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Happicity Plasma Ball Light Lightning Sphere Party USB Operated


Do you want to have a bright bulb? Here the Plasma Ball Light Lightning Sphere Party USB Operated can satisfy your needs.Liven up your desk with a fun USB plasma ball. Electricity flows through the USB plasma ball and jumps towards your fingers when ...
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  • The base of plasma light produces high frequency electromagnetic waves that cause the gases to turn into plasma
  • If you touch the ball, the plasma light will combine into a strong beam and follow the movement of your finger
  • The lamp light from point out is pink, slowly away from the light point into purple, the glass and into the pink, when the hand feels, plasma light and become white
  • Clap hands to the ball light and watch the pattern of the sound reflected in its striking pulsations
  • Sphere light is perfect decoration for homes, parties, cafe, bars, restaurants, exhibitions and so on
  • A great gift for your friends
  • Ball Diameter: 10cm / 3.9in
  • Height: 13.7cm / 5.4in


Happicity Plasma Ball Light Lightning Sphere Party USB Operated

  • First look of the USB plasma ball. Plasma light is very beautiful and special. The children will like it very much

Happicity Plasma Ball Light Lightning Sphere Party USB Operated

  • The port of the USB plasma ball. When the USB connecting to the computer through the port, you can turn on the light

Happicity Plasma Ball Light Lightning Sphere Party USB Operated

  • USB plasma ball is funny, interesting. The USB cord is very convenient for using. Small and light to taking along

Happicity Plasma Ball Light Lightning Sphere Party USB Operated

  • When your figure point to the ball light, there is a red light flow to your figure. It is very beautiful and magical

Happicity Plasma Ball Light Lightning Sphere Party USB Operated

  • The light is colorful and magic especially for children. In the dark night, the sphere light is very beautiful. Taking it to your children's room now

How Does a Plasma Light Bulb Work?


  • Electrical energy is delivered to a puck that sits around a plasma light bulb. Inside the puck is a power amplifier circuit that is made of a feedback antenna, an input antenna and an amplifier. As electrical energy is delivered to the puck, the amplifier circuit makes an electrical field form around the bulb

Radio Frequency Signal:

  • The amplifier in the amplifier feedback circuit creates a radio frequency signal. This signal is guided into the electrical field around the bulb

Argon Ionized into Plasma:

  • The electrical field around the bulb has so much energy that the atoms of the contents of the bulb (argon and salt) become excited. The electrons of the atoms jump up an energy level, and the atoms of gas become ionized into plasma. As the electrons come down an energy level, the extra energy they held is given off as photons (light). The ionization of the gas is proved by the presence of light with a purple color

Salt Vaporized:

  • The plasma within the bulb is filled with electrons that constantly collide with the salt atoms inside of the bulb. The energy from these collisions excites the salt atoms and the salt vaporizes. This part of the process is observable by photons (light) that radiate a blue hue

Mixing for White Light:

  • The vaporized salt mixes with the plasma formed from the argon gas. Once again, electrons collide and give off energy in the form of light. At this final step, the light produced is white and is very bright. This pure, white light is the desired color of a plasma bulb

More Info:

  • Plasma bulbs produce twice as much light as the best LEDs on the market. They are more efficient and use less energy to produce the same amount of lumens as LEDs and don't contain any electrodes. They are being hailed as the lights of the future and are being examined for use in street lamps and, if produced to emit household light levels, regular lighting fixtures for the average consumer. The only real down side to plasma bulbs is that their production is still very expensive. Due to cost, LEDs are still the best light that is readily available. As technology improves, however, as with any product, the cost of plasma bulbs will drop to a reasonable rate

How to Make a Plasma Lamp?

Happicity Plasma Ball Light Lightning Sphere Party USB Operated

  • Select a glass jar that is taller than it is wide and fill it three-quarters of the way up with cold tap water
  • Squeeze seven to eight drops of a dark bottle of food coloring into the water in the glass jar. Green, red and blue food coloring all work well for this project
  • Shake a glitter bottle three times over the glass of colored water. Then fill the glass jar the rest of the way with vegetable oil
  • Turn a flashlight on and position it behind your glass jar
  • Watch the vegetable oil form droplets as it stays separate from the water. Now shake salt onto the vegetable droplets and watch as they begin to sink to the bottom of the glass jar. If you wait a minute or two, you will see the droplets rise back up to the top of the jar. This occurs because the salt lies on the oil, making it more dense than the water. Salt dissolves in water, so after it dissolves, the oil becomes less dense than the water and rises back up to the top

Package Included:

  • 1 x USB Plasma Lightning Light Ball Sphere
  • 1 x USB Cable