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Unisc UK EU AU to US AC AC 250V 10A Power Plug Travel Adapter


Bring along with your original charger while you travel with this compact size Plug Converter Adapter. Compact charger plug adapter converts US/EU/ AU standard charger plug into US standard charger .This is easy to use, simply plug the adapter into a...
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  • 100% new high quality universal to US plug adapter
  • The Plug Converter Adapter will convert the shape of any of the major plug types (EU/AU/UK) to the US plug shape
  • When you travel in USA, you can use this adaptor with your appliance/equipment from Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, Asia and other countries that you want to plug into the US wall power outlet
  • Universal receptacle accepts most of the plugs
  • Some countries use more than one type of outlet configuration. The Plug Converter Adapter is always the best to check with your travel agent, consulate or hotel for the most accurate information regarding the electricity and outlet configuration of your destination
  • Adapter plugs allow travel appliances to fit into foreign outlets. They do not convert electricity / voltage
  • Output: AC 250V 10A


Unisc UK EU AU to US AC AC 250V 10A Power Plug Travel Adapter

  • EU US AU to US plug converter adapter, feel free to use electronic devices when you are in travel

Unisc UK EU AU to US AC AC 250V 10A Power Plug Travel Adapter

  • Small and compact design for easy storage and carry, wonderful adapter for travel or home use 

Unisc UK EU AU to US AC AC 250V 10A Power Plug Travel Adapter

  • Compact charger plug adapter converts US/EU/ AU standard charger plug into US standard charger

Unisc UK EU AU to US AC AC 250V 10A Power Plug Travel Adapter

  • This is easy to use, simply plug the adapter into a wall socket and plug the power plug of your electrical device into the universal female socket of the adapter

Unisc UK EU AU to US AC AC 250V 10A Power Plug Travel Adapter

  • Plug Converter Adapters are some of the most widely purchased equipment accessories and are readily available as replacement parts for most major computer brands
  • Bring along with your original charger while you travel with this compact size charger plug adapter


  • This product is only socket pins converter, it does not convert electrical voltage
  • This adapter is used only for plug type conversion, please confirm the voltage of your devices are workable in your destination country

How to Replace AC Adapters:

  • The AC power adapter plug for your laptop computer is not the sort of accessory that gets advertised widely, leading many people to wonder if it's possible to replace theirs if it stops working. However, AC adapters are some of the most widely purchased computer accessories and are readily available as replacement parts for most major computer brands. All you have to know is where to shop and how to look for the match to your computer
  • Determine for whether your adapter really needs replacing. Try multiple outlets to rule out a wall socket problem, and examine the plug-in on your laptop to see if there's anything obviously wrong with it. You can also take your laptop to your local electronics store and see if it'll let you test your laptop with a universal adapter to see if your computer will run. The store personnel may also be able to test your old adapter for conductivity to confirm that it's broken
  • Get information about a replacement adapter from the company that manufactured your laptop. Go to the manufacturer's website and look for a link to purchase accessories. They might be sold directly from the site, or there may be a link to reputable retailers who sell accesssories for your brand of laptop. If the company doesn't have an online store, call them directly and ask about the part. Make sure to find the adapter that matches your model of laptop
  • Consider buying a universal power adapter. These are available at most major electronics outlets, will work for a variety of voltages, and come equipped with several sizes of plug tips to fit your computer. However, you will still want to read the packaging carefully and make sure that your computer is on the list of machines the adapter will work for. If there is no list by brand, compare the replacement to your old adapter, looking at plug tip size, DC output and AC input numbers (a universal adapter will work in a range of these numbers, rather than an exact match)
  • Avoid cheap knockoffs. Expect that a good quality, it's easy to find poorly made, inexpensive adapters through online sellers, and while these may work for a few weeks, they're often made with parts that will break or burn out quickly, potentially damaging your computer as well as wasting the money you spent on the accessory 

Travel Adapters & Converters:

  • In North America, parts of South and Central America and the Caribbean electrical current operates on 110/120v/60Hz while most other countries operate on 220v/50Hz. Voltage and frequency not only differ in various parts of the world but the types of plugs and outlets also vary quite a bit. When traveling outside of your home country, it may be necessary to bring along a voltage converter or transformer and plug adapters for your personal electronic items and appliances

Plug Adapters:

  • Plug adapters do not convert voltage; they only allow a foreign plug configuration to be modified to the visiting country's specifications. Plug adapters are usually plastic components that fit over the existing electrical plug. Most foreign appliances will require a plug adapter, but not all will need a voltage converter

Voltage Converters:

  • Voltage converters allow electrical equipment with different electrical current requirements to be used with foreign voltage. Converting voltage from 110/120v to 220v is called a "step up" and reversing the conversion is called a "step down" it is wise to purchase a converter that does both. To determine whether or not you will need a voltage converter for your personal items while traveling, check the manufacturer's voltage guidelines either in the operation manual or on the product's website. Items like laptop computers are able to run on both 110/120v and 220v and do not need voltage converters, but you should always double-check before you travel


  • You can buy converters in different wattage amounts. According to Travel Oasis, "travelers should not connect a product that exceeds 90 percent of the converter's rated wattage," meaning you should purchase a converter that is greater than your appliance's wattage by at least 10 percent to guarantee safe operation. To determine the wattage of a given product, multiply the voltage by the amps. Both values are printed on the product's manufacturer's label and in the operation manual


  • Voltage converters are used for small appliances and are not recommended for long-term use. If you are traveling for an extended period, of time or plan on bringing electronic equipment like televisions, fax machines and other office products, you will need to purchase a voltage transformer. A transformer works just like a voltage converter but is meant to handle the wattage and power surges that accompany large appliances. Also remember that while a converter or a transformer can accommodate several appliances at once with a power strip, you still need to make sure the combined appliance wattage does not go beyond what the transformer can handle


  • The cost of a voltage converter depends on the rated wattage amount. Plug adapters are generally inexpensive and are often sold in sets that include different foreign plug configurations. If you are traveling on a budget, you can always check with your hotel or accommodations on whether it provides voltage converters, before you purchase your own

How to Use a Travel Converter:

If you've ever traveled abroad, you will have noticed that electrical plug-ins come in different shapes in different countries. A travel electrical adapter is an extra piece that connects appliances to plug-ins with sockets of different shapes than the appliance plugs were intended for. But that's not enough--there may be a different voltage flowing from that socket than in your home country, so you probably need a travel converter, as well

  • Select the appropriate adapter to connect the power converter to the wall outlet. Most converters come with a selection of adapters to fit different-shaped plugs around the world
  • Check all sides of the converter for a voltage selector switch. Some converters have this switch, some don't. If it's present, flip the switch to select the voltage you want the converter to provide
  • Plug the converter into the adapter, then plug the adapter into the wall socket. Some wall sockets may have switches that toggle the power; locate and flip that switch if it's present
  • Plug your electronic device into the converter and use it as usual

Tips & Warnings:

  • Some converters will "step up" the North American voltage to European Union standards; "step down" converters are intended to damp the 230V European Union standard down to the 110V North American standard. Some converters do both. Check the labeling or packaging on your converter to be sure it makes the appropriate conversion

Package Included:

  • 1 x Travel Adapter