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INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest


You'll love the all-day warmth and comfort that this ladies Denim Vest. This Women Vest is very comfortable to wear and touch with the high quality material. This denim vest delights in a button-front design. Embrace the beauty of Denim Vest, st...
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  • Racer back design makes you wear nice and cool
  • Embrace the beauty of Denim Vest, styled with three-button front
  • Women Vest is made of high quality material, durable and comfortable
  • Stay at the forefront of style with this striking Denim Vest
  • You can wear it in different kinds of occasions
  • The Denim Vest can be match with a variety of clothing
  • Women Denim Vest is a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you
  • Special design makes you cool and keep you looking fashion forward with this beautiful Women Denim Vest
  • Material: Denim


INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

  • Special design makes you cool and keep you looking fashion forward with this beautiful Women Denim Vest

INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

  • Embrace the beauty of Denim Vest, styled with three-button front, and women vest is very comfortable to wear and touch with the high quality material

INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

  • Racer back design makes you wear nice and cool, you'll love the all-day warmth and comfort that this ladies Denim Vest

INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

  • Say farewell to arms. Easy-wearing denim vest puts the final stamp on your casual style creating a flattering look

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How to Wear a Denim Vest?

INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

If you love denim, but what another way to incorporate it into your wardrobe besides jeans---try a vest. What sounds odd is just the thing you need to shake up your wardrobe. Denim vests are available in various washes and at many price points, making them an easy trend for you to try. Whatever your style, there's a denim vest to complete your look

  • Find a vest that flatters. Not all denim vests are created equal. Choose a denim vest that is fitted, but not tight. Whether the denim vest will be buttoned when worn is up to you, but most likely you will wear it open. However, try to find a vest that looks good when buttoned, in case you want to wear it that way
  • Choose a wash that fits into your existing wardrobe. A denim vest is a great way to update the clothes you already wear. Work around these pieces and take them into account when deciding which wash to choose. For a bohemian look, try a light wash. For an ultra trendy vest, choose white denim. For a night on the town, a dark or distressed denim vest will work
  • Find the appropriate venue. Unless you work in a casual office, a denim vest is most likely not appropriate for work. Know your company's dress code before trying to express yourself through denim. If you work in a creative field, a denim vest may be appropriate
  • Wear a denim vest at work. If your office does allow denim, there are many ways to wear the trend. Try it over your standard office dress, paired with tights, boots and a long necklace. The look is trendy, but is polished and pulled together. If your work wardrobe is full of dark clothing, choose a vest in a stonewashed or lighter shade to break things up. Remember, the overall look should be intentional, not as if you're trying to pass off a denim vest as a blazer
  • Wear a denim vest on the weekend. A denim vest can go in many different directions on the weekend. For running errands, throw it over a fitted tee with slim-fit jeans and flats for a look that personifies casual chic. If you're going out for the evening, try it over your little black dress with pumps and smoky eye makeup for a sophisticated rocker look. Experiment, but remember the only rules are to aim for lean, body-conscious silhouettes to avoid looking frumpy

How to Wear a Vest for Women?

INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

There is something a little naughty about a vest, although articulating just why this is so may not be possible. Stephanie Napier of Cityviewmag.com reports that a vest is a must-have for every woman. She recommends wearing it with naughty stilettos. Napier points out that vests are very versatile and can be worn over a spaghetti strap dress or strapless evening gown. Make sure that the vest fits you snugly so that you can show off your curves. As naughty as the vest might be, it can easily be transformed into business chic, according to Napier. Combine it with a blouse and dress pants and you are ready to roll into the office

