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YW Tulle 4 Tiers Beads Waist Length Wedding Bridal Veil


Captures the essence of your love, captivates him forever! This Waist Length Bridal Veil can create a romantic atmosphere for you. You will have an unforgettable wedding ceremony with the 4 Tier Bridal Veil. Dignity and elegance is the best word...
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  • The wedding bridal veil has a lovely 4 Tiers Beads Waist Length design that will be the finishing touch to your wedding outfit
  • This Waist Length Bridal Veil has a satin ribbon edge, perfectly blending your wedding dress
  • The Wedding Bridal Veil gives people a flowing feel 
  • With this Wedding Bridal Veil, you can show off the elegance of the back of your dress 
  • This elegant 4 Tier Bridal Veil will compliment most wedding dress
  • You will be the most beautiful bride in this Wedding Bridal Veil
  • Color: White
  • Material: Tulle


YW Tulle 4 Tiers Beads Waist Length Wedding Bridal Veil

  • The wedding bridal veil is made of high quality material and makes you noble
  • You will have an unforgettable wedding ceremony with the 4 Tier Bridal Veil

YW Tulle 4 Tiers Beads Waist Length Wedding Bridal Veil

  • Dignity and elegance is the best words to describe the bridal wedding, it features a simple look that can create an elegant style, which will make you more glamorous if you choose the Wedding Bridal Veil for your special day

YW Tulle 4 Tiers Beads Waist Length Wedding Bridal Veil

  • A beautiful Wedding Bridal Veil is a must have for a bride. This Wedding Bridal Veil features a simple look that can create an elegant style

YW Tulle 4 Tiers Beads Waist Length Wedding Bridal Veil

  • Glamorous in every possible way, captures the essence of your love, captivates him forever

How to Measure:

YW Tulle 4 Tiers Beads Waist Length Wedding Bridal Veil

Different Types of Wedding Bridal Veil:

  • A Small Church Ceremony Type: 2.5yard length style bride chapel veil counts from your head, along the cover off your dress on your wedding. This kind of veil is applicable for formal wedding, or can be used to increase your skirt drag
  • Mantilla Type: This Spanish-style bridal veil hangs on the head and is often made of lace. This bridal veil is changeable in length and does not need to be fixed on the scalp. This can add characteristics of your race
  • Waltz Type: This long veil bride extends from your head to your ankle. This waltz bridal veil is a good choice for brides who want a long veil with no delay of the bride dress
  • Multi-Layer: Bridal veil has multi-layer in different lengths. As multi-layer bridal veil creates a larger space effect, please make sure that it will not take away the charm of your wedding dress
  • Elbow Length Style: Elbow length style bridal veil is so long that it can reach arm and elbow. This is a very popular bridal veil. So it's not suitable for a formal wedding. It can display the elegance of a bridal veil without overshadowing the focus of the bride or the wedding dress
  • Fingertip Length Long-Style: This kind of veil can be long enough to reach your fingertip when your arms sagging naturally. This is a very popular bridal veil length, so it can match most of wedding dress, from the simple elegance of the barrel wedding to elegant ball-style wedding dress


  • Hand washing, wash separately, not soak it, use low foam synthetic washing powder or neutral soap, detergent, etc., then rinse in clean water repeatedly. you must take it out immediately after washed
  • General ventilation should be placed in a cool dry. Because the sun's UV rays easily makes fabric yellowing, fading and aging


Choosing a veil can seem like a very daunting task if you don't know what you're looking for. One-tiered or two? How long? Beaded, ribboned, or unembellished? The wearing of the bridal veil dates back to the days of Ancient Rome, and though its style and cultural meaning has changed over time, it continues to create an overall aesthetic that is both feminine and elegant.

Of course, the style of your gown is also important when selecting a veil. Styles are now available that have crystals and pearls worked into the tips, which tie in beautifully with gowns with lots of beaded embellishment. For a lace gown, try to find a simple veil, or one edged in a lace with a similar pattern to your gown. There is no one style of veil that suits all gowns. There are many different styles, and each results in a different effect when paired with your dress.

Elbow-length veils are the most popular in bridal fashion. Their length highlights any embellishment at or around the waist of the gown, and is ideally paired with a gown without a train. This style looks best with full-skirted gowns, especially in princess style, and is mostly used for formal and semi-formal weddings. This veil is a good choice for taller brides. Women who are shorter in stature should avoid this style because it hits right at the waist and does not compliment their height.


A fingertip-length veil is long enough that the end of it rests at the bride's fingertips when her arms are relaxed at her sides. It is best worn with full-length gowns, and is not recommended for dresses with trains. Like the elbow-length veil, this style is ideal for formal and semi-formal weddings, and is not advisable for the shorter bride.

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A chapel or sweep-style veil is more formal, and drapes all the way down to the floor. As it is more voluminous, it is best suited with a mermaid or column-style gown, or something with a cathedral-length train, and can be paired with a blusher. For convenience, brides who favour this style may want to order this veil so that it is detachable and can be removed before the reception.

A cathedral veil is the most formal style. Often called a "royal" veil, it is ideal for a grand church entrance. Approximately 126" in length, it is most suitably paired with a gown that has a cathedral train. This veil extends at least six inches past the train for a very dramatic look. Like the chapel veil, it looks best with a gown that is slimmer fitting, as this particular style can be paired with a blusher and has up to three layers. If you want to pair this style with a fuller skirt, try using only the single layer of tulle to avoid looking like a frosted cupcake. Keep in mind that this style can be difficult to maneuver in, and brides may consider finding a style that is detachable so they can take it off before the reception.

A mantilla veil is an oval-shaped veil, and is either made from lace or lace-edged tulle. This is an alternative option to the more formal and traditional veils, and is best for formal or semi-formal weddings. Mantilla veils usually range in length from elbow- to calf-length, and when paired with a smoother hairstyle, a timeless and elegant look is achieved.


For a more informal, playful look, try a birdcage veil. It's perfectly suited for creating a more classic look reminiscent of the 1940's and -50's. This particular style has been very popular over the last few years, and is characterized by a stiffened layer of loose-weave French net, fastened to a small hat or hairpiece. Ideal for short hairstyles, it fits close to the face, and is usually just long enough to brush the chin. However, different looks can be created depending on where the veil is pinned. For a flirtatious look that covers only the eyes, secure the veil towards the back of the head.

For those brides who really do not want the fuss of a veil, try working sparkling bands and clips worked into your hairstyle. Jeweled and feathered combs can be secured at any angle to compliment an up-do, or be paired with long, loose hair for a sleek and elegant appearance. For the outdoor or destination wedding, fresh flowers create a look that is both natural and romantic.

Make sure to bring a friend with you who can help you examine all of your options. That way, you are sure to find a style that that not only flatters the shape of your face, but also compliments your chosen gown. Have fun trying different styles and veils, and comparing the looks. Every choice you make takes you closer to that moment when you take that long-awaited walk down the aisle and into his arms.

Ideal for hen parties or fancy dress do's, this Lace Bridal Veil will really make you look and feel like it's your big day! Marriage is one of the most important and memorable things in one's life. A beautiful Wedding Bridal Veil is a must have for a bride. This illusions Lace Bridal Veil features a simple look that can create an elegant style. Glamorous in every possible way, captures the essence of your love, captivates him forever! The Wedding Veils will accentuate your wedding dress and make you more attractive in this "knock your eyes out" veil. It is the perfect floaty accessory for any wannabe bride! Just try it!

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  • 1 x Wedding Bridal Veil