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Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes


Do you want to have a pair of light shoes? Do you want to have a pair of stylish shoes for your honey? Here Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes can give you much surprise!You will love this toddler girls shoes! Toddler girls s...
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  • Fun design so it looks like they are always completely dressed
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors with this toddler girls shoes
  • Toddler girls shoes provide the benefits of a true soft-sole, yet are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Outfit your little girl with these absolutely charming soft sole toddler girls shoes
  • Cheap baby shoes provide him with a sporty edge while never sacrificing comfort
  • Each toddler girls shoes are made of soft materials so they remain stretchy and comfortable
  • These comfortable leather shoes are great for little ones, and convenient for the parents
  • Material: Rubber & Leather


Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes

  • You can give your children these toddler shoes. They are comfortable, lightweight and very lovely

Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes

  • Made of high grade soft materials, so the cheap baby shoes give your baby a beautiful enjoyment

Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes

  • The durable sole details of the leather shoes. Fun design so it looks like they are always completely dressed

Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes

  • There are two wearing methods of the leather shoes. Suitable for indoors or outdoors with this toddler girls shoes

Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes

  • Each lovely and lightweight toddler girls shoes are made of soft materials so they remain stretchy and comfortable

How to Measure:

Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes

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How to Choose Baby Shoes:

  • Barefoot Could Be Dangerous. Experts suggest that, when babies learn to crawl or stand on their own, they do not have to wear shoes at all because it's the better way to learn how to use their feet to support themselves or move around. While barefoot works well on carpets or soft and smooth floor, babies should not go barefoot when walking on hard surfaces (such as concrete)or outside, especially on a gritty sidewalk, let alone some public parks where broken glass shards can be found
  • Anti-Slip Is Important. Another element of a good pair of baby shoes is that they should be anti-skid which provides more friction when babies crawl on the floor and prevent them from slipping and falling when they learn to walk
  • Hard Sole vs. Soft Sole. Next problem is hard sol against soft sole. There're debates on this issue and our suggestion is that soft and bendable sole can actually help your kid walk better. That's why our infant shoes are all made of supple genuine leather and highly flexible soles
  • Space for Toes to Grow. You should also make sure that your baby can move his toes freely with shoes on. The premium space between toes and shoes is the width of a little finger and that allows the toes to wiggle and grow healthily. However, too much space between toes and shoes makes the footwear ill-fitted and could even cause babies trip and fall

How to Repair Leather Baby Shoes:

Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes

  • Use a gentle detergent to clean the shoe with a wash cloth or paper towel. Wipe away any remaining residue using clean water and pat dry. Some leather repair kits include a preparation solution that can be used specifically for this purpose
  • Coat small tears with a leather repair compound as smoothly as possible. Because baby shoes are very small, excessive damage or deep tears are unlikely to allow for easy repair
  • Allow the compound to dry thoroughly before applying another coat. Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process
  • Blot the final coat with a cloth or paper towel to give a grainy texture and create a rougher, more natural appearance
  • Lay newspaper around your workspace to protect your working surface while applying a new finish. Use an applicator from your leather repair kit to apply colorant to the damaged area in slow, light strokes. Some kits include a sprayer to apply a final coat of colorant over the leather
  • Buy a leather shoe polisher to prolong the life of your shoes. Well-conditioned shoes will be protected from baby's messy mealtimes or potential spit-up stains. Use the appropriate care and cleaning products for the type of leather used for your baby shoes

How to Make Hand Made Baby Shoes:

Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes

  • Fold the fabric to make two layers. Place the sole and upper pattern pieces over the fabric and pin down. Cut through both layers to cut out each pattern piece, making two fabrics for each. Unfold the fabric and cut out one heel piece in a single layer of fabric
  • Fold the heel over lengthwise with the right, or patterned, side facing out. Pin to hold the fold in place. Trace a faint line 1/2 inch in from the fold. Sew along the line to create a hem
  • Put a safety pin on one end of the elastic and run it through one hole in the heel hem to the other side. Pin the elastic in place 1 inch away from each end, holding the elastic in place with its end aligned with the end of the hem hole. Sew a straight stitch on each end over the heel and elastic ends to secure
  • Set one of the upper fabrics down on a flat surface with the right side facing up. Pin the side edges of the heel to the flat side of the upper piece. This should create a loop out of the heel piece with the elastic running on the inside of the loop and the raw edge along the outside
  • Place the other upper over the heel, right side facing down, and pin it to the same set of edges. Sew across the upper edges, trapping the heel in between. Fold the pieces of the uppers over the seam, pairing up the wrong sides. This should show the top face of the shoe and cover the seam
  • Place the two sole pieces, wrong sides together, on the table. Set your shoe top over the soles and pin all the way around the connected heel and upper, keeping the edging as flat as possible
  • Zigzag stitch the layers together all the way around the shoe, catching the edges under the stitching. Turn the shoe right side out to complete. Follow the same steps to create the second shoe to complete the pair

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Cute Leather & Rubber High Toddler Girl Shoes