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Matter Home Decor Flying Pigeon Wall Sticker

Do you like on looking for some natural theme wall decor sticker for renew your room's wall? Try this bird pattern wall decor sticker. This bird pattern wall decor sticker allows you enjoy the nature of the purity in your home!This bird pattern wall ...
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  • Flying pigeon pattern wall decor sticker is unique
  • Moisture resistant character of this wall decor sticker is great for high traffic areas
  • Removable wall sticker is easy to sticking and breathable, inhibits mold and mildew
  • Peel-and-stick wall mural sticks to any smooth surface and may be repositioned and reused over and over again
  • Durable enough that it can be scrubbed with the use of moderate pressure and a damp cotton cloth or sponge
  • This adhesive wall stickers will surely allow you to make adjustments to match the porosity of the wall
  • Add some natural style to your house with this bird pattern wall decor sticker


Matter Home Decor Flying Pigeon Wall Sticker

  • Flying Pigeon pattern looks very stylish in your room and will bring you more fun, stylish wall decor sticker is the perfect addition to your wall

Matter Home Decor Flying Pigeon Wall Sticker

  • This bird pattern removable wall sticker allows you enjoy the nature of the purity in your home

Size in Details:

Matter Home Decor Flying Pigeon Wall Sticker

  • The suggesting pattern combination size of the wall sticker 

Matter Home Decor Flying Pigeon Wall Sticker

  • The actual combination size of the wall sticker for delivery

Color Selection:

Matter Home Decor Flying Pigeon Wall Sticker

Please kindly note that this is just a standard color select guide for your reference. The color of stickers may have tiny difference from the color you see on your computer. This depends on your monitor

Matter Home Decor Flying Pigeon Wall Sticker

Step One:

  • Put the sticker in the desired position on the wall and hold in place with masking tape at the top with two vertical strips and also apply a centre hinge with masking tape as well

Step Two:

  • Remove the two top masking tape strips and peel off the top layer (application tape) toward yourself removing the sticker from the backing paper making sure the sticker lifts cleanly from the backing

Step Three:

  • Cut the backing paper off just leaving the application paper and the sticker, prevent the sticker from touching the wall at this stage

Step Four:

  • Now apply the sticker to the wall using the squeegee at a 45 degree angle pushing the air out as you go

Step Five:

  • As the top half of the sticker has now been applied remove the centre masking tape and apply the bottom half in the same way as you did the top

Step Six:

  • Rub over the whole sticker firmly to make sure it's stuck to the wall well

Step Seven:

  • Slowly peel back the top layer (application tape) at a 180 degree angle back on itself making sure the sticker stays on the wall, if the sticker comes away re-squeegee the sticker

Step Eight:

  • Stand back and enjoy your new wall sticker

How to Remove Wall Stickers and Wall Decals:

Removing from walls:

  • Painted walls are at the highest risk from damage when removing wall decals. This means you need to take some care and focus on avoiding this damage. It is possible to remove wall stickers from even the worst walls
  • The worst walls are those that had a poor paint job to begin with. One that has multiple layers of paint and these layers have not been prepared between paint coats. Or one that has air bubbles underneath the paint
  • 1. Work slowly and do not rip, snatch or pull the wall sticker of the wall
  • 2. Using a hair dryer, heat the vinyl directly at the edge you are removing
  • 3. When the vinyl feels warm gently lift edge ( you might need to get a finger nail under)
  • 4. As you roll or pull the vinyl away from the wall, you need to heat the next section of vinyl directly in front of the piece you lifted. Basically you are working gradually heating and lifting
  • 5. If you can visually see or you can feel a bubble under the paint surface you need to take care lifting over this area. If there is a second person, you can ask them to control the hair dryer while you use your second hand to press down on the bubble as you lift the vinyl off
  • 6. Continue until all of the vinyl is removed
  • 7. If there is any gum residue (not common on walls) then wipe the surface with an acetate based cleaner such as nail polish remover

TOP TIP: Pull or roll the vinyl back against itself like it is being folded back. Do not pull the vinyl out from the wall at 90degrees as this will put more pressure on the paint

Removing from glass and metal:

  • When removing wall decals from glass or metal, the issue is not normally related to surface damage. It can be much harder to remove from these surfaces because the vinyl sticks so well to them. If you have a paint scraper or metal edged scraper this will be useful, otherwise it will have to be your finger nails
  • 1. Heat the vinyl directly in front of the area you are removing
  • 2. Peel/pick at the edge and pull. The vinyl is likely to tear as you do this, then you heat the next bit and remove
  • 3. Removing from these surfaces is more likely to leave a residue. Deal with that at the end, first remove all the solid vinyl by heating and pulling
  • 4. To clean the surface you will need an acetate or orange based cleaner that can lift the remaining glue. There are lots of purpose built cleaners for this, or simply use nail polish remover

TOP TIP: If you hold the vinyl closer to the surface it is less likely to tear. For example, if you are pulling and as you pull, the piece of "free" vinyl is getting longer it is more likely to tear, simply move your hand back down closer to surface to reduce the chance of breakage

 Matter Home Decor Flying Pigeon Wall Sticker

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wall Sticker