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Tenmoons HD USB Laptop TV Card


Are you looking for a practical HD USB laptop TV card for your daily using? Congratulations, you've got the right place. If you can stop and have a look at our store, you will find what you need is here. I would like to strongly recommend you this US...
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  • Plug and play, this USB laptop HD TV card is powered by USB port, which is easy to use
  • The USB TV card features time-shift, real-time and scheduled recording, universal and regional channel scan
  • With this reliable USB TV card, you can watch and record freeview TV on your laptop or desktop PC
  • This USB TV card supports video/audio input connector for video camera, VCR/s and camcorders
  • Electronic program guide, subtitles, this USB TV card supports all world wide TV standards including NTSC/PAL/SECAM
  • This USB TV card supports high quality VCD/DVD compressing and recording
  • Operation System: Windows XP
  • Color: Black
  • Image Format: BMP, JPG


Tenmoons HD USB Laptop TV Card

  • The notebook with our smart laptop TV card can receive local programs whenever and wherever

Tenmoons HD USB Laptop TV Card

  • Being powered by USB means that there's no need for an additional power supply, just plug it into your computer attach an aerial and it's good to go

Tenmoons HD USB Laptop TV Card

  • Portable and compact, this USB laptop HD TV card is perfect for you to use when travelling

Tenmoons HD USB Laptop TV Card

  • Simple to install, just plug it in and insert the CD for the supplied total media software, or start using it straight away through windows media center 

Tenmoons HD USB Laptop TV Card

  • With this HD USB laptop TV card, you can enjoy video better whenever you want

How to Connect a PC Laptop to a TV:

Tenmoons HD USB Laptop TV Card

Traditional media is making the transition from the television to the computer. Many Internet sites have movies and TV shows available for download. Often networks make their shows available on-line after the show has aired. Connecting a PC laptop to the television will enabled a user to view the shows in the original format at their own convenience

  • Makes sure the television has the proper connections. Some older televisions are not equipped with the connections necessary to connect the laptop to the television. An S-video connection is the most common means of connection
  • Check the laptop to make sure there is a video capable of connecting to the television. Not all laptops come equipped with a TV-out video card. Another option is installing Mpeg decoder card if laptop has no connectors. The drawback of the Mpeg card is that it does not play Divx or .mov files
  • Obtain the correct cable to connect the PC laptop and the television. S-video cables are the most common cable and the easiest to connect. VGA is another cable option. VGA is a regular monitor cable that connects the two. This option is only available for HDTVs
  • Connect the laptop to the television. Make certain that both the TV and laptop are off before making the connection. When turning the television on make sure that the appropriate video mode is activated. For instance, if an S-video cable is used set the video option on the television to S-video. On the laptop set the video output to the correct source. Please consult the owner's manual, because steps for changing the setting vary for each laptop model

How to Watch TV on a PC With a USB:

Tenmoons HD USB Laptop TV Card

Using your PC to watch TV allows you multiple viewing screens without having to purchase new TVs. What's more, using a laptop as your TV gives you portable access to channels anywhere that has a digital signal. You can also record live television directly to your PC for viewing at a later time. A TV USB stick and antenna create a mini-receiver, tuning in to all available local stations and uploading them straight to your computer. When used in a new area, the USB stick will rescan and find new available channels. The USB stick can be used on any compatible computer

  • Check your PC and make a note of the manufacturer and specifications
  • Choose a TV USB package that is compatible with your computer. If available, choose a generic product that can be used on different computers
  • Turn on the computer and insert the TV USB stick into the USB port
  • Connect the portable antenna to the TV USB stick. The computer will recognize that a new device has been introduced and prompt you to install the software
  • Run the software in the CD drive and follow the on-screen commands to install, save and run
  • Open the new program and go to "Settings"
  • Press scan to tune in to available TV and radio stations
  • Save your settings when the scan is complete
  • Use the remote control to change channels
  • Store your choice of live programs to the PC using the recording option. Set the start time for recording if available; this allows programs to be saved at any time as long as the TV USB tuner is running

Package Included:

  • 1 x TV Card