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Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys


Are you looking for a stuffed toy to make you comfortable when you are sitting on your sofa or your car? Are you worried about choosing a lovely present to your kid or your sweetheart? If yes, I would like to recommend our bee balloon stuffed to...
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  • The color of bee toy is beautiful and can give you a happy mood
  • This stuffed toy is nice to decorate your home or car
  • Bee figure throw pillow is very popular among kids and girls
  • Lovely design of the bee toy will pleasant your kids or sweetheart
  • High quality throw pillow will be comfortable to touch or lean on
  • The stuffed toy is your suitable for birthday present or business gift
  • Coating material: Lint
  • Stuffing Material: PP Cotton
  • Size: 30.0 x 35.0cm/11.9 x 13.9in(L x W)


Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys

  • This bee figure stuffed toy is nice to relax yourself or use as kid's toy

Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys

  • This throw pillow is designed for bee pattern, which is cute in appearance 

Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys

  • Made of lint and PP cotton material, this bee toy is will not do harm to your health

Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys

  • With multiple colors for choosing, the stuffed toy is easy to match with your furniture and decorate your coach

Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys

  • The size of the bee toy is alternative, which is also suitable for kid to play with

Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys

  • This stuffed toy is your best choice for business gift or birthday present

How to Wash Throw Pillows:

Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys

Throw pillows add a touch of contrast to a couch, bed or chair. They are perfect for using as a headrest when you lay down on the couch or as an arm rest for extra warmth while watching television. Whatever their use, after a period of time, they need to be washed to get back that fresh smell

  • Unzip the cover on the throw pillow and remove the outside from the inner stuffing. If you do not have a zipper, take out a few inches of stitches so that you can remove the outer cover. If you choose to leave the cover on, it makes it much harder to dry and the pillow may end up loosing its shape
  • Zip the outer cover closed and wash in a washing machine under a delicate cycle with like-colored clothes, preferably in cold water. Regular detergent should be fine, as well as any rinses that you normally use
  • Remove the washed cover from the washing machine and stretch out to its original shape and line dry. There is a possibility that the heat of the dryer might shrink the pillow cover and you would not be able to use it again. You can hang it outside if you have a clothes line or inside on a clothes hanger--both will work just fine
  • Open the zippered or non-zippered cover and carefully reinsert the stuffing into the pillow case. Square up the corners by positioning the stuffing so that it sits evenly in the cover. Zipper it shut or use a few slip stitches to close the opening you made

The Best Way to Clean Stuffed Animals:

Hlcprove Bee Balloon Stuffed Animals Toys

Stuffed animals pick up dust and dirt easily. If you are an allergy and/or asthma sufferer, this can have negative effects on your health. Cleaning stuffed animals should be done frequently and carefully in order to preserve their longevity

  • Clean your stuffed animals in the washer by putting them inside a pillowcase. Make sure that the pillowcase is zipped or tied up. It is best to wash the stuffed animals with a gentle detergent on the gentle cycle. The amount of detergent to use depends on the quantity of stuffed animals you are washing. Typically, you will use about a capful of detergent. If the stuffed animals are heavily soiled, then you should increase the amount of detergent to a capful and a half. Wash light- and dark-colored animals separately in case colors bleed
  • To dry the stuffed animals, place them near a dehumidifier to ensure no damage will occur while drying. It takes about three days for the stuffed animals to dry inside and outside. The heat from using a dryer could cause the fur or hair to get damaged
  • For extra caution with the washer-cleaning process (especially regarding the animal's shape and formation of mildew inside), make a slit in a side seam and remove the stuffing. Once the outer skin is washed and dried, refill the skin with stuffing and sew the animal back up

Package Included:

  • 1 x Toy