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Velcro Flower Pattern Oxford & Leather Toddler Baby Girl Shoes


Start your little on off on the right foot with these ever-cool shoes made just for your baby! Darling dress shoes in colors of the rainbow for your toddler and little girl. This pair of Girl Toddler Shoes is designed with the rainbow color that...
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  • Outfit your little girl with these absolutely charming soft sole infant/toddler shoes
  • Provide him with a sporty edge while never sacrificing comfort
  • Fun design so Girl Toddler Shoes looks like they are always completely dressed
  • Girl Toddler Shoes are suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Provide the benefits of a true soft-sole, yet are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Each Girl Toddler Shoes are made of soft materials so they remain stretchy and comfortable
  • These comfortable shoes are great for little ones, and convenient for the parents
  • Material: Oxford & Leather


Velcro Flower Pattern Oxford & Leather Toddler Baby Girl Shoes

  • You can give your children these Leather Girl Shoes of today to helps your children build a little greener

Velcro Flower Pattern Oxford & Leather Toddler Baby Girl Shoes

  • Made of high grade soft materials, so they give your baby a beautiful enjoyment

Velcro Flower Pattern Oxford & Leather Toddler Baby Girl Shoes

  • This is a pair of Leisure Girl Shoes. Baby toddler shoes ensure a generous fitting for babies right and left foot

Velcro Flower Pattern Oxford & Leather Toddler Baby Girl Shoes

  • Built for comfort supporting baby feet to allow them to take first steps. You can give your children these toddler shoes of today to helps your children build a little greener

Size in Detail:


Shoes Inside Length











How to Measure a Toddler's Feet for Shoes:

When a child starts walking, it's time to get her first shoes. Ideally, toddlers just learning to walk go barefoot or in stocking feet which helps strengthen their leg muscles. But she'll need something to protect her little feet while playing outside, and sometimes you just want your toddler to look extra cute in tiny shoes. A shoe that fits well is really important for a growing child, so you should measure her feet before buying new shoes.

Velcro Flower Pattern Oxford & Leather Toddler Baby Girl Shoes

  • Instructions
  • Put the child's socks on. The socks should be thick so she'll be able to wear the shoes with any socks, and this will give her a little extra room to grow.
  • Have the child stand up. You cannot get accurate measurements for length and width if the child is not standing.
  • Make sure the child doesn't curl her toes. Toddlers often curl their toes when having their feet measured because it tickles.
  • Measure the foot along the side, from the heel to the tip of the big toe. Measure both feet and use the longer of the two measurements when buying shoes.
  • Take measurements in both inches and centimeters, if possible. Inches will have to be converted into US shoe sizes, and European brands of shoes are measured in centimeters.
  • Try the shoes on the child before buying them, if possible. Shoe sizes vary from brand to brand, so a toddler may wear a 4 in one brand and a 4½ in another. Stay with one or two brands once you know how their sizes run to make future online ordering easier.
  • Leave the child room to grow. Children's shoes can be pretty expensive, and toddlers grow really fast. Stick your pinky finger inside the shoe along the child's instep. The shoe should be snug but not too loose around your finger.

How to Fit Toddler Shoes:

Toddlers grow a mile a minute, and making sure that their shoes fit properly is an ongoing task. It is important for the development and comfort of your toddler's feet that their shoes are the correct size. In order to keep their feet in good shape and find shoes that fit well, you need to measure your toddler's feet and let them "test drive" shoes for a while before purchasing them.

Velcro Flower Pattern Oxford & Leather Toddler Baby Girl Shoes

  • Instructions
  • Measure your toddler's feet each time you buy shoes. In order to get a good fit, you need to measure each foot. If one foot is larger than the other, you must size the shoe according to the larger foot.
  • Try both shoes on your toddler. You may know how long the shoe should be because you have measured both feet, but you must make sure that the width is correct, as well.
  • Make your toddler stand up when trying on shoes. You won't be able to tell if the shoes fit properly unless they are standing up.
  • Leave space between your toddler's longest toe and the end of the shoe. Too much room can cause the shoes to pop off the child's feet, but not enough room can cause the toes to rub against the front of the shoes. The length of your little finger, or your child's thumb is a good distance to shoot for.
  • Let your toddler walk around the store for a while before purchasing new shoes. If your toddler complains about the fit of the shoe or is walking funny, you should try on another pair to see if they seem more comfortable.

Are Toddler Shoes Safe?

Safety is an important issue for parents of children of all ages, though particularly for toddlers, whose adventurous and unassuming spirit may get them into more trouble than other age groups. Tots need not wear shoes around the home, but if he is walking outside or on rough or cold surfaces, it is time to introduce him to shoes.

Velcro Flower Pattern Oxford & Leather Toddler Baby Girl Shoes

  • Fit
  • If shoes are too big, they may cause your toddler to trip and fall, and shoes that are too small can scrunch her toes and prompt them to become misshapen. ParentingToddlers.com suggests looking for a proper fit in the back of the shoe, so that it does not move against her heel as she walks. Shoes should be able to slip on and off, but should not fall off by themselves.
  • Design
  • Small decorative items may easily become detached from shoes and pose a choking hazard. Make sure that all elements, such as buttons and buckles, are securely attached to shoes before purchasing and placing them on your toddler's feet. Avoid laces, which may come undone and cause him to trip. Buy lightweight shoes, as heavier ones may make it more difficult for him to walk.
  • Expert Insight
  • A GoodHousekeeping.com article suggests that parents select shoes with supportive arches and styles that completely cover the toes. Although flip-flops or other sandal shoes may be appropriate around the pool or at the beach, select more durable shoes for longer walking trips.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Toddler Baby Girl Shoes