tiara base. The base should match the color of the wire. It should fit snugly on the head where the tiara will be worn. Leave room at the ends
  • Slip on or glue six rhinestones approximately 1/2-inch in diameter to each of the wires. Using rhinestones in the same color will look very elegant. Add one or two other colors to coordinate the finished look with a dress or a pair of shoes
  • Slip or glue on a rhinestone one inch in diameter to each end of the wires. The largest rhinestones may be the same color as the other stones or a different and complimentary color
  • Add hot glue to the back of the rhinestones. The glue will help keep the rhinestones in place. Use small amounts and work carefully. The glue should not be seen in front. Let dry overnight

How to decorate wedding tiaras:

  • Start with the base of the tiara. A tiara base is often crafted from metal or plastic. The base can be thin or heavier. Take a careful look at the tiara base. Note the finish on it. If there is a protective coating on the metal you can remove bits of it with a gentle brush of fine grained sandpaper. Once you've done this you can decorate it in several ways. Use a paintbrush to write your new name on it. Add a contrasting metallic color with stripes that will be visible as you walk down the aisle. You can also write the names of your bridesmaids on additional tiaras as gifts for the wedding party
  • Add additional decorations on the rest of the tiara. Make the tiara even more special with long streaming ribbons to complement the rest of your wedding ensemble. Choose ribbons with a similar color to the rest of the dress. Use satin or lace. Place a bit of glue on each end of the tiara. Cut out the ribbons to your desired length. Place the ribbons on top of the glue and around each end of the tiara. Keep in place by wrapping a bow in the same fabric around the ribbons
  • Sew on additional beads. Look closely at the beads on your tiara. Note if they are all of the same length and color. You may see subtle variances. You can enhance the beading with your own personal sequins and buttons. Consider adding a few beads in a soft shade of blue as a way of adhering to the tradition that a bride should wear something old, new, borrowed and blue. Pull the beads onto the thread. Make a knot at one end of the beaded thread. Wrap the beads and threads around the tiara base. Keep the ends in place with hot glue. You can also thread the beads around the spokes of the tiara if you want. Make additional strings of beads as necessary in order to complete the look

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wedding Rhinestone Hair Comb Crown Tiara