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BaiYuYi Car Rear View Camera for TOYOTA RAV4 HL-5827


It is very necessary for us to install a camera at the back of the car, especially for those green hand, because we can not know well of the distance, the little kids or objects behind the car. This is a 1/4in color CMOS 170° wide angle rear view...
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  • IP Rating: IP66
  • TV Lines: 420 TV Lines
  • Sensor: 1/4in color CMOS
  • System: NTSC
  • Numbers of Pixels: 580 x 492
  • Lens Angle: 170°
  • Operating Temperature: -25-75 °C
  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.2 LUX
  • Mounting lamp instead of lighting facilities
  • With distance label
  • Good choice for you
  • The CMOS rear view camera allows you to back up with a little more peace of mind
  • This small and durable car rear view camera unit will keep you safe and secure because you'll always know what's going on around you
  • See what is behind you with this backup wide angle rear view camera
  • The small size of this CMOS rear view camera allows easy installation in a variety of positions and places
  • This is a non-OEM product


BaiYuYi Car Rear View Camera for TOYOTA RAV4 HL-5827

  • The CMOS rear view camera usually does permit the camera to view a continuous horizontal view from one corner, behind the car

How to Buy a Suitable Rear View Back Up Camera System?

BaiYuYi Car Rear View Camera for TOYOTA RAV4 HL-5827

  • 3.5" Wireless Rear View Back Up Camera System With Digital TFT LCD Monitor and IR License Plate Camera

Nowadays, rear view system mainly include wired and wireless

1. Wired system
A rear view system mainly consists of monitor, rear view camera, cables, remote controller and car lighter

a. TFT LCD Monitor
In the market, there are some different sizes of TFT LCD monitors, like 2.5", 3.5", 5" and 7". You may also see 5.6" or 6", but they are not the mainstream

BaiYuYi Car Rear View Camera for TOYOTA RAV4 HL-5827


2. How to choose suitable monitor?
It is up to where you will use the monitor, in truck, in car or in tractor? If used in your car, I sugget 3.5", because it is small, looks nice in car, and will not cover you eyes completely. If use a bigger monitor, it will make your viewing field before your car smaller. It is not safe for drirving.
If used in truck or tractor, 5"/7" is perfe
On the market, you can see many many 7" TFT LCD rear view monitors, and the prices are between 60 and 70USD. This price is not normal, it is too low to ensure a good quality, because they use second-hand screen, which costs little, and the inner PCB circuit is of disorder, many cables are not fixed well, and easy to loose. Because trucks will encounter extremely road situation, and the monitor must bear a great virbration
Meanwhile, when buying a TFT LCD monitor, you also need to pay attention to the power input range of it. You'd better choose one with a free power input between DC11~32V, which can protect your monitor from being burnt by the fluctuation of your car power

BaiYuYi Car Rear View Camera for TOYOTA RAV4 HL-5827


3. b.CRT monitor
It is black and white. And its volume is bigger, so CRT monitor is often used for truck and passenger bus. And the quality image is not as good as LCD monitor. So its cost is lower than LCD
Camera. There're mainly two kinds of chipset for camera, one is CMOS and the other is CCD
The image quality of CCD is better than CMOS, so its price is higher. But actually, as the development of CMOS technology, nowadays the image quality of CMOS has been improved, and is enough for car use. And the price different between CCD and CMOS is about 20USD. Night vision is very necessary for rear view camera, so while choosing a camera, please attention to the IR function
If used for car, license plate camera is more suitable, because it is no need to make any hole in your car, you just need to attach it on your license pate with screws

BaiYuYi Car Rear View Camera for TOYOTA RAV4 HL-5827


If used for truck, a shockproof camera is necessary. And the waterproof function is needed
Some ask what is the viewing angle of the camera? Is it 180 degree? It seems that the viewing angle is very important to a car rear view camera, I do not think so. 110 degree is enough. After all you do not use the rear view camra to take photo with others and not like a digital camera for photography. So do not stress the viewing angle, because you just need it to surveil such a small area behind your car

Cable/connector. This is very important, especially for truck use. In the market, many systems uses BNC/RCA connectors, all of these are not waterproof and can not resist virbration. So four-pin screw cable is an optimal one. It can be connected tightly, never loose, and is waterproof

How Does a Rear-View Camera Work in a Car?

Rear-View Camera Versus Rear-View Mirror:

  • Rear-view mirrors allow drivers to view a large portion of the area behind their vehicles. However, trunks and rear decks often limit the view of the road as much as ten to 15 feet behind the vehicle. Rear-view cameras, also known as "reversing cameras" or "backup cameras," resolve this problem. These cameras enable drivers to see objects and people directly behind their vehicles

How Does a Rear-View Camera Work?

  • The structure of a rear-view camera is different from other cameras. The reflection of a rear-view camera is horizontally flipped so that it produces a mirrored image. This is essential because the driver and the rear-view camera are in opposite positions. The mirrored image is also necessary because it causes the direction of the display to be constant with the mirrors mounted on the motor vehicle. The rear-view camera display is usually wired to automatically sense when the transmission is set in reverse, and it shows the rear view while the car is in reverse. The other items in the rear of the vehicle are also shown at all times. The rear-view camera usually consists of a wide-angle or fish-eye lens. Although the lens doesn't allow the camera to view distant objects, it does permit the camera to view a continuous horizontal view from one corner, behind the car, to another. Rear-view cameras are also generally mounted at a downward angle. This allows the camera to show potential barriers on the ground in addition to the location and position of walls and docks that may be looming around the corner

BaiYuYi Car Rear View Camera for TOYOTA RAV4 HL-5827

How is a Rear-View Camera System Installed in a Car?

  • Rear-view camera systems are generally mounted to the lower outside areas of the vehicle or to the vehicle's bumper. With the camera mounted in these locations, it allows greater visibility. The rear-view camera display is often mounted inside the vehicle on either the sun visor or within the dash board area. Rear-view camera systems can be purchased as either wireless or wired back-up systems. In wired systems, the camera is linked to the display monitor via a long cable wire. In wireless systems, images are transformed to radio signals, transmitted and then converted from a radio signal back to a video image once it reaches the receiver and monitor
  • Wired systems such as portable rear-view camera systems or semi-permanent, all-in-one back up camera systems, for example, are generally sold to consumers who have smaller vehicles. These portable units include small display screens. The screen is easily attached to the sun visor and has a lengthy wire that connects to the camera
  • Because signals have to be converted via the airways with wireless systems, they sometimes receive interference from other wireless components as well as poor signal reception. As a result, many believe that much better quality is received with wired systems

Package Included:

  • 1 x Car Rear View Camera for TOYOTA RAV4 & Other Sedan
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Positive - Negative Power Connection Cable