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Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes


Do you want to develop your potential in track and field race? Have you ever dreamt own a pair of magic running shoes? If so, come and have a look at the pair of leather shoes. The leather shoes are perfect for you. It is the best choice for you in t...
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  • With artificial leather upper, the leather shoes are durable and comfortable
  • Spike sole design provides great power for your fast running
  • Adopting PU and EVA material of sole, the track shoes are abrasion resistant and shock absorption
  • Unique design can effectively protect your ankle from hurting while running
  • With lightweight design, you will have a rapid speed of running
  • Suitable for women and men
  • Best choice for you in track and field
  • Upper Material: Mesh Fabric & Artificial Leather
  • Sole Material: PU & EVA


Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes

  • The leather shoes are your great choice for you in running with its unique spike design

Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes 

  • Adopting PU and EVA sole, the running shoes are skid proof and abrasion resistant

Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes

  • Unique spike design can offer good elasticity and protect your ankle from hurting in running

Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes

  • Artificial leather upper and breathable mesh fabric ensures the comfort and durability of leather shoes

Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes

  • You will experience quite different feeling with the spike track leather shoes in your running

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Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes

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  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes

All running shoes are not created equal. Not only can they alter your speed, but they can also affect your knees, your back and your joints. Selecting the right running shoe can make all the difference, and it can be overwhelming when faced with a wall full of shoes that all look pretty much the same. But if you follow these steps, you can find shoes that will have you running like an Olympic marathoner.

Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes

  • Find a good running shoe store. You can buy your shoe at the local mega-mart, but the sales professionals in a specialty store are better trained to help you pick the right shoe. To locate a store, ask friends who run, check running magazine reviews, or check the yellow pages.
  • Examine the soles of your old running shoes. Notice the spots where the shoes show wear from the road. This tells you where your foot falls every time it hits the ground.
  • Place your shoes side-by-side on a flat surface. If the shoes tilt in toward the middle, your new shoe probably needs more stability than your old shoe. If they tilt to the outside, you may have a high arch and your new shoes should have good shock absorption.
  • Look at the top of your shoe. If you can see an outline of your big or little toe, and you've noticed discomfort in those areas while running, you should try a larger or wider shoe.
  • Consider the amount of running you will be doing. This tells you whether you should buy an elite running shoe or a basic model. The more intense the running, the more money you'll want to spend on the shoes.
  • Go to the running shoe store. Tell them what you've found out about your old shoes, or bring a pair with you. The employees should be able to "read" your old shoes and guide your choice. If not, you probably should find a different store.
  • Try out the shoes. Many stores will let you take a run up and down the street to audition the shoes. Try on as many shoes as it takes. Make sure you like the feel and fit of the shoe. Try out the new shoes for at least 10 minutes. This lets you know if the shoe maintains its comfort during wear.
  • Buy the best running shoes for your feet. When you find the right pair, don't let them get away. Take them home and start breaking them in!

Haiers Durable Leather Spike Track Running Shoes

  • Running shoes should not pinch any part of your foot. If they do, it's time for new shoes.
  • Break your new running shoes in gently. Start out with short distance runs or you risk massive blisters and sore feet.
  • Wearing your running shoes after they're worn down can injure you. Think of your shoes as a car that you must replace every 425 miles.
  • Never wear new running shoes during a marathon.

 Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Running Shoes
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 1 x Set of Spikes