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AUBY Funny Giraffe Music Toy


If you are interested in finding a fun and Funny Giraffe Music Toy that is also cute and cuddly, you can choose the Funny Giraffe Music Toy. The Funny Giraffe Toy is really cute and has many different colors in order to teach your child about colors....
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  • Plastic material of Giraffe Music Toy make baby the ability of touch and sound of trumpet arouse the interests, curiosity and imagination of baby
  • Giraffe Music Toy also has the ability to count so your child can get an early head-start in learning sound
  • This Giraffe Music Toy claims to aid in a wide variety of learning areas for young children
  • To develop children's intelligence,promote children's spatial perception
  • The Giraffe Music Toy  is really cute and has many different colors in order to teach your child about colors
  • Material: Plastic


AUBY Funny Giraffe Music Toy

  • The Funny Giraffe Toy is really cute and has many different colors in order to teach your child about colors.addition to colors

AUBY Funny Giraffe Music Toy
AUBY Funny Giraffe Music Toy 

  • If you press the button, she will sing songs and can also make noise to help your child learn about animal sounds

AUBY Funny Giraffe Music Toy

  • This Funny Toy will enhance the collective concept of family and team. Don't miss it, it is the best choice for your little baby


  • Suitable for more than 9 months old children 

How to Choose an Educational Toy:

  • Choose an educational toy that is appropriate for your child's age. Children of different ages are at different stages of developing and learning
  • Infants and toddlers enjoy toys that vary in color and shapes. These type of toys allow children to develop distinguishing abilities between different colors, varying shapes and sizes
  • Children ages one to four enjoy toys that challenge their abilities to recognize pictures, symbols and relationships. Such toys are puzzles, ABC blocks and sticker books
  • Children ages five to seven enjoy toys that build upon the development and skills they have learned so far. Simple games, interactive toys, crafts, building blocks, bouncing balls and Frisbees suit this age group
  • Children ages eight to twelve are well on their way to developing into adults and can tackle many tasks that most adults do. Toys such as experimental kits, model kits, science and art kits as well as kites suit this age group
  • Children ages thirteen and above require more advanced toys that continually challenge their growing minds. Complex games like chess, electric airplanes, dissection kits and books better suit this age group
  • Purchase toys of good quality materials. Educational toys must last throughout the child's current developmental stage. Young children and toddlers don't know how to handle fragile or delicate toys, so the sturdier the better. A few extra dollars is well worth the added years your child can spend learning from his toys
  • Select educational toys that teach your child things you want them to know. Lessons that you'd like your child to learn while playing can be found in many educational toys. A chemistry set is educational and fun to experiment with, but it also teaches children to be patient and creative as well as to enjoy learning

Package Included:

  • 1 x Funny Giraffe Music Toy