  • Snatch up a denim vest that is form fitting, features front buttons, a flattering collar and barely-there shoulder coverage and show off some skin. Denim has become universally accepted and, if done right, can be worn almost anywhere. You can dress it up or dress it down
  • Grab a satiny tuxedo vest---some of which are comparable to halter tops and open in the back---and pair it with slim, satiny dress pants, a pencil skirt or even a pair of jeans, if you are into mixing dressy with casual. You can wear a tube top or leotard or camisole underneath or a blouse with full-length or quarter-lengths sleeves, although the bare arms exhibited in this photo certainly look great underneath the tuxedo vest. Think Marlene Dietrich with a little bit of contemporary attitude and sass
  • Go retro. Don a fringed vest that resonates of Woodstock and the Summer of Love. Put on your pink tinted glasses, a tattered pair of jeans, tie an embroidered scarf around your head and, of course, carry a flower and you've got the hippie chic, flower child look down pat
  • Metamorphose into an outdoor girl, and do so for real if you're going camping or otherwise spending time outside in the elements. Get get yourself a warm, lined, zippered vest that you can wear with jeans, and top it off with a bold western belt and a cozy turtleneck. This ensemble looks chic and will do double duty by keeping you warm and toasty as well as fashionable looking
  • Select an elaborately and intricately embroidered vest, as shown in the first photo, or one in a bold color. If you've really got a lot of nerve and sass, wear it with nothing underneath

About Denim:

INXUAN Women Racer Back Front Button Closure Vest

Denim has an interesting history that begins in France. However, it wasn't until the fabric was introduced to America by Levi-Strauss that it became a popular trouser fabric. By the 1950s, all of America was wearing denim, and the rest of the world soon followed. Today there are many types of denim, as well as countless washes, colors and uses for the fabric


  • Denim has a long and varied history. It was first created by the Andre family in the city of Nimes, France. Denim was created from a serge fabric, which is a specially woven type of cotton twill. Denim got its name from the shortening of "serge de Nimes," which was the phrase used to describe the fabric when it was first created

Time Frame

  • Although denim had been around since the 16th century, knowledge of the fabric was limited. Denim did not become popular in America until the mid-1800s, when Levi Strauss began making pants for miners out of the "serge de Nimes." Even though it became popular with workers and miners at that time, It was not until the movie industry boomed in the 1930s and 1940s that the general public began to wear denim. Movie stars playing cowboys and ranchers were idolized on the big screen, and the desire to emulate their style resulted in the popularity of denim pants


  • Denim was first used as a sturdy fabric for laborers' pants. Upon its import to America, it came to function as the trouser of choice for gold rush miners as well
  • Once the general public began wearing denim, it was still primarily used in the creation of pants. However, with the technological advancements in the textile industry, it became possible to create a thinner, more malleable denim during the 1960s. Consequently, denim began to be used in creating thin, comfortable shirts, on trims for clothing, on purses and in jackets


  • Today there are a few main types of denim. The most basic type is called raw denim. Raw denim is the pure, unaltered result of the denim-making process. The characteristics of raw denim are a dark indigo color that is uniform throughout the pant and a stiffer feel to the fabric. Over time as the jeans are worn, raw denim will fade and shape to the wearer
  • Washed denim is a denim fabric that has been treated with a particular dye and fading process that gives it a unique look and color. Washes can range from pure black to magenta to a simple light shade of blue
  • Selvage denim, also sometimes referred to as "Japanese denim," is the highest quality denim available. It is characterized by a special weaving process that uses a single continuous thread instead of multiple cross-threads. This results in a clean inner edge on the seam of the jean and can be seen when the denim is turned inside out


  • When choosing the perfect pair of denim jeans, there are a few factors people should take into consideration. First and foremost, despite the current trend, consumers should always buy denim jeans that best flatter their body type. For women, a slight boot-cut fit is the most forgiving and balances out the hips. Also, denim that has been woven with 2 percent stretch is typically more flattering and will fit better than nonstretch denim
  • Even within one brand of jeans there are many types of denim used on the pants. This can result in different fits in the same size, even if the two pairs of jeans are the same style. For example, an unwashed raw denim will have less give and can feel thicker. The same style and cut of jean in a different denim, for example, with a 2 percent stretch, will fit more snugly overall
  • One last consideration is that jeans without any spandex stretch are likely to fit tighter in the store but stretch out naturally over time. Because they do not have spandex, they will not snap back into their original shape after washing, and over many washes might get too loose. A general rule of thumb for women is to buy stretch jeans that fit just right in the dressing room, but buy nonstretch jeans a little tight because they will stretch out over time

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  • 1 x Women Vest