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ELYL Sexy Girls Leopard Top Tanks


Do you want your self look sexy? If you are looking for a sexy women tank top, come on! Today we will recommend our ladies tank top to you.You will love this Women Cotton Spaghetti Strap Tank Top, this spaghetti strap tank top is made of high qu...
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  • Material: Cotton & Polyester
  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Made in Asia
  • Leopard element makes this ladies tank top sexy and cool
  • This spaghetti strap tank top is made of high quality material, soft and comfortable
  • V-neck of this women tank top will make your neck look slim
  • This women tank top is a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you
  • This women tank top is easy to match with different pants or coats  
  • Free size fits for most people
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ELYL Sexy Girls Leopard Top Tanks

  • Full figure of this tank top 
  • ELYL Sexy Girls Leopard Top Tanks

  • Sexy and fashionable enough with this tank top

    ELYL Sexy Girls Leopard Top Tanks
    • Easy to match any coats or pants

    ELYL Sexy Girls Leopard Top Tanks

    • This leopard tank top is made of high quality material that ensures durability. Best choice for you

    How to Clean Cotton Fabric:

    I want to do this! What's This? Cotton is a durable, easily dyed vegetable fiber.
    fabrics image by bright from Fotolia.comCotton is often a favorite fabric for clothing and other textiles because it's durable and usually easy to clean. Cotton also takes dye well and is available in many colors. That can can lead to color bleeding if improperly washed. Cotton also tends to wrinkle easily, so is often combined with other fibers in clothing to help negate this issue. Always refer to the care tag when possible to verify an item is 100 percent cotton before laundering.

    • Pre-treat any stains on the cotton fabric before washing. Soak dairy, meat or blood stains in cold water, treat tomato and fruit juice stains by working laundry detergent into the stain before washing, and treat grease stains with a laundry pre-treatment stick or detergent
    • Turn cotton clothing that is dyed in dark colors or bright pinks and blues inside out. Turn denim items inside out, particularly dark denims. This helps prevent dye bleeding
    • Wash similar colors together, keeping white fabrics with whites, and dark colors with other dark colors. Separating helps prevent dinginess on light colors from dye bleeding
    • Place the cotton items in the washing machine, taking care not to overload the machine as this inhibits cleaning. Add detergent at the rate recommended on the bottle. Wash in hot water on a normal cycle unless otherwise noted on the fabric's tag
    • Dry the cotton fabric in the dryer unless hang drying is recommended on the label. Remove the items from the dryer as soon as the cycle ends and fold or hang them to prevent wrinkling 

    Tips & Warnings:

    ELYL Sexy Girls Leopard Top Tanks

    • Depending on the weave and quality of the cotton, dry cleaning may be necessary. Always defer to the label instructions when deciding the best method for washing
    • Do not add fabric softener to the wash or dryer cycles. These coat the cotton fibers and cause stiffness

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Girls Tank Top