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BaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench Coat


Cold weather comes! Do you want to be warmer in this cold winter? Whether you're playing outdoors or in, make sure you wear our best Mens Overcoat. The cold weather is coming this warm and Mens Overcoat is the perfect one for you. Add a lay...
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  • Single breasted button front closure and wind proof design makes your cold weather day warmer
  • Shoulder epaulet and front slash pockets features of this mens overcoat
  • Slim fit features best show your physique
  • Precision craftsmanship aplenty in the reinforce stitching ensues durable and lasting long time
  • High quality material ensures shrinking resistant
  • Thicker material features super soft and lightweight of this mens overcoat makes wear more comfort and warm
  • Fashion and popular design of this mens overcoat withstanding test of time keeps your core nice and toasty
  • Material: Terylene & Cotton


BaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench Coat

  • Casual trendy looks men's trench coat is fully complements any cloth in your wardrobe
  • Love yourself and design your charming
  • The men's trench coat features long sleeve. Single breasted front closure and lapel style collar design

 BaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench Coat

  • The detailed shoulder epaulet, cuffs label makes these mens trench coats more stylish and cool

BaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench Coat

  • High quality Trench Coats for Men meets low cost, you wardrobe must choice essential part

BaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench Coat

BaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench CoatBaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench CoatBaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench Coat

  • Each detail you can find just for one word "Cool"

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How to Measure:

BaQiKun Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Mens Overcoat Trench Coat


  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

Men's Winter Fashion Tips:

Jackets and Coats

  • Own a waterproof jacket to face snow, sleet or rain. Esquire recommends that if you're chopping lumber or simply need to free up your arms on a sunny day, opt for a thick down-filled vest
  • According to GQ, only wear a parka with a suit if it's a neutral color and if it's longer than the suit jacket itself. Otherwise, Esquire recommends a wool topcoat to be worn with a suit, especially after 6 p.m. Many labels make wool topcoats with removable insulated vests. Wear them together or apart; it's a three-in-one deal


  • Have long johns to insulate your body heat, especially if you live in a location where the temperature truly dips
  • Basic tops to own are a cotton button-down, cardigan and turtleneck, owning classic pants to mix and match is key for winter style. You'll need a pair of straight-leg pants, preferably a wool blend. Five-pocket pants are a dressier option than jeans. Of course, own a pair of jeans in dark blue for the winter season. Find a pair of corduroys as another casual option, in black, brown or camel

Shoes and Accessories

  • Own a classic winter hat in black or gray. Find a lined fisherman hat for a warm and stylish look. You can also opt for a classic knit scull cap or tweed newsboy hat. Some men look polished and refined in luxury leather and fur hats---just don't go overboard or you'll look like Daniel Boone
  • A cotton, wool or fleece scarf will keep you extra warm. When wearing accessories, make sure that shades match. Black and gray are the best options and are easy to match
  • Keep hands warm with black leather gloves. They're versatile and don't get dirty fast
  • According to GQ, boots look great with a suit, as long as you're wearing the right kind of boots. Look for dark, military-inspired boots to be worn with a slim and modern suit. Save those rugged Timberlands for your jeans

How to Clean Parkas:

  • Grab the parka by the shoulders and shake it to remove loose dirt
  • Put the parka in a front-loading washer, which can be found at Laundromats. Washers typically found in homes can be too rough on a down-filled parka
  • Run the washer at its most gentle setting with cold water. Remove the parka after the cycle, and squeeze out water. If the water comes out clear, move on to the next step. If the water appears to be dirty, let the parka go through another rinse cycle
  • Wash the parka with 2/3 cups of a mild detergent. If it's down-filled, use a detergent made specially for down products. Again, set the washer to the gentle cycle and use cold water
  • Remove the parka after the cleaning cycle, and lay it on a flat surface, such as a table. Press a clean, dry towel on the parka to remove as much moisture as possible. The more moisture you get out with this method, the less time you have to wait for the parka to dry in the dryer
  • Fluff the parka if it's down-filled. Put the parka in the dryer, and set the temperature to low. If the parka is down-filled, you must remove it from the dryer every 10 minutes to fluff it

How to Get a Tough Stain Out of a Parka:

  • Carefully apply Shout to the stained area and rub it in well so that you see the stain going away. Let it sit and apply it a second time before putting it in the washer
  • Put the coat in the washer by itself under COLD and delicate
  • Take the coat of the washer when it is finished and put it in the dryer. Put tennis balls or something of similar size in the dryer with the coat. The other items bouncing around in the dryer will help the down feathers get their fluff back as the coat is drying
  • Turn the dryer on the setting "fluff no heat". After the cycle is finished, take the coat out and fluff it coat's feathers a few times. Put the coat back in dryer and start the cycle again. You will have to repeat this several times until the jacket dries out completely.
  • Take it out and fluff it out a few times and it should be as good as new

Package Included:

  • 1 x Single Breasted Slim Fit Epaulet Men's Overcoat Trench Coat