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ALPEN 6 Cell laptop PA3534U Battery For TOSHIBA Satellite A200 A300 A305 L200 M200


Are you tired of the frequent auto power-off of your laptop? With these laptop batteries for your notebook you can get long hours of replacement batteries life without having to frequently plug-in to recharge. Long enough battery life is essential to...
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  • Battery Type : li-ion

  • Fit mode: 3534 Series

  • Cell QTY: 6

  • Voltage: 10.8V

  • Capacity: 5200mAh

  • Dimension: 205.6 x 51.8 x 20 mm

  • Color: Black

  • N.W.: 320g

Compatible part number:









Compatible Models:
Equium A200-15i Equium A200-196 Equium A200-1AC

Equium A200 Series Equium A210-17I Satellite A200-0ET00X

Satellite A200-0RY013 Satellite A200-0SX01C Satellite A200-10N

Satellite A200-110 Satellite A200-12F Satellite A200-12Q

Satellite A200-12S Satellite A200-13E Satellite A200-13L

Satellite A200-13M Satellite A200-13T Satellite A200-13U

Satellite A200-13V Satellite A200-14S Satellite A200-14X

Satellite A200-17O Satellite A200-17X Satellite A200-180

Satellite A200-182 Satellite A200-18M Satellite A200-18T

Satellite A200-18W Satellite A200-191 Satellite A200-193

Satellite A200-195 Satellite A200-19C Satellite A200-19I

Satellite A200-19K Satellite A200-19M Satellite A200-1A9

Satellite A200-1AA Satellite A200-1AB Satellite A200-1Ai

Satellite A200-1AS Satellite A200-1BW Satellite A200-1CC

Satellite A200-1CG Satellite A200-1DA Satellite A200-1DN

Satellite A200-1DQ Satellite A200-1DR Satellite A200-1DS

Satellite A200-1DT Satellite A200-1E1 Satellite A200-1G6

Satellite A200-1G9 Satellite A200-1GD Satellite A200-1GF

Satellite A200-1HU Satellite A200-1O5 Satellite A200-1O6

Satellite A200-1O7 Satellite A200-1QU Satellite A200-1QZ

Satellite A200-1RK Satellite A200-1SC Satellite A200-1SV

Satellite A200-1TB Satellite A200-1TJ Satellite A200-1TO

Satellite A200-1UM Satellite A200-1VG Satellite A200-1VP

Satellite A200 Series Satellite A200-ST2041 Satellite A200-ST2042

Satellite A200-ST2043 Satellite A202 Satellite A205-S4537

Satellite A205-S4557 Satellite A205-S4567 Satellite A205-S4577

Satellite A205-S4578 Satellite A205-S4587 Satellite A205-S4597

Satellite A205-S4607 Satellite A205-S4617 Satellite A205-S4618

Satellite A205-S4629 Satellite A205-S4638 Satellite A205-S4639

Satellite A205-S4707 Satellite A205-S4777 Satellite A205-S4787

Satellite A205-S4797 Satellite A205-S5800 Satellite A205-S5801

Satellite A205-S5803 Satellite A205-S5804 Satellite A205-S5805

Satellite A205-S5806 Satellite A205-S5809 Satellite A205-S5810

Satellite A205-S5811 Satellite A205-S5812 Satellite A205-S5813

Satellite A205-S5814 Satellite A205-S5816 Satellite A205-S5819

Satellite A205-S5821 Satellite A205-S5823 Satellite A205-S6808

Satellite A205-S6810 Satellite A205-S6812 Satellite A205-S7442

Satellite A205-S7443 Satellite A205-S7456 Satellite A205-S7458

Satellite A205-S7459 Satellite A205-S7464 Satellite A205-S7466

Satellite A205-S7468 Satellite A205 Series Satellite A210-103

Satellite A210-106 Satellite A210-109 Satellite A210-10A

Satellite A210-10C Satellite A210-10L Satellite A210-10Y

Satellite A210-111 Satellite A210-117 Satellite A210-11K

Satellite A210-11P Satellite A210-128 Satellite A210-12U

Satellite A210-12Z Satellite A210-130 Satellite A210-131

Satellite A210-135 Satellite A210-149 Satellite A210-14T

Satellite A210-14U Satellite A210-151 Satellite A210-15A

