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Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers


Looks like a Barrel Kettle? No, this is a Mechanical Timer. This Mechanical Timer can be used in many fields. Don't need the battery. You just need to rotate the autoclave to fix time. It is also a great home decor. So creative!You can...
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  • Size: 6.0 x 6.0 x 7.0cm/2.4 x 2.4 x 2.8in(L x W x H)
  • Color: Silvery
  • Fixed Time Limit: 1 - 60mins
  • Operate direction: Clockwise
  • Ring-down time: 3 - 5sec
  • Working environment temperature: 10˚C ~ +55˚C


  • Water Kettle Cordless is need to wind up, and without battery or cable
  • You can do whatever you want, and doesn't worry the water will dry
  • The Water Kettle Cordless is a Kitchen Timer; you just need to turn the pointer to the last and turn to the mark you need
  • Water Kettle Cordless is very punctual, and makes your life on time always
  • Mechanical Timer are the breath of life, at the same time, makes your house out of ordinary
  • Mechanical Timer can be the best gifts for you friends, especially for you girlfriend


Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers
Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers

  • The Home Decor Timer can be the best gift for your friends, no matter how young or old

Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers 

  • The Simple Timers are simple and cute; they are the good guide of your life

Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers

  • The hand shank of Kettle Mechanical Timer is more safe for you

How to Use a Kitchen Timer To the Full:

Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers

  • The Kitchen Timers with different lovely shapes for you choose

A kitchen timer is not just something you can use when you are baking, roasting or cooking. It can actually be put to good uses in many other situations as a count up timer (for measuring duration) or as a count down timer (for limiting duration). For example, you can use a kitchen timer to:

  • Time the duration of your exercise routines, including the warm up and cool down phases
  • Time how long your child has been using the computer
  • Time yourself while you are preparing a speech or presentation
  • Limit your child's TV watching to a set amount of time per day
  • Remind you to pick up your washed clothes from the laundromat
  • Time your child's violin or piano practice
  • Limit your lunchtime nap so you don't over sleep
  • Remind yourself to listen to your favorite radio program
  • Limit how long you surf the world wide web
  • The possibilities are endless

Kitchen Timer Instructions:

Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers

Using a kitchen timer is as simple as pressing the "timer" feature, or moving a dial to the required number of minutes, then pressing "start," or releasing the dial. Kitchen timers can work for all of your needs, cooking and otherwise.

Getting Started:

Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers

Kitchen timers vary, but are easy to use. Once you press the start button and prompt the timer to alert you at a certain time, you really don't have anything else to do but wait. However, consider how you can do more with your kitchen timer than just setting it to go off at a specified time. For example, if cooking a meal that requires 20 minutes of cooking time in the oven, set the timer for 10 minutes, turn the item over to cook the under side, then reset the timer for the remaining 10 minutes

Cooking Multiple Dishes:

Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers

When cooking multiple dishes, use a kitchen timer to help the cooking or baking process. For example, if baking a cake while melting butter for the icing, set the timer for the cake and continue to make the icing without fear of forgetting to remove it in time.
Think of how you can use the kitchen timer when making large meals. Set the timer for the food that requires the most baking or cooking time, as this will allow you to prepare or cook other foods while you wait. For example, bake one item, set the timer, then complete several other items during the long wait time.

Portable Kitchen Timers:

Garfieldal Cordless Mini Barrel Kettle Timers

You don't have to reserve your kitchen timer just for cooking food. Use a portable kitchen timer for other activities. For example, once you turn the dial (moving it clockwise until it stops at the number of minutes you want to pass before the kitchen timer rings), use it keep track of cleaning, children's activities and other household chores. Set the timer on a table and then get to work. You will know the timer is working by the ticking sound of the timer counting down to the final alert, so you can move throughout the house or kitchen without worry.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Timer