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Klihaps Fun Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy


Do you want to have an interesting toy? Do you want to collect special toy? This Fun Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy can satisfy your needs.Lots of wonderful surprises can be found in this toy. Intellective...
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  •  Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy is the perfect toy for your kids
  • Beautiful designs of the around beads toy attracts baby's attention
  • Around beads toy is ideal for fine intelligence skill development
  • Funny and playful design, around beads toy is a colorful, fun, interactive way to help kids more smart
  • With this children wooden toy, you can make the children fun
  • It is a good gift to your child or your friend's child
  • Intellective toy is suitable for children above 9 months 
  • Size: 21 x 18 x 23cm/1.57 x 0.94 x 0.31in 
  • Material: Enviromental Wood &  non-toxic Paint


Klihaps Fun Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy

  • Beautiful designs to attract kid's attention. Around beads toy is ideal for fine intelligence skill development

Klihaps Fun Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy

  • Suitable for children above 9 months. With this children wooden toy, you can make the children fun

Klihaps Fun Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy

Klihaps Fun Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy

  • Funny and playful design, around beads toy is a colorful, fun, interactive way to help kids more smart

Klihaps Fun Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy


  • suitable for children above 9 months

How to Choose Appropriate Toys for a Baby:

Klihaps Fun Intellective Children Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy

  • If the toy is too basic or too advanced for your baby, she will not get much enjoyment from it and could actually injure herself. Your baby may like playing with a toy made for a 2-year-old. However, it may not be safe for her to do so
  • A baby will enjoy a toy that stimulates one or more of his senses. A colorful mobile is stimulating to his sight; a musical toy will stimulate hearing
  • Make sure that the toy is sturdy and well-made. The paint or finish on a toy must be nontoxic, and there should be no sharp edges or corners
  • Choose toys that are washable to prevent bacteria growth--infants put everything into their mouths
  • Toys that are too small or have small, removable parts present a significant choking risk
  • Toys that have strings or ribbons longer than 6 inches are unsafe for your baby due to the risk of strangulation
  • Make sure that all stuffed animals are safe. The eyes must not be made of small pieces that can be pulled or chewed off. Be sure the stuffed animal has no loose wires and strings and that it is well made

How to Organize Baby Toys:

  • Sort through your baby's toys and store or donate those she doesn't play with anymore. This way, you only need to find storage for her favorites, and her play area won't become overcrowded with toys she's not interested in
  • Crouch down to have a baby's eye-view of your child's play area. This will help you determine the level at which to organize the toys. Place toys that are popular with your baby toy on lower shelves and place toys your baby doesn't play with often or that are beyond her age group on a higher shelf
  • Purchase open containers to hold popular toys and place them on the floor so your baby can easily access them. Buy some plastic baskets in which to store books and puzzles
  • Invest in a toy box for larger toys, and small plastic containers for toys with smaller parts. Allow your baby to play with only a few toys at a time, so that she can remain focused on one task, and you can prevent her toys from becoming a disorganized mess
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  • Institute several clean-up times throughout the day. An older baby can help you keep her toys neat and organized once she learns where they are stored

How to Make Baby Toys:

  • Empty plastic bottles are a great start for baby toys. Save bottles of all shapes and sizes as you empty them. Small water bottles that easily roll, large soda bottles that can be hugged, and small medicine bottles that can easily be palmed. Clear bottles work the best (because the baby is visually stimulated by the seeing the contents), but they don't have to be to make great toys. Just be sure to keep the lids as well
  • Clean the bottles and the lids thoroughly to make sure all the contents are rinsed out. You don't want your little guy getting any leftovers while he's playing with his new baby toy
  • Babies love toys that make noise. Put things in the bottles that can rattle around. You can use marbles, popcorn kernals, rice or uncooked (tri-color is even better) pasta. You don't need a lot of filling, just enough that it will make a noise when your baby plays with his new toy
  • Use a hot glue gun before screwing the lids back on each of the bottles. It's extremely important to make sure the lids can not be removed. You don't want your baby removing the lid and getting ahold of the contents of his new toy
  • Remote controls also seem to be a favorite toy for many babies. They enjoy pushing the buttons and remotes are often easy to hold. If you don't want your baby messing up your tv, find and clean an old remote from a tape player you don't use or a TV that no longer works
  • Remove the batteries. In the empty battery compartment place a few corn kernals or small pieces of pasta. This is so your baby's toy remote attracts his ear as well as his fingers
  • Use the hot glue gun to permanently attach the door to the battery compartment. Wa-la! You have a great new baby toy

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wooden Trail Car Around Beads Toy