Satellite A210-15Y Satellite A210-162 Satellite A210-165

Satellite A210-16Y Satellite A210-172 Satellite A210-173

Satellite A210-17R Satellite A210-17S Satellite A210-17X

Satellite A210-17Z Satellite A210 Series Satellite A210-ST1616

Satellite A215-S4697 Satellite A215-S4717 Satellite A215-S4737

Satellite A215-S4747 Satellite A215-S4757 Satellite A215-S4767

Satellite A215-S4807 Satellite A215-S4817 Satellite A215-S6804

Satellite A215-S6814 Satellite A215-S7408 Satellite A215-S7414

Satellite A215-S7422 Satellite A215-S7427 Satellite A215-S7428

Satellite A215-S7433 Satellite A215-S7444 Satellite A215-S7447

Satellite A215-S7472 Satellite A215 Series Satellite A300-10M

Satellite A300-177 Satellite A300-18K Satellite A300-19O

Satellite A300-19Q Satellite A300-19R Satellite A300-1BZ

Satellite A300-ST4004 Satellite A305D-S6831 Satellite A305D-S6835

Satellite A305-S6825 Satellite A305-S6829 Satellite A305-S6833

Satellite A305-S6834 Satellite A305-S6837 Satellite A305-S6839

Satellite A305-S6841 Satellite A305-S6843 Satellite A305-S6844

Satellite A305-S6845 Satellite L200 Series Satellite L201

Satellite L202 Satellite L203 Satellite L205

satellite L305-s590 Satellite M200 Series Satellite M200-ST2001

Satellite M200-ST2002 Satellite M205-S3207 Satellite A500

Satellite L500 Satellite L550 Satellite M205-S3217

Satellite M205-S7452 Satellite M205-S7453 Satellite M205 Series

Satellite M207 Satellite M209 Satellite M216

Satellite 5200 Satellite Pro A200-16B Satellite Pro A200-16N

Satellite Pro A200-16Y Satellite Pro A200-18P Satellite Pro A200-1AQ

Satellite Pro A200-1ER Satellite Pro A200-1ET Satellite Pro A200-1JW

Satellite Pro A200-1K4 Satellite Pro A200-1KQ Satellite Pro A200-1KW

Satellite Pro A200-1LZ Satellite Pro A200-1MN Satellite Pro A200-1MT

Satellite Pro A200-1MV Satellite Pro A200-1OJ Satellite Pro A200-1PN

Satellite Pro A200-1PO Satellite Pro A200-1PP Satellite Pro A200-1SW

Satellite Pro A200-EZ2204X Satellite Pro A200-EZ2205X Satellite Pro A200GE-1F9

Satellite Pro A200HD-1U3 Satellite Pro A200HD-1U4 Satellite Pro A200SE-16Z

Satellite Pro A200SE-1F7 Satellite Pro A200SE-1H4 Satellite Pro A200SE-1PS

Satellite Pro A200SE-1TC Satellite Pro A200 Series Satellite Pro A210-16V

Satellite Pro A210-16W Satellite Pro A210-175 Satellite Pro A210-176

Satellite Pro A210-EZ2201 Satellite Pro A210-EZ2202X Satellite Pro A210-EZ2203X

Satellite Pro A210 Series Satellite Pro A300-192 Satellite Pro A300-193

Satellite Pro A300-194 Satellite Pro A300-195 Satellite Pro A300-1C2

Satellite Pro A300D-131 Satellite Pro A300D-132 Satellite Pro A300D-13E

Satellite Pro A300D-13S Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1001V Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1002X

Satellite Pro L300-EZ1004X Satellite Pro L300-EZ1005X Satellite Pro L300-EZ1502

Satellite PRO L450 Satellite PRO L550 DynaBook AX/52E

DynaBook AX/52F DynaBook AX/53C DynaBook AX/53D

DynaBook AX/53F DynaBook AX/53FBL DynaBook AX/53FPK

DynaBook AX/54C DynaBook AX/54D DynaBook AX/54EP

DynaBook AX/54F DynaBook AX/55C DynaBook AX/55D

DynaBook AX/55E DynaBook AX/55EP DynaBook AX/55F

DynaBook AX/57E DynaBook TX/65C DynaBook TX/65D

DynaBook TX/65E DynaBook TX/66C DynaBook TX/66D

DynaBook TX/66E DynaBook TX/66EP DynaBook TX/67C

DynaBook TX/67D DynaBook TX/67E DynaBook TX/68D

DynaBook TX/68E DynaBook Satellite EXW/57HW DynaBook Satellite EXW/55HW

DynaBook Satellite PXW/59GW DynaBook Satellite PXW/57GW DynaBook Satellite PXW/55GW

