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Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys


As we all know, panda is national treasure of China. Childlike images of pandas are also deeply rooted among the people. No matter you are an adult or a little kid, panda can always be your favorite animal. Today, we've got something here for you who...
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  • 19cm portable size makes this stuffed toy portable enough for your kid
  • Our stuffed toy here is designed in very cute cartoon panda shape
  • Made of PP cotton and plush material, this stuffed toy is comfortable for you to hold
  • This plush toy can be used to decorated your room with a special cute effect
  • The cartoon toy is so popular among all kinds of people as for the cute appearance
  • This cartoon stuffed toy is made of soft plush that will never hurt your skin
  • Coating Material: Plush
  • Stuffing Material: PP Cotton
  • Height: 19.0cm/7.5in


Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys

  • This stuffed toy with crafted workmanship makes it perfect collection for you

Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys

  • Childlike expression makes this plush toy very vivid and this can easily please you

Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys

  • Stuffed with PP cotton material, the plush toy is so soft and comfortable for you

Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys

  • This stuffed toy would bring you nice mood when you feel down

Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys

  • Different colors of these panda toys would give you different feelings

Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys

  • Panda shape stuffed toy can also be great decoration to your room


  • Color is random in delivery

How to Clean Stuffed Toys With Baking Soda:

Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys

Well-loved stuffed toys get soiled. This is an unavoidable fact that parents of young children will be faced with sooner or later. When your child's favorite stuffed toy becomes dirty, most parents consult the care label on the toy and find it cannot be machine washed and dried. They are then left not knowing how to clean these stuffed animals. Learn how to clean stuffed toys with baking soda and eliminate germs and odors from your children's beloved toys

  • Gather the dirty and soiled stuffed toys. This procedure will clean up to 25 small stuffed toys, 10 to 15 larger ones, or a combination of the two. The bag can be approximately three quarters full of stuffed toys. You just need to leave enough room for the stuffed toys to move around in the bag
  • Place the stuffed toys in the plastic bag
  • Pour approximately 1/2 cup of baking soda into the bag. Distribute it onto the stuffed toys as you are pouring it
  • Zip the bag closed completely
  • Shake the bag vigorously to distribute the baking soda onto all of the stuffed toys. This will help reduce odors, germs and dirt from the toys
  • Spread out the large towel in preparation for the stuffed toys you will be removing from the plastic bag
  • Open the bag (outside if possible) near the spread-out towel and take the stuffed toys out of the bag. Shake them as you remove them to try to get as much baking soda from them as you can
  • Place the stuffed toys on the towel
  • Use the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove as much baking soda from the stuffed toys as possible to finish cleaning the toys

How to Disinfect Soft Toys:

Hlcprove Fat Panda Gifts Plush Stuffed Toys

Keeping your child healthy involves keeping your home and their play area clean. This requires you to disinfect their toys every few weeks. Disinfect them more often if your child is sick or if they have been playing with a child who is sick. While you can run hard plastic toys through the dishwasher, hand clean and disinfect certain soft toys that might get melted in a dishwasher

Soft Plastic Toys

  • Plug your sink and fill it with hot water
  • Add 1 tsp. liquid dish soap while the water is running. This will make the water sudsy
  • Put the soft toys in the sink and let them sit there for at least 2 minutes
  • Scrub each soft toy with a toothbrush to clean the crevices. Dip the toothbrush into the soapy mixture as needed to remove any built-up dirt
  • Remove the plug and let the sink drain
  • Rinse each toy under clear water
  • Fill a bucket with 1 gallon water and ¼ cup bleach. Do not use your sink for this process as bleach could damage stainless steel or other metal or stone sinks
  • Put the toys in the bucket and let them sit for 20 minutes. This is long enough to remove the rest of the bacteria on the soft toys
  • Remove toys from the bleach and rinse them well under clear water
  • Let the toys air dry

Stuffed Animals

  • Fill your washing machine with hot water
  • Add the proper amount of laundry detergent for the amount of water in the washing machine, depending on the directions on the laundry detergent you are using
  • Put the stuffed animals in the washing machine and run the cycle as normal
  • Hang the stuffed animal to dry on a clothesline

Tips & Warnings:

  • If you don't have a clothesline, clip the stuffed animals to the bottom of a hanger and hang the hanger outside where it will air dry

Package Included:

  • 1 x Toy