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Lieder Australia Travel Power Adapters INS-TYF320 20 Pcs


What you are viewing is the Australia Travel Power Adapters INS-TYF320 20 Pcs! This travel power adapter is characterized by the bayonet locking mechanism and medium size. This travel power plug adapter is designed non-corrosive better conductivity l...
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  • Non-corrosive Better conductivity Longer lasting
  • Australia Style connector is so practical in computer or Video CCTV, male to double female design as a splitter adapter connector
  • Offer you the ability to connect two cables to one jack
  • Eliminates the need for multiple wall chargers and outlets
  • Small, compact design doesn't block extra wall outlets and looks good in your home


Lieder Australia Travel Power Adapters INS-TYF320 20 Pcs

  • This travel power adapter is characterized by the bayonet locking mechanism and medium size

Lieder Australia Travel Power Adapters INS-TYF320 20 Pcs

  • This travel power plug adapter is designed non-corrosive better conductivity longer lasting

Lieder Australia Travel Power Adapters INS-TYF320 20 Pcs

  • And this international power adapter is planned to offer the lowest VSWR rating
  • Made of high quality material, this travel power adapter is durable for a long time use

Lieder Australia Travel Power Adapters INS-TYF320 20 Pcs

  • With the simple and practical design, this travel power adapter is easy and convenient for you to operate

How to Test a Power Adapter

Print this article Power adapters (or power supplies) are a ubiquitous part of our electronics-laden lifestyle. A power adapter takes the output of one power source, like a 120-volt AC wall socket, and converts it to a different output, for example a 19.5-volt power supply for a laptop computer. Usually these devices work dependably and without worry. But if you find the electronics devices that you have connected to a power adapter are not working properly or that their batteries are not charging, there's always the possibility that the power adapter is not doing its job. With the right tool, however, you can check the output of your power adapter and see if that's the source of the problem.


  • Examine your power adapter. Every power adapter will have the input voltage and amperage requirements printed on it, as well as the output voltage and amperage rating. We'll be testing the output of the power adapter, so write down the specs. An example would be this, taken from a laptop power adapter: Output - 19.5V....3.34 amps. We'll measure the output of the power adapter with a multimeter -- a very handy tool for anyone working with electronics. A multimeter can measure voltage, current, power output and resistance of electrical circuits by touching the electrical circuits or device with a set of probes. See Additional Resources for a good tutorial on multimeters.
  • Set your multimeter to the proper range for measuring the output of your power adapter. Take into account the voltage and the amperage you'll be measuring. Consult the manual for specifics on how to set your particular model of multimeter.
  • Check the data plate of your power adapter to find out which portion of the plug is positive and which is negative. For example, on some power adapter plugs, the outer shell of the plug is positive, while on others it's negative.
  • Touch the probes of your multimeter to the corresponding portions of the power adapter's plug and note the readout. Compare that with the rated output of the power adapter. If it varies significantly, replace the power adapter.

How to Connect the Compact Power Adapter

To keep the battery functioning on your camcorder, use a power adapter. A compact power adapter allows you to charge your battery when it is not in use. You can also use the power adapter to power your camcorder, if you do not have a battery. Since the power adapter is compact, you can bring it with you wherever you use your camcorder. It will easily store away in your carry-on or luggage.


  • Plug the power adapter into the AC cord. Depending on the type of power adapter you purchase, these two items are detachable from each other.
  • Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet.
  • Plug the other end of the adapter into the camcorder's DC socket. Consult your user manual if you do not know where this is located.
  • Locate the light displayed on your camcorder. This lets you know that it is charging.

Tips & Warnings

Lieder Australia Travel Power Adapters INS-TYF320 20 Pcs

  • Consult your user guide if the power adapter is compatible with your camcorder.
  • Keep your compact power adapter from wet environments, including bathrooms and kitchens.

How to Know to Use an Adapter or Converter for Foreign Travel:

Traveling abroad can prove difficult for people who carry a lot of electronics with them. North American power outlets output 110 volts at 60hz, while most other countries in the world use outlets that output 220 volts at 50hz. The power outlets themselves are also configured differently in that they take different shaped plugs. Very simply, what this means is that most of your devices and power cords won't work if you take them abroad. Luckily, a variety of devices have been created to fix this problem.


  • Buy a voltage converter if you plan on using something like a hairdryer or clothes iron. Voltage converters will make up the difference between the voltage needed by the device and the voltage available from the outlet, allowing these devices to work like normal. A standard voltage converter is only meant to be used for short periods of time, which makes them ideal for these types of situations
  • Use a transformer for larger devices like televisions and personal computers. Transformers operate essentially the same way as a standard voltage converter but are intended to be used for longer periods of time with devices that use larger amounts of power
  • Buy a wall outlet adapter. The plugs on North American wall outlets are flat, so all of the power cords for devices sold in America have flat pins. Wall outlets in Europe and Asia have flat plugs which will not work with American power cords. A wall outlet adapter will allow you to plug your American power cords into European and Asian wall outlets

Package Included:

  • 20 x Australia Travel Power Adapters