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Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs


Are you looking for a special pair of lovers Wrist Watches? This set of Quartz Watches may be the best gift choice for you! This is a pair of newly inventedFashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs.These Lovers watches will attract your attent...
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  • This watch is easy to use
  • These Lovers watches are made of high quality and durable material
  • You can wear this watch in any occasions and it makes you eye catching
  • Precise time and keep good time, gain or lose several seconds within one year
  • Fashion design - fashion wrist watch is very charming for all occasions  
  • Adjustable strap and durable buckle ensures it fit for wide rang size of wrist  
  • Watchband Material: Alloy
  • Watchcase Material: Alloy
  • Dial: Men's: 4cm/1.57in(Dia.) Wowen's: 3cm/1.18in(Dia.)
  • Watchband: Men's:23cm/9.06in(L) Wowen's: 20cm/7.78in(L)


Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs

  • Show your charm with the contemporary styling advanced technique
  • Fashionable unique exquisite appearance

Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs

Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs

  • The Lovers watches have good wear-resistant quality. High crafted finishing and polished for comfortable fit

Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs

  • Quartz Watches provide you not just a great daily decor but also ensure each of your schedule never get early or late

Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs
Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs
Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs

  • Exquisite construction will make the pair of Lovers watches durable for use
  • High quality material ensures durability

How to Measure:

Fashion Quartz Lovers Wrist Watch 2Pcs

How to Wear a Wristwatch:

  • Choose a wrist to wear your watch. Wrist watches can be worn on the right wrist or the left; the choice is purely personal. Traditionally, watches are worn on the left wrist. This could be because, since many people are right handed, it was easier to adjust the time using the dial located on the right of the watch
  • Place the watch on your wrist so that the number six on the watch face is closest to your thumb. Do this before actually strapping the watch on. This step ensures the watch is facing the proper direction and that you will be able to easily read the watch once strapped on
  • Put the watch on. For a strap style that adjusts to your wrist, feed one end of the strap though the buckle and insert the retainer pin in a hole, like putting on a belt, so it feels comfortable on your wrist. Ensure the watch fits onto your wrist so that the watch is neither too tight (so as to cut off blood circulation) or too loose (so to fall over your wrist and onto your hand, possibly coming off completely). Watches with stretchy bands go around the hand onto the wrist. Clasp-style watches require catching the clasp with the opposing ring and snapping the clasp shut to secure the watch
  • Report to your local jewelry store for a proper fitting. Jewelry store personnel are experts at fitting watches. This step is likely to be required if the watch you are wearing has metal links because such watches require special tools to remove links in order to fit the watch properly. Jewelry store personnel are also equipped to fix leather or rubber strap watches should those watch straps break

How to Clean a Wristwatch:

Environmental pollutants and salts and oils from your skin build up on a wristwatch over time. These not only make the watch look dirty, but damage the watch's metals and other materials, such as leather straps. To keep your watch looking and functioning well as long as possible, you should clean it often--at least once a week if you wear the same watch daily. Cleaning a wristwatch takes little time and effort.

  • Use clean toothpicks to remove residue from between metal links, as worldofwatches.com suggests. Do this gently so the toothpick tip does not break off
  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean stainless steel or rubber watch bands. Wet the brush under running water and place a drop of a mild soap (such as hand soap) on the bristles. Hold the watch by the face to avoid splashing that area with water (even if it is water resistant) and brush the band with the soapy toothbrush. If your band is of a soft metal (silver or gold), use a soft cloth instead of a brush. If the band is leather, do not use water or soap--clean with leather cleaner, applied to the band with a soft cloth only
  • Rinse metal bands with clean water--again make sure you hold the watch by the face to avoid that area getting too wet
  • Dry the watch band with a soft towel. Wet a cotton swab with water and clean the back and front of the watch, including the face. Dry this area with a soft cloth

Tips & Warnings:

  • Jewellery solutions.co.nz recommends wiping leather straps daily to prevent dirt build-up. If metal or leather bands get wet (whether from perspiration or otherwise), remove them, wipe them off, and allow the watch to dry completely before you wear it again
  • Clean gold or silver watch bands quickly by using a jeweler's polishing cloth. This is especially good for silver bands, as they can tarnish quickly
  • Do not submerse your watch to clean it, even if it is supposed to be water-resistant. During cleaning, some water may be forced into the inner workings, causing malfunction

Package Included:

  • 2 x Watches