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Anike Digital Display Waterproof Sports Watches


Genius style and precision features of this Rubber Band Sport Watch provide you not just a great daily decor but also ensure each of your schedule never get early or late. This Rubber Band Sport Watch will accentuate your style and add distinction to...
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  • Material: Rubber
  • Waterproof Coefficient: 30-50m
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Made in Asia
  • Additional light up function shows Rubber Sports Watch is special
  • The Rubber Sports Watch can run precisely and are in great condition
  • Wearing the digital sports watch, your personalized style and charm will be greatly embodied
  • You can wear this Rubber Sports Watch in any occasions and it makes you eye catching
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Anike Digital Display Waterproof Sports Watches

  • The watches are both pointer and digital display of time, which is easily to read

Anike Digital Display Waterproof Sports Watches

  • The band of the watch is soft, which is comfortable for you to wear

Anike Digital Display Waterproof Sports Watches

  • The watch is in well craft, which can be used for a long time

Anike Digital Display Waterproof Sports Watches

  • The sport wrist watch to give you more precise time,precision water resistant and long-life battery

Anike Digital Display Waterproof Sports Watches

  • Multi-function between digital display and dual movement easy to read

About Sports Watches:

Anike Digital Display Waterproof Sports Watches

About Sports WatchesBP3Sports watches are wristwatches that are constructed to resist damage from intense sports activity. These watches are often waterproof, can resist a certain amount of heat intensity, and generally are made of either rubber or plastic. Sports watches can be analog or digital in display, and often have extra sport-inspired features

  • Identification: Sport watches are generally very bulky, and have a bright colored design. They can have digital or analog displays, and often have secondary functions (like stopwatch and timer) that are intended to aid the user in whatever sport they decide to use the watch while doing
  • Types: There are several different types of sports watches. They can be broken down into the following broad categories: general purpose, specialty and multi-use. General purpose sports watches are the most generic of sports watches and have very basic features like hard plastic casing and a stopwatch mode. These watches are generally intended for general purpose use, and have minimal extra functions. Specialty sports watches are targeted towards specific different sports. For instance, a sports watch targeted towards scuba divers will have special features like depth display and pressure resistance. Multi-use watches are intended for serious sports enthusiasts who need a multitude of features. These all-inclusive watches normally have very detailed feature lists and as a result, are very expensive
  • Features: The features in sports watches vary widely according to the type of watch. Common features that are standard in sports watches include weatherproof design, stopwatch functionality and shatterproof faces. Some premium features include GPS functionality, pedometers, extra-resilient design and PC sync functionality
  • Considerations: When looking at different sports watches, it is very important to consider the likely use of the sports watch. If you need a watch that that you are going to wear while scuba diving, then it is good to check different watches for pressure sensitivity and water resistance. However, if you want a sports watch suitable for hiking, look for a watch with a built-in pedometer or GPS system. Some watches claim to be all-encompassing, but these watches can have unnecessary features which you may find yourself paying for and not actually using
  • Misconceptions: Many people may think that just because sports watches need to have special durability features, they cannot be fashionable as well. However, many designer labels have designer sports watch lines that are intended for the more fashion-conscious watch wearer

How to Clean a Wristwatch:

Anike Digital Display Waterproof Sports Watches

  • Environmental pollutants and salts and oils from your skin build up on a wristwatch over time. These not only make the watch look dirty, but damage the watch's metals and other materials, such as leather straps. To keep your watch looking and functioning well as long as possible, you should clean it often--at least once a week if you wear the same watch daily. Cleaning a wristwatch takes little time and effort
  • Use clean toothpicks to remove residue from between metal links, as worldofwatches.com suggests. Do this gently so the toothpick tip does not break off
  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean stainless steel or rubber watch bands. Wet the brush under running water and place a drop of a mild soap (such as hand soap) on the bristles. Hold the watch by the face to avoid splashing that area with water (even if it is water resistant) and brush the band with the soapy toothbrush. If your band is of a soft metal (silver or gold), use a soft cloth instead of a brush. If the band is leather, do not use water or soap--clean with leather cleaner, applied to the band with a soft cloth only
  • Rinse metal bands with clean water--again make sure you hold the watch by the face to avoid that area getting too wet
  • Dry the watch band with a soft towel. Wet a cotton swab with water and clean the back and front of the watch, including the face. Dry this area with a soft cloth

Package Included:

  • 1 x Watch