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Bathair Exquisite Beautiful Napkin Paper Extraction Tissue Boxes


If you have allergies or a cold, you'll most likely have a box of tissues in the house. A beautiful tissue box can bring you good mood, what's more, it can be an addition to your home decoration. If you are looking for a delicate tissue box cover, yo...
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  • You can easily draw out tissue from the top of the tissue box cover, which is convenient to use
  • This practical, well-designed tissue box holder enables you to create a whole new home look
  • This tissue box cover is well-designed with elegant floral pattern, great decorate your house
  • Elegant appearance makes the tissue box an ideal choice for your home
  • The exquisite tissue box cover can show your good taste for home decoration
  • The well-made tissue box looks elegant and fashionable, which adds a sweet atmosphere to your home
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 17.5 x 11.0 x 8.8cm/5.3 x 3.3 x 2.6in(L x W x H)


Bathair Exquisite Beautiful Napkin Paper Extraction Tissue Boxes

  • The tissue cover is made of high quality PVC material, which is durable enough for your use

Bathair Exquisite Beautiful Napkin Paper Extraction Tissue Boxes

  • Every detail of the tissue cover can show you the good workmanship

Bathair Exquisite Beautiful Napkin Paper Extraction Tissue Boxes

  • It is easy to draw out tissues from the top opening of the tissue box cover

Bathair Exquisite Beautiful Napkin Paper Extraction Tissue Boxes

  • There is enough room for you to put tissues in the tissue box

Bathair Exquisite Beautiful Napkin Paper Extraction Tissue Boxes

  • Elegant pattern on the tissue box holder makes your room sweeter and more delicate

How to Use Tissue Paper in a Box:

Bathair Exquisite Beautiful Napkin Paper Extraction Tissue Boxes

Delicate tissue paper protects package contents from shifting. Part of the fun in unwrapping a package is unfolding the tissue paper to see the gift. Wrap gifts in tissue paper and tuck them inside a box for special presentation. Use several layers of tissue paper for added protection. Choose a tissue color that matches wrapping paper and ribbons. Alternatively, wrap presents with tissue paper printed with hearts or balloon motifs


  • Open the gift box and set the lid aside
  • Remove two pieces of tissue paper from the package. Center the tissue paper over the gift box. Gently tuck the paper in the box
  • Lay your gift on top of the tissue paper. Fold the left side of the paper inward, then the right side
  • Fold up the bottom with your right hand while keep the center of the package in place with your left hand
  • Fold the top down. Secure it place with an embossed sticker
  • Replace the lid and wrap the package with wrapping paper if you so desire

Ideas for a Decorated Tissue Box Cover:

Bathair Exquisite Beautiful Napkin Paper Extraction Tissue Boxes

Tissue boxes, for many people, are a fact of life. If you have allergies or a cold, you'll most likely have a box of tissues in the house. Though there are a number of designs to choose from when it comes to tissue, you can easily make your own tissue box cover and have it match your decor

Wooden Tissue Box

  • You can dress up an unfinished wooden tissue box easily, inexpensively and with few supplies. Purchase the unfinished box from your local craft supply store and coat it with polyurethane three times, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Cut four 2-inch wide strips of wood veneer, one to fit each side of the box. Using decoupage glue, glue the strips on so that they line up on all of the corners. Coat the entire box with decoupage glue and allow to dry completely. Add one last coat of polyurethane to create a smooth finish

Handkerchief Tissue Box

  • You can cover the tissue box in a decorative handkerchief to match the decor of your home. Place a tissue box on a handkerchief or square of material so that the material lies like a diamond shape and tissue box lies like a rectangle. Pull the corners of the material to the left and right of the box and tie at the top, center of the box. Pull the top and bottom corners and tie slightly to the right of the box. Gather the loose material that is to the left side of the box, pull up and tie. Move the center knot aside and pull tissue through the opening

Painted tissue box

  • Before removing the perforated cardboard piece from the opening at the top of a tissue box, paint the box white using acrylic paint. Then, using whatever colors and designs you wish, paint over the white. You can add stickers, glitter, decoupage and beads if you wish. Once the box is complete and dry, remove the perforated cardboard piece and use the tissues

Felt Tissue Box

  • The felt tissue box cover works best with cubed tissue boxes. Center the cubed tissue box on a 14-inch square piece of felt. Trace the bottom of the tissue box and then move it aside. Use a ruler to draw an "x" that starts at the center of the felt and extends to each corner. Starting from the outer corners, cut along the lines you drew stopping each cut at the traced tissue box line. Also cut a 2.5-inch slit in the center. Cut two small triangular notches out of the top and bottom of the square by cutting up to the already made cuts. Place the felt over the tissue box, line up the slit with the opening in the box, fold the short sides down and pin to the box. Bring the triangles around the sides to overlap and pin. Remove the cover, make a stitch at the bottom corner of the triangle on top and place back on the box

Package Included:

  • 1 x Tissue Box