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Matter Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker


Do you want to create your own designs of your space? Are you tired of staring at your boring walls? Here the removable wall sticker is right here for you.You can choose perfectly coordinated flower wall stickers for your bedroom,...
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  • Wall's Matter flower wall stickers are not only very eye-catching, but also the perfect addition to your home decor
  • Moisture resistant character of the flower wall stickers is great for high traffic areas
  • Removable wall sticker is easy to stick and breathable, inhibits mold and mildew
  • The flower wall stickers will surely allow you to make adjustments to match the porosity of the wall
  • Unique design lets your favorite people get close to beloved characters in a fun and stylish way to add personality to a room
  • Durable enough that the decorative wall stickers can be scrubbed with the use of moderate pressure and a damp cotton cloth or sponge
  • Material: PVC


Matter Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker

  • Update your television wall with this amazing removable wall stickers. Help you to create warm welcome atmosphere

Matter Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker

  • This attractive wall sticker is also suitable for your sitting room, bed room. Removable wall sticker is easy to stick and breathable

Matter Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker

  • The suggesting pattern combination size of the wall sticker. New material is easier to hang and helps eliminate any visible seam lines

Matter Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker

  • The actual combination size of the wall sticker for delivery. You can use wallpaper to decorate a room

How to Create Wall Stickers:

Matter Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker

  • Find a photo that you like of the silhouette of a person or pet
  • Enlarge the photo on your printer if it has this capability. If not, use a photocopier to magnify the image
  • Tape the enlarged photo to a piece of card stock
  • Use scissors to cut out the silhouette
  • Repeat steps one through four until you have as many silhouettes as you would like to display on your walls. The card stock silhouettes are now your templates for your wall stickers
  • Select some contact paper in colors you would like for your silhouettes
  • Place your card stock silhouettes on top of a sheet of colored contact paper. Try to fit as many card stock silhouettes on one piece of contact paper as you can. This will prevent wasting contact paper
  • Tape your card stock silhouettes to your contact paper
  • Use your scissors to cut around your card stock silhouettes again to create contact paper silhouettes
  • Separate your contact paper from your card stock template
  • Remove the backing from the contact paper and apply your new silhouettes to your walls. Your wall stickers will come off when you are ready to move without removing any paint

Matter Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker

Step One:

  • Put the sticker in the desired position on the wall and hold in place with masking tape at the top with two vertical strips and also apply a centre hinge with masking tape as well

Step Two:

  • Remove the two top masking tape strips and peel off the top layer (application tape) toward yourself removing the sticker from the backing paper making sure the sticker lifts cleanly from the backing

Step Three:

  • Cut the backing paper off just leaving the application paper and the sticker, prevent the sticker from touching the wall at this stage

Step Four:

  • Now apply the sticker to the wall using the squeegee at a 45 degree angle pushing the air out as you go

Step Five:

  • As the top half of the sticker has now been applied remove the centre masking tape and apply the bottom half in the same way as you did the top

Step Six:

  • Rub over the whole sticker firmly to make sure it's stuck to the wall well

Step Seven:

  • Slowly peel back the top layer (application tape) at a 180 degree angle back on itself making sure the sticker stays on the wall, if the sticker comes away re-squeegee the sticker

Step Eight:

  • Stand back and enjoy your new wall sticker

Matter Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker

Package Included:

  • 1 x Home Decor Vine Leaf Pattern Wall Sticker