DynaBook Satellite TXW/69DW DynaBook Satellite TXW/69CW DynaBook Satellite TXW/66EW

DynaBook Satellite TXW/67DW DynaBook Satellite TXW/66DW DynaBook Satellite T30 160C/5W

DynaBook Satellite T30 166E/5W DynaBook Satellite T31 186C/5W DynaBook Satellite T31 200E/5W

DynaBook TX/68H DynaBook TX/67H DynaBook TX/66H

DynaBook TX/66HBL DynaBook TX/66HPK DynaBook TX/65H

DynaBook AX/54H DynaBook AX/53H DynaBook AX/53HBL

DynaBook AX/53HPK DynaBook EX/63H DynaBook EX/33H

DynaBook TX/68J DynaBook TX/66J DynaBook TX/66JBL

DynaBook TX/66JPK DynaBook TX/65J DynaBook AX/53J

DynaBook AX/53JBL DynaBook AX/53JPK DynaBook AX/54J

DynaBook EX/63J DynaBook EX/33J Satellite L581/L585

Satellite L586 Satellite L500-01V Satellite L500-11N Satellite L500-11V

Satellite L500-128 Satellite L500-13N Satellite L500-13V

Satellite L500D-11R Satellite L500D Series Satellite L500D-ST2531

Satellite L500D-ST5501 Satellite L500D-ST5600 Satellite L500 Series

Satellite L500-ST2521 Satellite L500-ST5507 Satellite L505D-S5963

Satellite L505D-S5965 Satellite L505D-S5947 Satellite L505D-S6948

Satellite L505D-S5952 Satellite L505D Series Satellite L505-S5964

Satellite L505-S5966 Satellite L505-S5967 Satellite L505-S5969

Satellite L505-S6946 Satellite L505-S6951 Satellite L505-S6953

Satellite L505-S6954 Satellite L505-S6955 Satellite L505-S6956

Satellite L505-S6959 Satellite L505-S6962 Satellite L505 Series Satellite L550-OOY

Satellite L550-113 Satellite L550 Series Satellite L550-ST2721

Satellite L550-ST5701 Satellite L550-ST5702 Satellite L550D-S7909

Satellite L550D-S7910 Satellite L550D-S7912 Satellite L550D Series

Satellite L555-S7916 Satellite L555-S7918 Satellite A350D Series

Satellite A350 Series Satellite A350-ST3601 Satellite A355D Series

Satellite A355-S6924 Satellite A355-S6931 Satellite A355 Series

Satellite A500-03P Satellite A500-040 Satellite A500-042

Satellite A500-11U Satellite A500-15M Satellite A500-15N

Satellite A500 Series Satellite A500-ST5601 Satellite A500-ST5602

Satellite A500-ST6621 Satellite A505D-S6958 Satellite A505D-S6968

Satellite A505D Series Satellite A505-S6960 Satellite A505-S6965

Satellite A505-S6966 Satellite A505-S6967 Satellite A505-S6969

Satellite A505-S6970 Satellite A505-S6971 Satellite A505-S6972

Satellite A505-S6973 Satellite A505-S6975 Satellite A505-S6976

Satellite A505-S6979 Satellite A505 Series
Our laptop batteries are designed to provide you high capacity
 ALPEN  6 Cell laptop PA3534U Battery For TOSHIBA Satellite A200 A300 A305 L200 M200 
The laptop batteries guarantee the stamina you need for long work sessions and travel
 ALPEN  6 Cell laptop PA3534U Battery For TOSHIBA Satellite A200 A300 A305 L200 M200 

The replacement batteries are manufactured to the highest level available and with true enhanced performance

 ALPEN  6 Cell laptop PA3534U Battery For TOSHIBA Satellite A200 A300 A305 L200 M200

 ALPEN  6 Cell laptop PA3534U Battery For TOSHIBA Satellite A200 A300 A305 L200 M200
Package including:
1 x TOSHIBA laptop battery