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Quazeeta Health Care Varicose Veins Stockings

Do you want to be sexy while healthy? Do you want to recommend you the designer knee high compression stockings, which will be exactly what you are looking to be attractive among your friends? So, are you looking for some health care varicose veins s...
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  • This pair of designer varicose veins stockings provides stylish comfort and relief for all-day wear
  • The two-way support compression stockings delivers therapeutically correct graduated support to relieve leg problems
  • Associated with varicose and spider veins and inadequate leg circulation, the compression stockings can bring you much benefits
  • Moderate support of the women support stockings helps relieve mild swelling, edema and minor varicose veins
  • Made of high quality latex material and fine workmanship, the varicose veins support stockings is comfortable and durable to wear
  • This pair of compression stockings also can be a perfect gift for someone special or treat for you
  • One size fits most
  • Material: Latex
  • Color: Black & Grey


Quazeeta Health Care Varicose Veins Stockings

  • This unique construction of the varicose veins support stockings acts as a second heart to you

Quazeeta Health Care Varicose Veins Stockings

  • Open toe design makes you feel the freedom of feet and will be comfortable whenever you wear them

Quazeeta Health Care Varicose Veins Stockings

  • The varicose veins compression stockings can increasing blood circulation and preventing general body fatigue

Quazeeta Health Care Varicose Veins Stockings

  • The whole heels of this varicose veins women support stockings can be surround, which will be good to you

Quazeeta Health Care Varicose Veins Stockings

  • The compression stockings can last much longer than regular socks, so this pair of varicose veins stockings  is a nice investment to your health


  • Hand wash in warm water with mild soap / detergent
  • Do not wring or twist. Lay flat to air dry

When to Wear Compression Stockings:

Quazeeta Health Care Varicose Veins Stockings

Compression stockings are heavy elastic stockings that are tighter at your foot and become progressively less constricting as they reach your knee. Their purpose is to put pressure on your leg muscles to help push blood back to your heart. They are often placed on patients in the hospital who are not able to get out of bed. Other times they should be worn every day until you are no longer at risk of blood clots. Aside from the prevention of blood clots, they are used for chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, lymphedema and post plebitic syndrome. They are also sometimes worn by diabetics to prevent and heal leg ulcers

  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency: Compression stockings are worn for chronic venous insufficiency, which is the inability of the veins in your leg to pump an adequate amount of blood back to your heart. Your ankles and legs may swell as a result of this condition and the stockings can help reduce the swelling
  • Varicose Veins: Varicose veins are enlarged or swollen from the pressure of being on your feet. They can be painful and may be a sign of other, more serious circulation problems. Compression stockings are worn during the day for this condition
  • Lymphedema: Lymphedema is the swelling of your arms and/or legs as a result of a blockage that does not allow the lymph fluid to drain properly. Compression stockings should not be worn at night for this condition and you should try to elevate your legs
  • Post Phlebitic Syndrome: Post phlebitic syndrome results from blood clots in the leg that have set into the vein and damaged the valves. It causes continual leg swelling and pain. Compression stockings will help to force the blood back to your heart and reduce the swelling
  • Prevention of Blood Clots: Blood clots can cause stroke, heart attack and pulmonary embolism, and can be a very serious risk. Compression stockings, particularly following surgery, can prevent them from forming
  • Diabetics: Compression stockings are both a treatment and preventative for diabetics from developing venous or arterial ulcers in their lower legs

How Do Compression Stockings Work:

Quazeeta Health Care Varicose Veins Stockings

  • Definition: Compression hosiery, also called compression stockings, are supportive stockings used by both men and women. They are worn with a doctor's prescription and are designed to facilitate compression therapy, a technique that helps improve circulation to relieve a number of medical conditions such as varicose veins. These stockings are custom-made and do not come cheap. Since the use of this type of hosiery is typically suggested by a medical doctor and it is intended as a solution to a medical concern, insurance policies may cover the cost of compression stockings provided the patient has a written prescription
  • Fit: A doctor usually determines which design, length and class of compression stockings are needed. Compression stockings are custom-fitted to the leg of the patient to deliver the doctor's recommended strength of compression. Three main factors are considered when prescribing the specific design of compression stockings to use: the condition being treated, the patient's comfort and movement, and aesthetics
  • Styles Available: Compression stockings come in a variety of styles and aesthetics. Patients may be prescribed knee-length or thigh-high stockings, which are held and secured by either a hemmed band or belt
  • How They Work: Compression stockings apply pressure on the veins of the leg, with the greatest amount of pressure applied at the ankle. Usually, the strength of compression reduces further up the leg. Doctors prescribe the use of compression stockings to initiate a natural pump mechanism as the patients walk and exercise their legs. This mechanism is said to prevent clot formation in hospitalized and inactive patients by improving the return of blood in the legs
  • Benefits: Wearing the stockings prevents ambulatory hypertension or progression of venous disease, which helps reduce and minimize the occurrence swelling in the legs. In many cases, they provide comfort and ease the pain suffered by immobile patients. In improving circulation, the stockings prevent the onset of symptoms related to thrombosis disorders such as varicose veins
  • Applications: The use of compression stockings is considered a standard for various prevention and treatment applications. Before surgeries, patients are asked to wear compression stockings as a form of pre-operative risk assessment, particularly in cases of deep vein thrombosis. Traveling patients who are at high risk of deep vein thrombosis are usually asked to wear low-pressure hosiery to prevent fluid buildup. Swollen superficial veins and venous leg ulcers are just two of the other conditions that can be relieved with compression stockings
  • Caution: Patients are advised to constantly wear their compression stockings during the day to fully enjoy their benefits. They may remove the stockings at night before they sleep, unless the doctor says otherwise. If patients experience swelling below the lowest point of the stocking, skin irritation and extreme pain and discomfort, they should immediately remove the stockings and see their doctor

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Stockings