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Stainless Steel Chromel Alloy Violin String Set


Violin strings are complex creations of steel, nylon and other materials that, when plucked or bowed, vibrate, causing sound waves to pass through the instrument's body and out to an audience. Violin strings feature a solid steel core string that is ...
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  • Violin strings feature a solid steel core string that is excellent for students and amateur players
  • Durable Prelude strings are not affected by temperature and humidity changes set of 4 violin strings bowstring E-A-D-G
  • Beginners tend to clip strings when tuning violins, so taking a replacement strings bowstring as repare is requirement
  • It included five strings, E, D, G, A 
  • E Material: Stainless Steel
  • A & D & G Material: Nylon & Stranded Steel Core & Nickel Chromium Wound 


Stainless Steel Chromel Alloy Violin String Set

  • Attaches to the fingerboard and floats between the body and strings

Stainless Steel Chromel Alloy Violin String Set

  • Great for classical, modern, jazz, and country music

How to Install Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups:

  • There are two major types of guitar pickups: The single-coil, and the humbucker. Single-coil pickups produce a very clean, crisp, loud, and at times an attacking sound, but nearby electrical objects will cause them to make a buzzing distortion. This "buzzing" is that musicians call "hum" or "humming". In daily life, humming can be heard when you stand near a high-voltage equipment and off any unshielded electrical device
  • The humming is from the magnetic interference, since electric guitars use magnetic pickups (that are powered by a low-current) to convert electric signals from the strings into musical notes. Humbucking pickups cancels out this buzzing, but have a lower output, a weak and muddier sound. Humbuckers are actually two magnets or coils with opposite poles that are placed next to each other. The two cancel out themselves during the electric signal phase and eliminate the humming altogether. The humbucker is a coined word -- hum + bucker (one of the meanings of "bucker": an object that bounces another object off from something). Here the "bouncing off" is referring to the "humming", hence, the name
  • This article is for general installation of humbucker(s), since pickups and electric guitars are slightly different between manufacturers. Despite that, you will get some useful instructions and can modify them according to your guitar


  • Study the new humbucker wiring diagram, it should be included with your purchase
  • Take off all the guitar strings. The strings are positioned right above the pickups, they must be removed for you to have more space to work on your project
  • Place the guitar backside facing you to expose the electrical cover. Remove the electrical cover
  • Remove the screws on the single-coil pickup or humbucker. Take the pickup or humbucker out from the backside of your guitar. Do not force pull, as the pickup or humbucker is still soldered on the wires
  • Examine carefully on the wiring of your old humbucker or pickup. You can draw a diagram for better reference in case you forget. Take notes on the changes you made, as well
  • Using soldering gun, disconnect the wires from the control knobs (volume, treble, bass, balance), and other terminals to the old humbucker or single-coil pickup. Remove the pickup or old humbucker
  • The humbucker you buy should have its own wires sold together. Slide the wires through the guitar body. Now, refer to the new humbucker wiring diagram
  • Using the new humbucker wiring diagram to determine which color represents the ground wire and the hot wire
  • Following the wiring diagram, connect the new humbucker by soldering the wires to the terminals and control knobs using the soldering gun
  • Passing the humbucker through its slot to the front side of the guitar body from the backside. Turn over your guitar to have the front side facing you
  • Position humbucker above the slot, and screw tight with screws to secure. Rewind the guitar strings to their position
  • Replace the back cover. Plug in and you can now test play your new humbucker pickup. Keep the diagram you made in Step 5, it will be useful in the future should you decide to change it back to the original

Package Included:

  • 1 x High Quality Chromel Alloy Violin String Set